Get Organized with Thirty-One

Is anyone itching to do some spring cleaning?  Yeah, me, too!  I’m getting a little stir crazy with all this cold, snowy weather, so I’m getting a head start on my spring cleaning and organizing.  One of my organizing secrets is Thirty-One.  I’ve been a Thirty-One consultant for a little over 3 years and I love carrying my Explorista Crossbody as a diaper bag and I’m loving my Paris right now!  But Thirty-One has great organizing products for the home as well.

#thirtyone #yourwaycube #organizing #playroomRemember the playroom?  I love the Your Way Cubes for toy storage!  Even as our playroom needs have changed as the girls get older we are still using the cubes to catch toys.  I love that they fit in the IKEA Expedit (or Kallax). 

I’ve also put the Your Way Cubes to work in my closet! 

Organize with Thirty-One #thirtyone #thirtyonegifts #organize #yourwaycube #closet #storage #beforeandafter shared these photos in a Thirty-One group on Facebook and now I keep seeing it all over the internet, including Pinterest.  It’s the top shelf of my closet.  It’s where I keep my pajamas and work out clothes.  I’m short so it’s a little hard for me to reach up there, so I would just throw the clothes up there.  Which meant that whenever I needed something half that pile would come down with it.  Now I have everything sorted into Your Way Cubes and I just grab the cube I need!

Another favorite of mine is the Your Way Rectangle.  It makes a great snack bin in the pantry.

Your Way Rectangle as snack bin #thirtyone #thirtyonegifts #organization #yourwayrectangle #pantry girls know exactly where to find their raisins, Lara Bars, nuts, Go Go Squeeze and crackers.  And I don’t have to figure out how to stack all those little boxes! 

And I’m so excited that the Essential Storage Totes were brought back! 

Essential Storage Tote #thirtyone #thirtyonegifts #organize #essentialstoragetote #toybin’ve been using these in the girls’ bedrooms to wrangle all their stuffed animals.  I love that it has handles so the girls can carry it around.  I also use them in my craft room, which I’ll have to show you another day!

I hope some of these storage solutions help you get organized and if you have any questions about any Thirty-One products I’m here to help!


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City Girl Frock Sweater

The good news is everyone is on the up and up.  Life is resuming as normal.  I’m playing catch up.  Speaking of catch up, I have a lot of sewing projects to show you!  I’ve been sewing up a storm lately, but due to lots of snow storms lately I’ve not taken many pictures. I usually like to take photos outdoors.  But I decided to do a little photoshoot indoors of my City Girl Frock sweater for you!

City Girl Frock Sweater #sewing #girlcharleeThe City Girl Frock is by See Kate Sew.  The same pattern designer as the Pippa Peplums I made for the girls and my Penelope Peplum.  Oh, and I loved my Penelope so much and the girls’ chevron Pippas so much I made another one for me

So when I got this amazing sweater knit from Girl Charlee in my January KnitFix bag I wanted to try another of her patterns.  I thought the cowl neck would be cozy in a sweater.  Well, really anything would be cozy in this fabric because it’s so soft!  But I love the way this sweater turned out!  And I was happy with my pattern matching on the sleeves.

The only issue I had was with the neckline of the sweater.  The pattern is designed for a stable knit and my fabric wasn’t quite stable, so the unfinished edge kept popping up.  But I just cut a bias strip and stitched it in place to hide the raw edge.

I’m looking forward to trying this pattern out again!  And I just got some new fabric the other day, so I’ll have to pick one to use!


Behind the scenes:  Here’s what happens when you try to take photos with the kiddos around!

City Girl Frock #sewing #girlcharlee

Friday Fitness: Sick Week

TGIF.  Although, honestly all the days of this week have kind of run together.  It’s been a week full of sickness in the house.  Everyone has been hit in one way or another.  I only got one workout in. 

Saturday – rest day

Sunday – 6.2 miles in single digit temperatures


Monday – where it all went downhill

I basically stayed in bed all day Monday.  I barely left it on Tuesday.  Wednesday I was making progress.  Yesterday I almost felt normal.  I even thought about trying to get a few miles in even though it was crazy cold and all the schools in the area were closed, but I ended up at the pediatrician’s office with Pumpkin who was having trouble breathing.  

