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Rollie Pollie

Doesn’t every 1.5 year old need a ball chair that is almost as tall as they are and weighs half as much as they do?  Yeah, I thought so, too.  I found this pattern for a Rollie Pollie chair and knew I had to make one for Little H.  She loves chairs. She loves to sit on random objects. She loves balls.  I love this chartreuse fabric and needed a reason to buy some!  The pattern was pretty easy to piece together. The directions were clear.  And the chair came together pretty quickly!  The only real obstacle along the way was having enough filling.  I used the two bags of fiberfill I had on hand and realized that it was going to take A LOT more.  Off the fabric store I went.  I came home with a 5 lb. box of fiberfill, stuffed it, and realized I was going to need even more fiberfill!  After another trip to the store to purchase another 5 lb. box I had enough! (I didn’t use all of the second box.)  
She doesn’t quite LOVE the chair, yet, but I think that’s just because she has a heck of a time trying to get on it without falling.  It’s just a wee bit big, yet.  I guess maybe I should have made the small size……

Ready for the Cold

The cold weather is here!  And it arrived just in time for our last Stroller Strength exercise class.  It’s a good thing I finished sewing this blanket for Corinne last night.  It’s a double layer of fleece with a fleece binding.  I added some straps that can be used to tie it to her car seat or stroller.  It worked out really well in class this morning since it was soooo windy!  I didn’t have to worry about her blanket falling off.  Since coats aren’t safe in the carseat this is our plan for keeping Corinne warm this winter!

Little Head

 Corinne and I go to an exercise class twice a week.  At the first class the instructor told use to put a hat and gloves in the car for the little ones and ourselves so we’re prepared in case there’s a chilly morning.  So of course I set out to make a hat and mittens for Corinne.  I grabbed a pattern that my mom gave me and set about making the smallest hat on the pattern without measuring, assuming it would fit.  Boy was I wrong!  It was huge!!!  It says it’s for infants.  I don’t know where they found the infant they used for sizing.  So I had to come up with a different plan.
I opted for a custom (easier) hat.  The first one didn’t work out.  I forgot to divide my panel length in half.  But the third time was a charm!!  I used scrap fabric from her Halloween costume to make this jester hat and pom poms.  Isn’t she the silliest, cutest thing ever?