This project is nothing new and exciting.  Believe you me if you Google yarn wrapped letters you’ll find plenty.  But this is my project and my blog so I’m sharing anyway!!!!!!  When the nursery was Cupcake’s I had painted all the letters of her name and hung them on the wall.  Obviously I took them down to move Pumpkin in, so I needed to do something personalized for her, too!  I decided on a yarn wrapped A.  Ready to finish letters were on sale at Joann’s and apparently A is a popular letter, but I found one to suit my tastes!  Yarn was also on sale.  Score!

Luckily for me both girls napped in their beds at the same time yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A momma’s dream come true!  2 uninterrupted hours of crafting time!  Yeah, I could’ve been napping as well, or cleaning house, but a girl’s got priorities.

I started by wrapping my yarn top to bottom to cover the ends.  I used some Tacky Glue to hold the edge pieces in place.

Then I went side to side.

And ta da!  My letter was covered!

It needed a little something more, so I dug out some scraps leftover from the scalloped bunting I made and ran them through my Big Shot machine with the Scalloped Circle die.

I used one large scallop as the back and folded each of 4 large scallop circles into quarters and stitched them down in the corner.  I then folded 4 small scalloped circles into quarters and stitched them down as well.

I added a button to the center and glued it onto my letter. And now it sits on the shelf in Pumpkin’s room!

It was a quick project (it didn’t take me the whole two hour nap time) that turned out really cute!  And it cost me just over $5!  That’s my kind of project!

And because who doesn’t love a sleepy baby, here’s a pic of Pumpkin snoozing while momma worked.

Did you work on any craft projects this weekend?  Or did you take a nap instead?



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  1. This is the first time I ever heard of this and I can’t wait to give it a try. Especially since my little girl’s name start with an “A”. Love it.

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