Friday Fitness: In a Funk

Guys, it was a rough week.  I just wasn’t feeling it!  Partly because I had to play catch up after being out of town for a few days. Partly because I have all these ideas in my head and I’m wondering how I’m going to make them happen.  Partly because my hubby traveled for work this week (yay he’s home!!!!).  Oh, and it rained a lot.

Saturday – 5 miles on the rolling hills of eastern Ohio



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Sunday – rest

Monday – rained out run, so unintentional rest day

Tuesday – 4.6 miles

20150421_101212Wednesday – lazy day

Thursday – 2 mile run + stroller strength (upper body and tabata)

Friday – half of Jillian Michaels NMTZ (I got interrupted by a toddler – hoping to finish it when I’m done with this post!)

So, yeah.  Not as full as usual, but I got some done!  Here’s hoping for a better week next week!

Road ID Sale!!!

Hey, guys!  Just a quick post to let you know about a deal!  You know I love my Road ID.  I’ve mentioned it before.  I have one, hubby has one, even the girls have one (for when we’re at museums, parks, other busy places).  I just wanted to let you know that for the next 32-ish hours all Road IDs are on sale!  So, grab yourself a deal!

After the half marathonThat blue bracelet on my left wrist?  That’s my Road ID.  It’s the Wrist ID Slim.  The girls have the same style (with XS bands).  Hubby has the Shoe ID.  I wear my ID all day every day.  I only take it off for dress up occasions (which for me are rare!!).  I love that I can switch the bands out if I want (though I’m super bummed the glow in the dark band is sold out in my size!).  I also like that as my girls get bigger I can just replace their band without having to buy a new ID.  And you can even personalize your ID with a badge!  Making your Road ID fun and functional!


Now go get yourself a Road ID while they’re still on sale! 


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Life Lately

Happy Monday, folks!  I’m playing catch up after a weekend away, but I left you hanging last Monday with no post so I couldn’t do it again this week.  But be prepared.  I’m all over the place!  #storyofmylife

Spring is here and I’ve been sucked in to the spring cleaning routine.  Despite the fact I’ve been cleaning, the house is still a mess.  I’m tackling one room at a time.

CleaningI started in the entryway/hallway, knocking down cobwebs, scrubbing walls and baseboards.  I let the girls help for a minute, but it just resulted in water all over the wood floor.  I appreciated the effort, but it just made more work for me!

I’ve also been spending a lot of time outside cleaning up the flower beds.

planting weedsI pull the weeds.  Cupcake plants them.  She loves dandelions, so she’ll pick them from the grass and try to plant them in the flower beds.  I keep suggesting she make a bouquet of them and then we put them in a mason jar of water on the table for “fancy dinner”.

I’ve also been decluttering around the house and I have a huge mountain of clutter in the basement to show for it.  There’s a yard sale on the calendar, so hopefully that helps clear it out, while putting a little money in my pocket.  I’ve got some craft room updating on my to do list.

Trip to the hardware store

Meanwhile Pumpkin and I have been regularly attending her dance class and library story time and Stroller Strength which just started back up at the beginning of the month.  All while Cupcake is at school.  Speaking of school………..

registereed for kindergartenThis one is all registered for kindergarten!!!  Oh, I can’t believe my baby is going to kindergarten next year!  Luckily I get to keep my Pumpkin home for another year.  She misses the preschool cut off date by 3 days. 

After spending this weekend at the lake I’ve got laundry to do, grocery shopping on the agenda and another room or two to spring clean.  And I need to start pricing and organizing my yard sale stuff.  Maybe I’ll take a break in there to do some sewing.  I know there will be a few playdates with friends and I’ve got my moms weekend to look forward to!


 We had a great weekend (with beautiful weather!) but I think we were all pretty happy about sleeping in our own beds.  I know I was (and hit the snooze button 3 times to prove it!).  Have a great week!!!

Friday Fitness: Half Marathon Recap

The day you’ve been waiting for is here!  My Friday Fitness recap of the half marathon!  After months of running in freezing cold temperatures a warm and sunny Sunday morning greeted us.  Before the half marathonThis girl right here.  We were in this together.  I had no intention of running another half marathon.  I was totally happy with 10K or less.  But once I turned her into a runner she added a half marathon to her bucket list.  We made a deal.  We’d do it together. 

We got there early.  It was in a small town and we weren’t quite sure of the parking situation.  We had bananas to eat, water to drink and potty stops before we started.  Unfortunately the long lines for the bathroom caused us to miss the group photo with the members of our Moms Run This Town chapter as well as the Columbus chapter.

We took the above pre-run selfie.  We found ourselves in the middle of the pack and the race was on.  We started out on some surface streets, past school, houses, a park, back to where we started (mile 2) and then out into the “country.” 

Mile 3 was a little rough.  We started our uphill adventure.  There were a few “rollercoaster” turns.  But the scenery was great, especially the farm with the miniature ponies!  I wish I’d have snapped a picture of these guys.  They were all lined up along the fence just watching everyone run by! 

Then we went downhill and back up making our way to the bike path.  Around mile 5 we saw the leader making his way back (it was an out and back course).  I grabbed some water at mile 6.  Around mile 7 I saw the first of my fellow MRTT runners making her way back.  I turned right around mile 8 and a few minutes later saw my girl Jess and Michele coming up toward the turn.  Cheers and high fives were given and we kept moving.  Just before the 9 mile mark I saw the last two MRTT runners and I was feeling pretty good.

The closer I got to 10, though, the more my foot started hurting.  Despite my best efforts with Body Glide before the race I could feel the blisters moving in on my left foot.  Up until that point I was maintaining a pretty consistent pace.  By miles 11 & 12 I was slowing down.  But my girl, Jess was speeding up!  And she caught up to me!

After making the turn toward the finish line I was on the lookout for my cheering section.  And they found me!

Nearing the finish lineAnd it was just what I needed to finish strong!

When I first signed up for this race my goal was to finish in under 2:30, but through the weeks of training I realized I could do better than that.  I started thinking 2:15 would be a more challenging, yet still realistic goal.  And I crossed that finish line at 2:13:58.  I couldn’t have been more excited!

At the finish line!I turned around and watched Jess come in and went in for the big sweaty hug!  We did it.  We not only finished, but we rocked that thing!

My cheering sectionMy little cheerleader.  She was so excited to watch mommy race.  And I was so excited to see her smiling face.  She really just wanted to see the medal.  After a few hugs they headed home and I stuck around to cheer the rest of our MRTT crew in.

MRTT at the half marathon finish(we’re missing one gal who had to leave right after the race because she had a sick baby)

I’m so proud of these girls (2 of which ran their first half marathon!).  And I’m so glad I had them to train with as well as celebrate with.  And despite declaring I was never another half marathon again, I did it. And the following day I signed up for another.  And bought new shoes (to hopefully prevent the blister problem from happening again).  So let the training continue…………

 After the half marathon

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