This recipe isn’t a new idea.  The first time I had it was at Joanna’s house.  For a long time after trying it for the first time I never made it myself.  Until recently.  In an attempt to clean up my diet I started making this “banana ice cream” instead of eating real ice cream.  Well, recently Cupcake has gotten into Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  Have you seen this show?  It’s a spinoff of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  Love it!  What does this have to do with “banana ice cream?”  I’m getting there.  I promise.

There’s an episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood about trying new food.  I love this episode.  It taught me a great song I’ve been singing at dinner a lot lately.  “You gotta try a new food ’cause it might taste good.”  It works!  I can get Cupcake to take at least one bite of anything after singing that song!  In the episode they make Banana Swirl.  So, we’ve been making Banana Swirl, too.  Cupcake loves it!  She has even chosen Banana Swirl over ice cream!

Banana Swirl - Kids in the Kitchen #cooking #baking #kids #preschooler

Maybe it’s because it’s something she can help with?

It’s so simple!  Slice up some bananas.  Freeze them.  Swirl them in the food processor (or blender).

Banana Swirl - Kids in the Kitchen #cooking #baking #kids #preschooler

Things may not look so good when you first start.  Don’t worry. Just keep swirling.  Knock down the lumps if you need to and keep going until you have an ice cream consistency and serve it up!

Banana Swirl - Kids in the Kitchen #cooking #baking #kids #preschooler

A healthy treat to enjoy!

I find two bananas to be a good amount to swirl well in my food processor.   Enough to keep moving, not too much to bog it down.  And sometimes I like to toss in some PB2 for a change of pace.

So, bananas have been on my grocery list every week for the last several weeks.  And we’ve been making a lot of Banana Swirl!

Banana Swirl - Kids in the Kitchen #cooking #baking #kids #preschooler


Have you and your kids tried Banana Swirl before?  Or do you have a dessert that feels indulgent when it’s really healthy?

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