The half bathroom redo is coming along!  Although I’m sort of stuck in a holding pattern at the moment waiting for paint to cure.

Bad blogger still can’t find the before pictures of the bathroom.  I know I took them.  I guess I didn’t actually copy them over to the computer before formatting my card.  grrr…….

So here’s some sort of before pictures.


It’s really hard to take pictures in a small space!  The walls were BRIGHT yellow.  We had an ugly old brass light fixture and ceramic towel and toilet paper holders just like in the master bathroom.  I tore up the wall removing the old fixtures.  And you can see in the second picture above where I patched the wall.  The wall had a bit of texture, but after patching the wall was smooth, so I used a nappy roller to prime those areas to match the texture.  It worked like a charm!  I can’t even tell where the patch jobs used to be!

DSC_9689I ran into a bit of a hiccup when I went to install the new light fixture (in the dark!).  The holes I needed to attach the plate to the junction box were right where the attachment piece for the fixture was.  So just when I thought it was going to be easy to get the new light fixture on……..OK, it was still easy.  I pulled out the nails that were holding the junction box in place, rotated the box and screwed it back in.

Then I hung my attachment plate making sure the two pieces that hold the light fixture in place were level.  A little wiring and my light fixture was hung!




I hung a new towel hook and a new toilet paper holder.  I love the new placement of the towel hook, over the sink.  It’s super convenient there!

I primed and painted the vanity.  Though I’m not finished with the door fronts.  So it’s still sitting open.

A not so flattering picture of me working on the outlet.
A not so flattering picture of me working on the outlet.

I changed out the light switches and the outlet.  Don’t assume that the outlet is on the same circuit as the light switches. You may get zapped (ask me how I know).  And the outlet looks pretty, but even though I took each wire off one at a time and put them on the new outlet it’s not working………..I should fix that since our water softener is on the same circuit that keeps tripping.

Excuse the chubby picture…….I just had a baby 3 months ago…….how long do I get to use the I just had a baby excuse?

I wanted a round mirror.  I have a crush on this teak mirror and she said she got it in Cincinnati, but they sell one of a kind items, so I figured I would out of luck.  I can’t really go searching stores with two kids in tow, so I settled for an IKEA mirror that I knew was in stock.  So, yeah, I still made a trip to Cincinnati, but I went with a shopping list (and hubby came, too, to help with kid wrangling).


So that’s what’s been going.  Here’s the update on the to do list.

Remove light fixture
Remove towel bar and toilet paper holder and repair
Remove mirror and patch holes
Paint walls
Paint vanity
Touch up trim paint
Install new light fixture
Install new towel bar and toilet paper holder
Replace light switch and outlet and covers
Install new mirror
Hang shelves

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