I hope you all had a fantastic 4th!  This was the first time we actually stayed home for the holiday, so we had to figure out how to celebrate without having family around.  Friends!!!!!!!!  We made plans with friends!

Our city didn’t have any festivities going on, so we went to the next town over which was having a big festival.  We took Cupcake to her first 4th of July parade!  Not only did she get to see a parade she got to see it with a friend!

And an airplane kept flying by!!!

She got the view from up high with daddy.

The view from down low with mommy.

There wasn’t much candy.  We only caught about 5 pieces.  Cupcake couldn’t resist eating a piece!

We were sweaty and tired, so we headed into the restaurant we were sitting in front of for some AC and some lunch!  That makes pregnant mommas and toddlers happy!  After cooling down a bit and getting some food in our bellies we made our way down to the festival.  It was packed!  There were several vendors that caught my eye (hello, tie dye and wood toys), but we didn’t buy anything.  We did go down to the kids area, but a lot of the activities seemed too old for the 2 year olds, so we just let them play on the playground.

After a long hike back to the car (sans shoes for most of the walk for me) we blasted the AC and drank our warm water on the way home.  Cupcake was off to bed, hubby was off to the office to work on some homework, and I took shelter in the basement (where it’s even cooler!) to hike up my swollen feet and drink a bunch of ice water.  And I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and I might have fallen asleep for a bit (until the phone rang).

After nap we started on some food preparations for the afternoon.  I had a cake to frost, ground beef to turn into hamburgers, burger toppings to chop.  We had friends coming to celebrate (and eat) with us!  There was some chatting, some kids playing, some cooking and some eating.  But first, we had a tradition to adhere to!

There’s Joanna from Midwestern Bite taking her turn at reading the Declaration of Independence before we started our meal.

And let’s eat!!

Hubby grilled up some burgers.  I cooked up some corn on the cob.  Joanna brought some delicious Sweet Potato Salad.  Update: Check out the recipe over on her blog.

For dessert I made a simple cake.  A super simple, but cute cake!

It doesn’t look fancy, but it has a surprise!

Ta da!  How cute is that?  It’s a Jello cake!  I knew I had to make a Jello cake for dessert.  This was a family favorite growing up and I don’t think I remember a 4th of July celebration where it wasn’t on the table.  Typically, though it was made in a 13″x9″ pan and only one color.  I decided to have some fun with it!  Want to make a delicious Jello cake for yourself?  Here’s the “recipe.”

Your favorite white cake recipe (or box of cake mix!)
Box of Jello
Container of Cool Whip

Bake the cake.  Allow to cool.
Poke a few holes in your cake with a toothpick.
Prepare Jello as directed, but before refrigerating pour Jello over cake.  Refrigerate.
After Jello has set frost with Cool Whip.

It’s so super simple I almost can’t call it a recipe!  But I don’t know what else to call it!  I used a Duncan Hines cake mix (it was on sale!!!) and Cherry Jello for the red and Berry Blue for the blue.  The flavors worked great together!

After dessert the kids played, the adults chatted and a good time was had by all.  Soon it was approaching bed time for the wee ones, so we said our goodbyes and bedtime routine began.  Cupcake was tuckered after a long day (3 hours of which were spent outdoors in 90+ degree weather) and was off to dream land.  Hubby headed back to the office to finish up his homework.  I made myself comfy back down in the basement to finish my movie, transfer my pictures over to the computer, do a little photo editing, a little blog posting, and mainly rest up from a fun day.


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3 comments on “A Day in the Life: Independence Day”

  1. We love Jello cake! Thank you so much for this great idea with the two layers. My son asks me to bake this cake for his birthday almost every year…..now I’ll have a little surprise for him. :0) Thanks for sharing!

    Melissa recently posted…Perfect Lemon BarsMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by! I hope your two layer Jello cake turns out. You know, I haven’t made a Jello cake in a while……I think I’m due.

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