All Dolled Up

Made for Mermaids has released a new collection of dolly patterns to coordinate with their great girl patterns.  I had so much fun testing some of the new dolly patterns!!  I don’t know where to start!!

Let’s start with Dolly Daphne!  

How sweet are Pumpkin and Rosie in their matching Daphne dresses?  Daphne has this adorable off the shoulder ruffle or flutter and can be a top dress or maxi dress.  Of course Pumpkin wanted a dress.  Rosie likes her dress, too.  😉  

Another sweet dress is Dolly Ella.  Though Rosie is just wearing in the top length.  Pumpkin is sporting the adorable dress.

I love the bow detail on the back of this one!  And I bought that fabric for me, so I’m not sure how these two ended up wearing it………..

And speaking of favorite fabrics………..I used the last of these Girl Charlee prints on these Dolly and me Sommer tunics.

I was sad when I miscut this fabric when making our Vivienne dresses, but happy to be able to turn it into these Sommer tunics with coordinating Bonny Leggings.  These outfits saw a lot of use this summer.  I’m sad for cold weather because they won’t be in the rotation any more.

Speaking of Vivienne….

…it is also included in the new All Dolled Up collection!  And Pumpkin couldn’t be more excited. Vivienne is probably her favorite dress right now.  As soon as they are clean and hanging back up in her closet she reaches right for them!

The newest pattern in the Made for Mermaids lineup, Kourtney, is also included in the collection.  

This fun pattern has a neat knot option that is so cool!  It also comes in top, tunic and dress length.  Rosie is rocking her knotted dress!!

And because we can’t get enough dresses around here….

Rosie also needed an Ainsley dress to match Pumpkin’s Ainsley dress!!

And my favorite of the collection is probably the Dolly Nina!!

I just love raglan style sleeves and the flowyness of this top/tunic/dress is so fun!  Pumpkin loves this Nina so much she wore it for picture day at school, so of course Rosie needed to match!  (are you sensing a theme here?)

And when you let Pumpkin pick out her own fabric…

….she’ll pick hedgehogs.  This girl loves hedgies!  And she and Rosie look great in their hedgie Nina tunics.  

There are a few other patterns in the collection as well, including Cora, Mya and Charlotte.  Save 20% on the doll patterns all week using the code ALLDOLLEDUP!  The new patterns have sizing for 14″, 15″ and 18″ dolls.  And be sure to head over to the Made for Mermaids blog to see the giveaway they have going on to celebrate the release!  


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80’s Roller Skating Birthday Party

Last week Pumpkin turned 5 (how did that happen?!?!) and on Saturday we celebrated with an 80’s neon themed roller skating party!  It was so much fun!

80's neon roller skating birthday partyAll morning Saturday I felt like I should’ve been busy busy getting ready for the party, but the party wasn’t at home and I didn’t bake the cake, so I really didn’t have anything to do.  Which was good because Cupcake had a soccer game that morning.  

We signed up for the Kids Skate Free program last year and my kids have fallen in love with skating!  They both even have their own skates (though Cupcake needs a new pair in a bigger size!).  So I wasn’t at all surprised when Pumpkin said she wanted a skating party this year and I just knew we could have some fun with it!

80's neon roller skating partyLook how much fun she’s having!  And she’s a pro skater!  She has these cool, convertible and adjustable skates that are much less slippery than regular skates, so she doesn’t need a skate mate to help keep her upright. Once we got those skates on she hit the floor!  Until it was time for pizza.   

80's neon roller skating partyJust as we had finished eating pizza they called her out to the center of the floor.

80's neon roller skating partyAnd they asked all the other skaters to line up on the black line and they all sang “Happy Birthday” to her.  She loved it!!  And then they did the “Cha Cha Slide.”

After some more skating and some playing in the softplay area it was time for cake!!

80's neon roller skating partyUsually I love baking and decorating the cake, but I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and broke my hand, so a lot of things are really hard to do right now (like type this blog post and decorate cakes).  So for the first time ever I ordered a cake from a local bakery.  They did a fantastic job!!  The kids gobbled up cake and ice cream and they were back off to their playing!  After a little bit more play time we gathered them back up so Pumpkin could open presents and we tried to snap a group picture.

