Friday Fitness: Princess in Training

Guy!!!  A week from today I’ll be at Disney!!!  I’m so excited about my first runDisney experience.  We’re going to have so much fun running the Disney Princess half marathon next Sunday!!  My costume is ready, I’ve started packing, and my waiver is printed!!  My only concern now is the weather!  It’s going to be hot!  We’ve spent so much time training is very cold, snowy, and windy weather, so the warm temperatures are going to be a bit of a change…..  Luckily I’ve done more treadmill running this training cycle than I’ve probably ever done in my life, so I’ve had some warm runs in there.

Last week was a bit out of the ordinary for me.  Friday I usually swim or strength train, but we had a busy schedule, so I had to work around it.  So, while Pumpkin was at a park program I joined a friend for a snowy hike at a local park.  Despite the inches of snow on the ground it was surprisingly warm outside!!

New photo by Heather Hawkins / Google Photos

Saturday was a rest day!  It’s always weird to rest on Saturday!  I took a rest day on Saturday because Sunday was a race day!

Our local running club has some great races throughout the year that members can run for free.  And I’m a member!  So I headed out on Sunday afternoon to run the Frostbite 5.  I’ve run it a few times in the past and it’s always a good time and brings out a good group of MRTT peeps.  And apparently 

New photo by Heather Hawkins / Google Photos

Apparently I like this outfit because I just saw that I wore the same thing for last year’s race!  I always struggle with afternoon races, not know when/what to eat beforehand and I was feeling a little off before the start of the race, so I wasn’t sure it would go very well.  But I set off at an 8:30 min/mile pace and was feeling pretty comfortable there.  About two miles in I was started to cramp, but I kept on going because I knew if I could keep it up I could PR.  So I just kept running.  The hills in mile 4 slowed me down a bit, but I crossed the finish line in 43:45 (8:41 mi/mile) shaving almost a minute off my previous 5 mile PR!!  

Monday I taught Group Power.  And the first leg track just about killed me after racing the day before!  I wasn’t sure I would be able to walk after that!

Tuesdays have been my treadmill day.  Cupcake has basketball practice in the evening, so I’ve been running on the treadmill for 30 minutes while she’s at practice.  This week I squeezed in 3 miles in 27 minutes because I had to wait a few minutes for a treadmill to open up.

New photo by Heather Hawkins / Google Photos

We took a red faced selfie together.  😀 

Wednesday was Group Power round 2.  It’s always harder the second time of the week!  And I dressed the part with my limited edition heart Balega socks and my Run Heart MRTT tank

Yesterday I ran 2.14 miles with a friend for our Luv2Run virtual.  And then I ran 1 more for good measure.

New photo by Heather Hawkins / Google Photos

And just like that it’s taper time!  Though, I’ve been pseudo-tapering for a week now.  Upside of a for fun half marathon!  I’m looking forward to a light week this week and then Disney fun!!!!


Have a great weekend!!!



I’m not talking about our activity.  I’m talking about our pants!  Made for Mermaids released 3 new patterns today, Lexi and Lou Loungers, Mama Lexi Loungers and Dolly Lexi Loungers!  I teach group exercise and stay at home with a preschooler, so I’m often wearing comfy clothes.  Loungers definitely fit the mom-iform and I love that I can have some fun with them by making my own!

How cute are these pants?!?!  And they are seriously so comfy!  These loungers are perfect for all that soft, drapey French Terry you have been hoarding (or is that just me?).  I’ve had this fabric for quite some time and I always thought I’d make a raglan with it when I decided on a sleeve color.  But I’m really loving it as Mama Lexi Loungers.  I might have worn these pants for two days straight after I sewed them up……

Pumpkin got a cute pair of Lexi and Lou Loungers in short shorts length.  This kid only wears soft bottoms (no jeans) so of course she approves.  And who doesn’t love polka dots right?  Paired with a Rowan Raglan this outfit can be worn out and about or as pajamas.

Oh, and Rosie (her Baby Stella doll) got a matching outfit, too!!!

Rosie also got a pair in the loungers style with patch pockets.  She’s so hip!  And she has a place to tuck her sunglasses!

Did I mention I made myself a pair of shorts, too?  Because I did!  These are going to be in heavy rotation when the weather warms up I’m sure!!  I love the patch pockets on this pair!  A girl needs pockets!!

You get so many options with these patterns, shorts, lounge pants, joggers, different pocket styles and different waist band styles!  So you can play with the options have really have some fun with them and end up with cute and comfy pants!!!

The patterns are on sale and available in bundles from now through Tuesday 2/20!!!


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The Sock Hop

Every year Cupcake’s school holds a father daughter dance and this year the theme was a sock hop.  Of course I asked her if she wanted a poodle skirt and she said yes.  And I was so excited!  She wanted a pink poodle skirt just like the girl on the invitation, so I set off to the fabric store for some pink felt, black elastic and black rickrack.  And fabric for a shirt to go with it.  And this is the result!

How cute is my girl?  For the skirt I just measured her waist and her waist to knee to get my measurements for a circle skirt.  Felt is perfect for a poodle skirt as you don’t have to hem the skirt since it won’t fray!  And then I cut a piece of soft waistband elastic to her waist measurement, stitched the short ends and attached it to the skirt.  

I found a clipart file of a poodle and printed it out and used it as a pattern to cut out the poodle from a scrap of black felt.  I pinned it and the rickrack to the skirt then stitched them down and was done!

