Friday Fitness: Motivation and Inspiration

There seems to be a lot of negative talk about people who share their workouts on social media.  The old joke that if you don’t post it to Facebook it didn’t really happen. Why so negative?  There’s enough negative in the world why do we need to be nasty about people sharing that they went for a run?

I originally started Friday Fitness as a way to keep me accountable when training for my half marathon, but the more I posted about it I discovered that people read what I wrote and it motivated them or inspired them to get moving.  People who thought they couldn’t run have started running.  Mommas who thought they were destined to live the rest of their life at their postpartum weight are toning up.  Families are out there being active and staying healthy together.  And that’s what it is about.

I went to a book party to hear Dimity (she is so tall!!!!) from Another Mother Runner speak on Monday night.  It was so awesome to see so many female runners in the same place at the same time.  We chatted with fellow runners and we listened to the great stories Dimity told.  Some stories were just plain funny, but some were inspirational.  We’re a tribe.  We’re here to help each other, lift each other up and support each other.  And that’s one of the things I love most about my Moms Run This Town chapter.  I’ve made great friends and done things (Market to Market Relay) I probably wouldn’t have otherwise done without them.  I’ve helped fellow runners meet their goals and they’ve helped me meet mine.  Running is often a solo sport, but we are a team.

Talking to Dimity

So, off my soapbox now, here’s the weekly recap.

Saturday – 8 miles (10:39 min/mile)


Sunday – rest

Monday – 2 stroller miles (9:19 min/mile) and Stroller Strength (another 1.6 miles + upper body strength)

Tuesday – 2 miles on the step machine + interval strength

Wednesday – 5 stroller miles (9:54 min/mile)


Thursday – Stroller Strength (1.5 miles + legs and core), 2.5 miles on the step machine

Friday – so far I’ve rested (snuggled with my toddler instead of getting up early to work out).  I’m hoping to at least get some time on the step machine in (gotta get my Fitbit steps in!!!) and if I can swing it some strength training, but we’ve got a busy day planned!

So, thanks for listening to me ramble on.  I hope these posts don’t come across as me bragging about what I can do, but rather they help you to see what you are capable of doing.  Have a great (long!) weekend everyone!!


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Kid Craft: Making Dinosaur Fossils

I’m so glad I had planned this dinosaur fossil craft for Cupcake’s dinosaur birthday party!  The kids really had fun getting messy and even more fun digging their fossils out of clay.  And it was something to entertain them while it poured rain outside, keeping them from running around like crazy people in the yard.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Making a dinosaur fossil isn’t too difficult, but it is a bit messy, so I would recommend you cover your table and/or do this outside!  First you’ll need to gather up some supplies; plaster, clay, dinosaur skulls, paper snack cups, popsicle sticks, and something to cover your work surface.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Grab a blob (that’s a technical term) of clay and toss it into your snack cup.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Smooth the clay so it’s completely covering the bottom of the cup and try to get the top surface as smooth and level as possible.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Press the dinosaur skull into the clay.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs You want to make sure you go deep enough to get the detail of the skull, but not so far that you go all the way through the clay.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Gently remove the skull from the clay, trying not to distort the imprint.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs In a disposable cup add about 1/3 cup plaster (or more depending on how big your snack cup is) and starting with 1/8 cup water add it to your plaster stirring with your popsicle stick. Add more water as needed to get a peanut butter-like consistency.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaursPour your plaster mix into your cup, spreading it over the entire surface.  Tap the cup on the table a few times to help the plaster settle into the imprint in the clay and to release any air bubbles.  Then wait.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Once the plaster has hardened (about 30 minutes, depending on the plaster you use) you can peel away the paper cup.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs And remove the fossil from the clay! 

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Excuse the inconsistency in skulls! I forgot I took these pictures using the triceratops! But you get the idea!  You get this awesome fossil! 

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs My girls and all the kids at Cupcake’s birthday party had a great time making their fossils.  Cupcake has made 3 of them now and wants to make more!  This is a great rainy day activity and when you’re done with it you can reuse the clay for other projects and the kids can play with the dinosaur skulls.



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Cupcake’s Dinosaur Birthday Party!

We had a great weekend!  After a great fossil hunting trip and hike on Cupcake’s birthday we welcomed friends and family to our house to celebrate with a dinosaur birthday party.

Cupcake's birthday partyI kept the decorations pretty simple.  Some colored streamers here and there.  Big green theropod feet cut out of poster board taped to the floor.  A few balloons tossed around.

We had food for carnivores and herbivores.

Carnivore food for a dinosaur birthday partyDino bones and stegosaurus plates for snacking on.

Dino bones (cheese sticks) and stegosaurus plates (chips) for dinosaur birthday partyAnd of course goodies for the sweetivores.