80's neon roller skating partyWe got just over half the kids in the picture rocking their glasses and gloves (which were a huge hit with boys and girls alike!).

The party was a lot of fun and it was kind of nice not having to do a ton of work for the party while I’m nursing my broken hand!  Luckily I had started on our totally awesome outfits before the injury, as sewing is quite tricky right now.

Pumpkin is wearing a Fav Tee from Patterns for Pirates in green mesh, over a Heartbreaker Cami in black.  And then paired with purple Bonny Leggings and a paint splatter Skipper Skirt from Made for Mermaids.  Cupcake got paint splatter Bonny Leggings under a purple Rugam Skirt from Sofiliantjes paired with a black tee and jean vest she already had.  I made myself a mesh crop to with the Relaxed Raglan from P4P and layered it over a black tank I already had.  And I paired them with a Pirate Pencil Skirt and a pair of Peg Legs (and a belt from the thrift store).  Plus I made us all a scrunchie!  We might have gotten a few weird looks at first, but it was totally fun.  And now I’m totally ready for Halloween, too!  


Pumpkin declared it her best party, yet!!


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Patterns for Pirates Brunch Blouse and Bitty Brunch Blouse

Patterns for Pirates has been having a summer of wovens!  Summer isn’t over and there are two new woven patterns for you, the Brunch Blouse and Bitty Brunch Blouse.  I sewed up a few new tops during testing and they’ve seen a lot of action in my wardrobe since!  

This one is in a mystery fabric I picked up on clearance from Hobby Lobby.  It’s a flowy fabric with a little bit of a sheen to it.  I loved the colors!  A fabric with a nice drape is recommended for this pattern, so it was perfect!

I added a Henley placket and used snaps for the closure. This is the short sleeved version.  You also have a the option of cap sleeves and a tank version.

Cupcake also got a short sleeved version of the Bitty Brunch Blouse in this gorgeous rayon I bought at Mood when I was in NYC this summer.  She was so excited to see her new “big girl” shirt.  She thinks it’s so fancy!  She has the scoop neck version, which has a button loop back to make it easy for kiddos to get it on and off themselves.

There is a seam down the back, which helps give the top some shape.

And of course I had to make one to match.  Because she still likes to match her momma.  Again, I added a Henley placket because I love the look, but this time used buttons.

The top is a quick sew for a woven pattern as there are no sleeves to set in.  Even with the bust darts!  The pattern has 3 hem options.  This is the shirt version, there’s also a curved hem tunic length and a dress length. If the weather weren’t cooling off here I would be whipping up a dress!  I guess it’ll be a spring project……..

The women’s version also has a seam down the back to show off your curves, so you definitely won’t look like you’re wearing a sack!  

I just love this pattern! It’s very different from the normal tee shirts I sew for myself.  I feel so much more put together in this top.  

Pick it up while it’s on sale either as individual patterns or in a bundle.  See what the other testers sewed up on the roundup post.  And check out what kind of fun you can have with it on the hacks post!  


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Ainsley Dress – Pattern Release and Review

Made for Mermaids is releasing their newest pattern today, the Ainsley Dress.  This adorable dress combines a knit top with a woven skirt, so it’s perfect for using all those beautiful cotton woven fabrics you love!  I’ve been holding on to this adorable princess and unicorn fabric for months, not quite sure what to make with it.  But when I was selected to test the new Ainsley Dress I knew it would be perfect.  

I found a beautiful coral knit to use as the top of the dress and used the princess unicorn fabric for the skirt.  And Pumpkin was over the moon excited to watch me sew it up.  This sweet pattern has a gathered sleeve in short sleeves, elbow length or long sleeves.  It also has a flutter sleeve option. 

The skirt has a few options, too!  You can make a simple skirt or one with a faux button placket down the front.  There is also the option to add patch pockets and waist ties.  I love having so many options!  Pumpkin loved picking out buttons for her faux placket skirt.  She wanted “great, big” buttons!  Or unicorn buttons, but we couldn’t find any…..