My Fitbit has never seen such low numbers.  I went from over 90,000 steps last week barely over 50,000 this week.  16,000 of which occurred on the one day I felt well.

I’ve got 7 weeks until my half marathon, so I guess it’s good I still have some time to get back in the game.  And honestly I was a little ahead of schedule, so I’m confident that I’ll be right where I need to be come race day.

I’m going to attempt some strength training this morning and a run tomorrow.  I’m supposed to be running 8 with my MRTT group.  The group maintains a slower pace than I usually run, so I’m hoping if I stay with the slower pace I’ll be able to keep going for the long haul.  We’ll see.  I’m not going to push it.


So, there’s my Debbie Downer post, but it’s real life.  I’m looking forward to feeling like a normal person and getting back to my usual busy life. 

And happy birthday, hubby!!!!  DSC_0980

 Sappy words, hugs and kisses.  We love you! 


Have a great weekend, everyone!!


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#DisneySide @Home Celebration – Princess Party

I received free products in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.


Last week we had some fun with friends by hosting a Disney Side @Home Celebration!  We had a preschool princess themed party and it was a ball!  If you follow me on Instagram you saw a sneak peek of our goodie bags!  Cupcake and Pumpkin had a blast putting them together.

Goodie Bags #DisneySide @Home Celebration We had an afternoon playdate, so we just served a few snacks and sweets.Dessert table #DisneySide @Home Celebration We had purple cupcakes with buttercream frosting and purple sprinkles.  And they were so yummy!

 Snack table #DisneySide @Home Celebration Princess Goldfish, pretzels, chocolate covered strawberry marshmallows and fruit crisps

Princess Anna - #Disneyside @Home CelebrationThe girls loved wearing their princess dresses and tiaras, though that’s usual attire for Pumpkin.  Even the 2 boys who attended did a little dressing up as well.

#DisneySide @Home CelebrationThe girls couldn’t wait to check out their goodie bags!  They knew there was nail polish and lip gloss in there. 

#DisneySide @Home CelebrationOf course the cupcakes were a big hit with princes and princesses alike.

#DisneySide @Home CelebrationPin the smile on the Mickey was a fun activity as well.  The kids were so good at it, too! 

#DisneySide @Home CelebrationAnd we somehow managed to get a great picture of 9 of the 12 kids who were in attendance!  Seriously, this is like the best group picture in the history of ever!  They’re all looking and there are so many smiles!!


When you have 12 kids age 4 and under in your house it’s a bit chaotic, but it was so worth it to see the fun these kiddos had showing their Disney Side.  If you want to show your Disney Side, too, check out the fun over here.  You can learn about the parks, plan a Disney vacation, or make a Disney stick figure family!


I received free products in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Post may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase using these links I receive a small commission, though your price remains the same.  Thank you for your support.

Project Run and Play: Girl with Muscles

I’ve followed Project Run and Play for a while, but have never participated in the sew along.  I always have good intentions, but I’m easily distracted.  Squirrel!!!  I actually sewed something up for the January challenge, but my model refused to wear it, even for a picture, so it’s just hanging in her closet.  But she was loving what I made for the February Challenge, so here we go!

Mademoiselle Muscle Tee - Project Run and Play February ChallengeThis month’s challenge was to use the Mademoiselle Muscle Tee pattern from Living with Punks.  You can make the pattern as is, change it up a bit or remake it all together.  I just changed it up a little bit.  

The body, the neckband and the arm band are all from the pattern.  Luckily it was the right size for Cupcake.  My alterations were to make a band for the bottom instead of hemming and much to the delight of 4 year olds everywhere I added pockets!

Mademoiselle Muscle Tee - Project Run and Play February Challenge I used some of my leftover Girl Charlee Knitfix fabric for the bodice and black knit from the Joann’s remnant section for the bands and pockets.  She definitely has some growing room with this tank, which will be great come summer when she can actually wear this shirt! You know, when it’s not blizzard like conditions outside. 

Mademoiselle Muscle Tee - Project Run and Play February ChallengeAnd when the model wants to pick her own pose……………..


This is a great basic piece and I can see me whipping up a few more of these for Cupcake’s summer wardrobe!

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