I found this super cute pin dot fabric in the quilting cotton section of Joann’s and it washed up so nice!  It’s super soft and it was perfect for this Lauren Pintuck Top from Made for Mermaids.  That little collar……….so cute!!!  

I found the Bobby socks for $1 at Walmart (wasn’t sure I would find them at all, so I was super surprised to find them so cheap!).  

Dad dressed the part in a crisp white shirt and cuffed pants.  It’s the best we could come up with since he doesn’t own a black leather jacket……….and I wasn’t about to sew one!

They were so cute!  Before the dance they went out to dinner at Steak’n’Shake (her choice – but also fit the theme).  And they had fun dancing, doing crafts, taking pictures in the photo booth and Cupcake even won a cake at the cake walk!


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Spring Sewing – New Jacket

This winter has been harsh!  It’s been so cold and snowy and I might be looking forward to spring already (I am NOT a winter person!).  So, I was super excited to get a head start on spring sewing by testing the new Gnome Jacket pattern from Stitch Upon a Time!  

Cupcake needed a new rain coat, so I sewed up this Gnome Jacket in PUL and lined it with flannel to make it cozy.  I think it will be perfect for those rainy, spring days!

The Gnome Jacket is hooded and has lots of mix and match options!  Two closure types, two sleeve options, two back options, two pocket options and lots of woven fabric options!

On Cupcake’s Gnome Jacket I added the gathered patch pocket on the outside.  Isn’t it cute?  She loves the pocket!!  

I bought enough fabric to make Pumpkin a matching jacket and she’s super excited! She loves to match her big sister! 

This was such a fun pattern to work with.  For a woven pattern it goes together pretty quickly and this zipper isn’t as scary as it might seem!  (and if you don’t like sewing zippers you can use snaps instead!)  We went through a few versions to get it just right in testing and the end result is perfection!  The pattern is on sale through Wednesday, so if you need a jacket pattern you should pick it up!!

Friday Fitness: Start of a New Year

Hey, guys!  It has been forever since I’ve done a Friday Fitness post!!  I had intended to give you a race recap back in September after Market to Market Relay, but on Thursday of that week I was in a car accident which totaled my car, broke my hand and left me feeling a bit funky.  

Luckily I only walked away with a broken hand, but you don’t know how often you need two hands until you only have 1.  Also, I loved my car and they don’t make it any more so I couldn’t get a new one, which left me terribly frustrated with the situation.  #firstworldproblems  

Anyway, back to fitness.  Back in July I took a group fitness training class and started teaching MOSSA Group Power at the local YMCA twice a week.  You’ve heard me talk about going to Group Power class on Mondays, so after the 3rd time the previous instructor asked me if I would be interested in taking over her position I finally said yes.  It’s been fun!  I’m getting paid to go to the class I was already going to!  Luckily I completed my assessment the day before my car accident and I passed!  Though I then spent the next 8 weeks leading the class without actually lifting weights because of my broken hand.  But now I’m back at it and trying to regain my strength.  So I’ve been doing that and of course running!

Right now I’m training for a February half marathon.  And it’s not just any half marathon…’s the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!!   I am SO EXCITED to runDisney!!!!  We’re making it a girls’ weekend, too!!!!  It’s going to be so fun!!  

OK, so on the past week’s recap…..

Friday I headed over the Y to take a class.  A friend of mine teaches an early class on Fridays called Body Burn.  This week it should’ve been called Booty Burn!  We did so many squats and lunges and jumping lunges and plyo squats……  It was brutal!  After class I spent some time on the elliptical so I could chat with a friend who had just arrived and so Pumpkin could play with her friends in child watch.  I had planned to go for a hike afterward while Pumpkin was at a park program, but it was pouring down rain and the trail was flooded.  And I forgot my trail shoes.

Saturday we woke up to a fresh layer of snow.  Like 3 inches of it.  And drifts that were up to midshin because it was super windy.  I delayed my usual morning run for a lunch time run and knocked out 8 slow miles (11 min/mile) on the snow covered sidewalks and bike path.  And then I took the kids sledding in the afternoon.

Sunday was a rest day.

Monday I taught Group Power.  It was the first day of a new release, so it was a fun class.  There are a lot of push ups in the new release and boy was my chest sore afterward!!  

Tuesday did not go according to plan.  School was cancelled which means I had the kids.  And since it was crazy cold (feels like negative temps) and the sidewalks were covered in snow so I couldn’t load up the stroller and bike rider, so it was to the Y for me!  I have run on the treadmill more in this training cycle than I have in the last 2 years. I don’t like it. But I cranked out 3 miles (9:32 min/mile).  

Wednesday was Group Power again and since it was the second go ’round of the new release it went better than Monday and I was happy with the weights I used.  And the number of tricep push ups I cranked out.  

On Thursday I really wanted to shopping at the outlet mall while Pumpkin was at school, so I took my run to the outlet mall!  Most of the sidewalks and all the bike paths are still covered in snow, but the sidewalk around the mall was clear!  So I convinced a friend to come run mall laps with me and then we went shopping!!  Momma needed a new pair of boots (and found an awesome deal on a clearance pair at Columbia!). I was 2 miles in before she showed up and got another 3 in with her (10:10 min/mile).  

So, this is me, trying to survive winter training…..I usually like winter running, but this winter has been extra harsh!  But it’ll be worth it to run through Cinderella’s castle!!!