…..but I think these great, big white buttons are perfect!  The front waistband lays nice and smooth, while the back waistband has an elastic casing to help pull the skirt in and give a great fit.  I love how it looks like two pieces, but it’s a dress!  

I normally prefer to sew with just knits as they are so quick and easy, but even with adding a woven skirt this pattern is quick and easy.  The tutorial is very straightforward and gives you plenty of pictures to help you along the way.  Pumpkin just loves her new dress and is already picking out more fabrics for more dresses!  That girl just loves a dress………..

Another great thing about this pattern is it mashes with other Made for Mermaids patterns!  You can mix and match the bodices and skirts of Ainsley, Brooklyn, Riley and Cassie to create all sorts of cute dresses!!  For Cupcake I used the Cassie bodice and Ainsley skirt to create a super sweet dress perfect for a 7-year old with a bit of sass.


This girl loves the cold shoulder option of the Cassie dress, so I knew she would love this Cassie/Ainsley mash up!  She was so excited to come home from school and see a new dress waiting for her.  She insisted on wearing it to school the next day!  I paired it with a Barbie headband and she looked so cute!!!  

The only thing she liked more than the cold shoulder is the pockets!  The Ainsley pattern comes with a patch pocket option, but I used the pocket piece from Cassie to add pockets to her skirt.  And made her sister jealous.  

This is such a sweet dress!  And I’m sure I’ll reach for it whenever I find cute woven fabrics for the skirt!  If you think you’ll do the same go ahead and pick up your copy of the Ainsley Dress pattern while it’s on sale!  (through Sunday)


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Kid Craft: Painting Rocks

Have you seen the rock painting craze that is going on everywhere?  We’ve been having so much fun this summer with one of our local parks departments painting, hiding and hunting for rocks!  This is such a fun craft for you and the kids!!

We have painted so many rocks this summer and I wish I’d have taken pictures of all of them.  I do have pictures of some and our parks department Facebook page has a lot of posts of rocks people have found.  The girls get so excited to look through the page and see one of their rocks being found and rehidden somewhere else.  And found again!  

Pumpkin and I (and no she doesn’t actually wear glasses, these are just for fun) spent one afternoon while Cupcake was at school painting and we had such a fun time.  You can see her big rock covered in ladybugs (which is currently “hidden” in our front yard) and a few smaller rocks, one of which is a monster.

This ice cream cone was her favorite that she painted that day.  I did the lines on the “cone” but she painted the rest.  She likes her ice cream with a lot of sprinkles!

She wasn’t the only one who had fun that day, though.

I might have had hubby pick up a bag of landscaping rocks for me the last time he was at the home improvement store, so I could have some smooth rocks to paint.  Most of the ones we find in the park are jagged.  This was a simple rock, painted with a base of acrylic paint and the design drawn with a metallic paint pen (similar).  

And then I got a little fancier.  After painting a base coat on this rock I sketched out my design in pencil, then used a fine tip marker to outline then fill in my mermaid design.  And I used a paint pen to write the words.

The supplies for this project are cheap and easy to find!  Rocks can be found anywhere, but if you want super smooth ones I would recommend buying some landscaping rocks.  And these little bottles of paint cost anywhere from $1-$4 each.  Pick up some small paint brushes for a few dollars and you are ready to paint!  The paint markers are a nice to have tool, but they’re not really necessary.  

This is probably my favorite rock so far!  After painting a pink base I sketched the unicorn in pencil, then filled it in with a fine tipped brush (shown).  Once the paint was dry I used the end of a toothpick to add the details and the outlining. And then Pumpkin insisted I add some glitter to her hair, horn and heart.  Because unicorns are glittery.  (She is a unicorn expert!)

If you plan to put these rocks outside I recommend you seal them with polyurethane.  You can find it in a spray can or in a bottle with the rest of the acrylic paints.

If you want a fun craft to do together, that doesn’t take a whole lot of artistic ability I would highly recommend picking up some rock and get painting!  It’s fun for all ages!!


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