The day is finally here!!  I know the anticipation has been building for months now and I’m finally ready to share.  Drumroll please……………… THE BIG GIRL ROOM!!!!!!!

But first let us remember what the room used to look like.

Something like that!  Not fit for a 2 year old girl!

So I set to work to make it girly!!  There was the painting of the walls and the dresser redo.

And the bed makeover.

I found a nightstand.  Right size/shape/style.  Wrong color.

I built a bookcase out of unfinished crates.

I spray painted some stuff (including the grass).

And painted mirrors.

It’s been a slow going process, but it’s been fun.  And now here it is!!!!!!!!

It’s so much lighter and brighter!!

I love the soft color walls with the bright accents!  I knew I wanted purple walls and her bedding had a pinkish purple and a blueish purple in it.  I was leaning toward pinkish purple, hubby was leaning toward blueish purple.  I let Cupcake pick and she picked momma’s favorite!  She’s a smart girl.

I think white was definitely the way to go on the dresser so I could put some fun accents on it.  The lamp started out brass.  The lamp shade has the same floral pattern as her bedding, just white on white (hard to see when the light is on).  The orange piggy bank was a purchase from before she was born.  The pink tiered tray was off-white and picked up from the Pottery Barn Outlet.  It now holds all her hair bows and hair ties.

The picture on the dresser is of Cupcake and her Godpapa that he gave her.  The little box was a little something daddy brought home from Pakistan.  It keeps her little things safe.  The photos above the dresser are ones I took!  If you like ’em and want ’em for yourself check out my Etsy shop.

Here’s her reading nook.

She loves being able to get books off the shelf when she wants to read.  And she snuggles up on her Rollie Pollie with her books.  The Beetle print above once belonged to me.  It was a birthday gift from a college roommate.  I had planned to hang some paper lanterns in the corner and was so excited when I found a place that sells them individually so I could pick and choose colors, but decided against it when the shipping charge would cost twice as much as the lanterns!  🙁

The big, yellow bed.

Cupcake loves her big, yellow bed.  Even though she’s been living in the room for almost 2 months she still talks about her big, yellow bed A LOT.  I started a small gallery wall, which can be added to as I find fun pieces.  The nightstand holds a print and a nightlight.  The lamp in the corner was actually supposed to live in the guest room, but hubby didn’t like it (and after I found a nightstand for the room it didn’t work in there anymore).  Oh, and check out those curtains!  All tied back for the first time!

I whipped up the 3 prints in Photoshop and had them printed, I found the word at Hobby Lobby, and I embroidered her initial.

Here’s another view.  The print on the table is also one I whipped up in Photoshop.

And how cute is that little mushroom night light?  It’s LED and it works plugged in or not.  Cupcake likes to tote it around the room.

Don’t forget about those chevron mirrors hanging next to the closet and the C hanging from a flower hook next to the door.  And I added a fancy switch plate cover to the light switch.

Here’s another view from the bed.

And one last look from the door way.

I love it!

Let’s see if I can give you a rundown of some of the costs of the room redo.

Paint (Olympic One from Lowe’s) – $26
Bed frame – $40
Spray paint for bed frame, picture frames, bookcase, lamp, tiered tray – $45
Dresser – $50
Nightstand – $20
Bedding and pillows – $60
Curtains – $20
Bookcase crates – $24


So what do you think of Cupcake’s big girl room?



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12 comments on “Big Girl Room Reveal!!!!!!!!!”

  1. What a bright, fun room! That yellow bed is amazing. I’m not sure I could try something that bold, but it totally makes the whole room happy! What a lucky little girl.

  2. Oh gosh! I would sleep in that room any day! I love the yellow bed frame.. all the fun colors, really! And that wall of prints? So cute! The dresser and crate redos are great as well.

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