It’s coming along!  The big girl room, that is.  I made some progress over the weekend and I’m so excited to share one of the projects, her new bookcase.  You got a sneak peek of the bookcase project when it got rained on.  The goods news is the project was able to be saved!  I was a little worried because there was some exposed wood that was pretty wet, but alas my quick attention to drying it paid off.

So, the crates started out looking like this.  They’re unfinished pine.  I picked them up at Joann’s at 50% off, so instead of $12 each I paid $6.  Score!  I stacked them up in the aisle to figure out how many I needed to get the height I thought would be good and settled on 4.  Four was a good number since I had 4 colors of spray paint at home.  🙂

I got one coat of paint on these suckers before the rain incident.  Then they lived in the garage for 2 days since the spray paint told me to wait 48 hours before recoating (since I didn’t do it right away).   And I wanted to make sure they were completely dry from being rained on as well.  And I ran out of Berry Pink paint, so a trip to Home Depot was in order.  Luckily for me the convertible that typically lives on the other side of the garage was off to the shop, so I could do the second coat in the garage.  This makes me happy because I can see where I’ve missed spots better when I don’t have the blinding sun on me.  And it’s less breezy in the garage.

So a second coat went on and then a clear coat.  And then they had to dry for another 48 hours.

But alas they were dry!

So I gathered my materials.  Baby monitor: check.  Phone playing Pandora: check.  Drill with charged battery: check (someone take note that I actually thought ahead to charge the drill battery!!!!!!!!!!  That is a big deal for me!)  Drill bits: check.  Mending plates and wood screws: check.

I decided to attach the crates together from the back so this is what I got (also purchased when I went to pick up some more Berry Pink paint).  I bought two packs of plates and 3 packs of screws.  I think it cost me around $5.

And because the crates are pine and I was afraid they would split I predrilled my holes.

And screwed ’em.

I did this on both sides between each crate.

Now here’s the tricky part.  You can’t just lift this thing up to set it right side up.  And it’s not because it’s heavy.  It’s because you’ll just snap the wood that you’ve just attached the plates to since the crates aren’t attached to each other in the front.  Flip it on it’s side, then holding the top two and bottom two crates together carefully put it upright.  Phew!  When it’s upright it’s sturdy.  You could attach the crates together by putting a small screw on the underside of each of the crates into the one above it, but I didn’t want to chance splitting wood (since I had gotten this far without doing so!).

The next tricky part was getting it in the house (without running into my car) and up the stairs into the big girl room.  Hubby was out of town for the weekend, so this was a job done alone.  Again, it’s not heavy, just awkward.  But it now sits in it’s new home!

How cute is that?!?!?!  All that is left is to attach it to the wall.  You can’t trust a 2 year old to not pull it over.  Oh, and to accessorize!

I love how it turned out!  I think it’ll make for a great little reading nook for Cupcake in her new room.  She’s already tested it out and I’m pretty sure she likes it.

*I was inspired to paint each crate a different color after seeing it on Crazy Little Projects.

*Spray paint might not have been the best choice as the ends of the slats didn’t want the primer or paint to stick to it very well.  It required several coats at weird angles to get to cover the rough edges.  But I wanted to use the colors that I’ve been using on everything else in the room, so spray paint it was!


p.s.  I also hung some curtains and some artwork on the walls.  I only have one wall left to decorate and am waiting on the replacement mattress and we’ll be ready for moving day!!!


Did you do any craft or DIY projects this weekend?

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5 comments on “Big Girl’s Bookcase”

  1. What a beautiful bookshelf! You are very creative and motivated! Especially for being pregnant! The bright colors are awesome! DIY projects over here? Beyond digging up a baby tree and hopefully planting it in the fall, not much for us.

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