Dessert for the sweetivores at a dinosaur birthday partyI used dinosaur cookie cutters to make sugar cookies with royal icing as well as “C” cookies which I drew dinosaur feet on.  I also made chocolate pops with a mold, which I will never do again.  Too time consuming…….  A bowl of Cadbury Mini Eggs, I mean dinosaur eggs that I bought on clearance after Easter and somehow managed not to eat!

Dinosaur birthday cakeFor the cake I made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream per the birthday girl’s request.  And kept it very simple by decorating with white chocolate dinosaur bones.  T. Rex to decorate the top.  And triceratops around the sides. 

Once the kids had arrived we got them started on a craft.

Dinosaur fossil craftWe had to head out to the garage to make our dinosaur fossils because it was raining.  We moved the patio furniture in and the kids piled up around it and squished and stirred.

Making dinosaur fossilsThey stirred and stirred some more.  Then they poured and tapped and then waited.  And while waiting they ate and played.

Dinosaur birthday partyThe birthday girl blew out her dinosaur candles.  And then there was cake!

Dinosaur birthday cakeAnd a big paper mess.

dinosaur birthday partyAnd fossils were hunted.

Making fossils at a dinosaur birthday partyEach of the kids got to reveal their fossils they made.

Making fossils at a dinosaur birthday partyAll of the fossil reveals were very exciting!

Fossil making at a dinosaur birthday partyAnd all the kids got to take their fossil and a goodie bag home. 

Though it rained the entire time and we were stuck inside the party was a stomping good time!  Cupcake said it was the best birthday party ever!  And that makes me so happy! 


I’ll be back on Wednesday to show you just how we made those dinosaur fossils.


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Cupcake is 5!!!!

No Friday Fitness today.  I’ve got more important ramblings.  My baby is 5 today!!!

Cupcake is 5This sassy little thing is so excited about being 5!  This momma still can’t believe my baby is that old!  How did that happen?

Cupcake is 5This girl.  She is so spunky!  She is so smart!  She is so fun to be around. 

Cupcake is 5She loves dinosaurs.  She likes to build LEGO.  She really likes to build dinosaur museums out of LEGO.

Cupcake is 5Even if it weren’t Wacky Wednesday at school she would treat every day like Wacky Wednesday.  She loves to be silly. 

Cupcake is 5She loves to help me bake.  She loves licking the beater after baking more. 

Cupcake is 5She loves winter and snow.  (Whose child is this, really?  Mommy and Daddy aren’t snow people!)  But she also likes to wear Crocs and flip flops.

Cupcake is 5She loves to be creative and get messy.  She always wants to do a project and can spend hours with her “box” (of colored paper, scissors, glue, washi tape and stickers).

Cupcake is 5She finds herself the weirdest spots and positions to lay in.  But she will share her weird spots with her sister.

Cupcake is 5She is such a sweet girl and is so caring.  She loves big hugs and lucky for me she’s not too heavy for me to pick up, yet (but she’s getting close!).  She loves a good snuggle and is happy to hold her sister’s hand anytime she needs it.

She’s such an adventurous girl and is willing to try anything at least once.  So today we’re setting off on an adventure (we’re going fossil hunting!) and we’re going to celebrate this wonderful girl with a cupcake (or two). 

Dinosaur cupcakesHappy birthday, Cupcake!!!  We love you!!

Felicity Flutter Top – A Pattern Review

A new pattern has been released by Wild Blumes on Etsy.  It’s called the Felicity Flutter Top and I was lucky to be able to test the pattern before release.

Felicity Flutter Top #sewing #patternreviewThe Felicity Flutter top is a flattering cross front top with Empire waist and flutter sleeves.  The shape is great for showing off the bust area or minimizing the hip area and suitable for many body types.  The flutter sleeves are flowy so they will be super comfortable this summer for keeping shoulders covered without feeling too stuffy. 

Felicity Flutter Top #sewing #patternreviewThe top has a built in modesty panel, so there is no need to layer another shirt underneath which is a feature I love!  I don’t like showing off too much cleavage, but I also don’t like having to wear two shirts! 

I used a rayon blend knit from Girl Charlee for the top and sleeves and some pink and green cotton spandex knits that I found in the remnants section of Hancock Fabric for the bottom and modesty panel.  The rayon blend fabric really makes the sleeves flowy.  And the green modesty panel has some spandex in it, so it gives it a snug fit across the bust. 

You can really have a lot of fun with fabrics with this top!  Contrasting top and bottom, all the same, contrasting neckband and modesty panel………just have fun with it!

Felicity Flutter Top #sewing #patternreviewThis is a quick sew, too!  Especially if you use a serger, though a serger is definitely not necessary.  I was just waiting for my new serger needles to come in and I have another one of these great tops on the to sew list! 

So head over to Etsy and pick this up while it’s on sale (through Sunday)!!!


I was provided a pattern to test, but was not otherwise compensated.  All opinions are my own.
Post contains affiliate links.  When you make a purchase using one of these links I receive a small commission though you price remains the same. Thank you for your support.

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