Mini M&M Cookies and Tips to Make Picture Perfect Cookies

Do you take pictures of your cookies?  No?  Just me?  But do you want picture perfect cookies?  You know, cookies that look so good on a platter no one at the holiday party will be able to resist?  Well, I’ve got two tips to help you out with that!

How to make picture perfect cookies!  #bakingOur baking tote was overflowing with chocolate chips, M&Ms, marshmallows, and peanut butter cups so when Cupcake asked if we could bake cookies I couldn’t say no, even though we had just made a No Bake S’moreclair cake to take to a get together.  I had to use up some of those goodies!  We went with the mini M&Ms.  Continue reading

Painted and Pearl Ornaments

Not only did the girls make ornaments this year, but I did, too.  Actually this is the second year in a row I’ve made painted and pearl ornaments, but this time I took pictures to share!!

Painted and Pearl Ornaments #crafting #christmas #ornamentsI make these painted and pearl ornaments for my sorority sisters, but you could put a name or initials, oh, how cute would a monogram be on these?  Continue reading

Kid Craft: Salt Dough Ornaments

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Kid Craft project for you guys!  This was a fun project the girls and I made for the holiday season, salt dough ornaments!

Kid Craft: Salt Dough Ornaments #crafting #preschooler #toddler #sahm Cupcake and I have made salt dough ornaments once before, but we thought we’d give it another go and get Pumpkin in on the action, too.  Oh, and I had some fun as well. Continue reading

Amish Potato Soup

Oh, my goodness you guys!  I ate so much food this weekend!  It’s a good thing I got a 5 mile run in to sort of help burn some of those calories.  We had my family’s Christmas this weekend, plus delicious cake to celebrate my cousin’s graduation and then we stopped to check in on our alma mater since we were driving through (and we haven’t stopped in forever!!!!) so of course we had to pick up some cheesestix!  Now all I want to eat is fruits and vegetables for the next 5 days.

Amish Potato Soup #recipe #soup #dinnerI’d also be happy with some of this Amish Potato Soup!  Continue reading

Out and About with Polka Dots

You guys, it’s been a stressful, emotional week.  Earlier this week my car was broken into and my wallet stolen.  They only got about $20 in cash, 5 Chick-fil-A coupons, and a half used Qdoba gift card.  And my drivers license, credit cards and checkbook.  And the wallet was brand new, like had just loaded it the day before. There was a lot to be done in the few days following like closing bank accounts, reporting the credit cards stolen, getting a new drivers license (I like my new picture!) and getting my car window fixed.  The whole ordeal was mentally exhausting and I’m so thankful my hubby jumped into action to help take care of everything.

After all that stress I had to pound out 3 miles on the pavement and do something fun.  I opted to sew.  I did a little Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping for myself this year.  I grabbed the Out and About Dress Pattern from Sew Caroline and picked up some pretty knit fabrics from Girl Charlee.  And I got sewing.

#outandaboutdressIgnore the messy hair and fake smile.  I was standing outside in half sleeves and a short dress in 26 degree, windy weather.  At least the sun was out.  But, hey, how cute is that dress?  If you follow me on Instagram you’d have seen that I wasn’t sure which fabric I was going to use.  I ended up going with the Maroon Polka Dot fabric from Girl Charlee.  I had coordinating thread.

#outandaboutdressI actually had a golden brown color thread to match, but decided to use a maroon thread for a little contrast.  Once I got my pattern put together and my pieces cut out the assembly of the dress went fairly quickly!  And the fabric was a dream to work with!  My last knit fabric project left me wanting to pull my hair out, so I was so happy it was so going to much smoother.

#outandaboutdressI picked my pattern size based on bust measurement, but because I was sort of between sizes I sized down, knowing my fabric would stretch.  I’m glad I did!  I sewed up a medium, but I might have been OK sewing a small.  The dress is plenty roomy.  My only real complaint is how low the pockets are.  I love that there are pockets, but I can barely reach them!  #shortgirlproblems

I actually sewed up another Out and About Dress last night with another fabric that I’ve had in my stash for a while.  I sewed a small and I’m so glad I did as the fabric is super stretchy and a medium would have been huge on me.  And due to it’s super stretchyness the pockets are practically unreachable.  I suspect I’ll do some seam ripping and take them out.  And shorten it a bit more so it’ll look cute with leggings.  But first I’d like to get a new stretch twin needle as I broke mine yesterday thanks to a 4 year old squeaking a dog toy in my ear.

I’ve got some more knit fabric in my stash and I see a few more of these dresses in my future!


p.s.  Have you entered to win my sewing supplies giveaway, yet?  Today is that last day to enter!!!