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Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words

Hey, guys!  Did you have a good weekend?  We had a taste of spring weather last week and then the cold (and rain) returned for the weekend.  But we were busy on Saturday and we played all day Sunday so we still had fun.  I spent some time refilling Cupcake’s bag of letters which reminded me of a fun Kid Craft we like to do.  Mixed Media Words is one of her favorite ways to practice spelling her sight words and write stories about dinosaurs.

Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words #crafting #kidcraft #kindergarten #sightwordsThe best part of this project is that it’s FREE!  Or almost free if you don’t have glue.  But who doesn’t have glue?  (We run out of glue a lot.  Cupcake likes using glue.)  It is also a great quiet time activity.  Perfect for when little sis is napping.

So gather up your old magazines, catalogs, fliers, and junk mail!

Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words #crafting #kidcraft #kindergarten #sightwordsWhy didn’t I use that Joann coupon?

Seriously, though, some of the ads that come in the mail have the best letters!  And if you get a newspaper you can use those, too! 

Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words #crafting #kidcraft #kindergarten #sightwordsCan I let you in on a little secret?  The Cabela’s ad has the best letters!!  Lots of big, clear letters.  Big letters are better.  Small letters don’t leave much room for glue. 

Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words #crafting #kidcraft #kindergarten #sightwordsOnce you’ve got a bunch of letters cut you can give your kiddo a piece of paper and some glue and they can get to work.  If you have a preschooler or kindergartener it’s helpful to give them a list of words to spell.  If your child is a stronger reader or speller they can tell a story or caption pictures. 

It may look like a ransom note, but that’s part of the fun!


Craft Room Update

The main reason for my recent IKEA trip was for my craft room.  It was high time I finally replaced the old, cheap tables I was using with a proper table.

Clean Craft RoomThese old tables came from the Target clearance section after back to school season.  At the time I was doing a lot of stamping and scrapbooking so I really needed a lot of table space.  And they were great for that.  Especially when I had friends over to join me.  They weren’t that great for sewing, though, because of the way I had to configure them to fit in the room.  I wanted my sewing machine, serger and coverstitch machine to all live on the table and there just wasn’t enough room down the line to fit them all.

Craft room updateTa da!!  3 machines, 1 table.  My dreams come true!  While I might miss the depth of the old table I am loving the length!!  Each machine has it’s own space, with plenty of room around it, so I don’t have to shift machines over.  And the table is so clean!!!  My old table had marker scribbles all over it.

Craft room updateSee that?  They look so pretty all lined up!!

Craft room updateI love that you can mix and match table tops and legs, so I went with the long table top, 3 metal legs and one storage unit.  I’m excited to have a place to store the little things like my snap press and snaps, iron on label maker, and other small tools that didn’t have a home. 

Craft room updateIn additional to the extra length the new table is sturdier.  I used to have issues with machines bouncing on the old thin tables.  No machine bouncing going on here!  I also added a rubber mat under the sewing machine to keep it from shifting and it’s working out great. 

Craft room updateAnd another new addition to the room is this chair.  It’s much more comfortable than my old chair, which was totally worn out. I had to add a pillow to it to make it somewhat comfortable.  And I thought I’d have some fun with it by getting the blue chair to match my blue cart. 

I’m much happier in my craft room now!  Good thing since I spend so much time in there!  Now, I’m off to sew!


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Fall Fun: Pressing Leaves in Wax Paper

The girls took part in a library program that encouraged them to get outside and get into nature.  It was a partnership with our local (and amazing) parks system.  I loved this idea!  We love being outside and we love our parks!  We picked up a lot of fun books and had a great time reading and exploring.

One of our favorite activities was going on a leaf hunt!  We read the book Fancy Nancy and the Fall Foliage as the inspiration to go leaf hunting.

Leaf huntingLucky for us we have an arboretum nearby, so the girls and I headed over to find some leaves!  It didn’t take long to find some keepers.  We were looking for “unique” and “interesting” leaves. 

Leaf huntA lot of our leaves “looked like dinosaur footprints” according to Cupcake.  We spent a lot of time walking around and adding leaves to the bags.  We also climbed the tower and hit the trails.  It was a great morning and not very busy, which is always a bonus. 

In the book Fancy Nancy makes a leaf scrapbook, so we decided to make our own version of a leaf scrapbook by pressing the leaves in wax paper.  Once we returned home we took the leaves out of the bags and wiped them dry.

Cleaning leavesDry, flat leaves press best.  Then taking a sheet of wax paper the girls arranged their favorite leaves on top.

Pressing leaves in wax paper #crafting #fallThose leaves look like T. rex footprints.  They have 3 toed feet afterall. 

We then placed another sheet of wax paper on top.  And sandwiched that between two pieces of parchment paper (to keep it from sticking to the iron).

Pressing leaves in wax paper #crafting #fallI then ironed over the paper and leaf sandwich to fuse the two pieces of wax paper together, sealing the leaves inside.

Pressing Leaves in Wax Paper #fall #crafting The girls loved the outcome!  And we hung them in the window so we could see the pretty colors. 

It’s a really simple craft made with items you already have at home, so why not have some fall fun pressing leaves in wax paper?

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Fall Fun: S’mores and Pumpkins

I love this time of the year!  Fall is so fun with the leaves changing colors, the pumpkins, the cardigans.  It’s actually been a tad bit warm for fall around here, but we’ve not let that get in the way of our fun.  We had some friends over for a marshmallow roast and pumpkin painting party and the girls had a blast!

S'mores barI’ve never hosted a marshmallow roast before!  We didn’t have a fire pit until this summer, so there was never a spot to roast.  So I had a lot of fun getting this together.  I picked up two kinds of marshmallows (regular and chocolate), and two choices for a base (cookies or graham crackers), and four options for fillers (peanut butter cups, chocolate, peppermint patties and caramels).

The popular choices were the cookies and the peanut butter cups!  The caramels were a bust!  The cooler air made them firm up so they didn’t quite work out. 

The girls also had a blast painting pumpkins!

Painting pumpkinsI put out a bunch of acrylic paints, foam brushes and paper plates and everyone picked their colors and got painting.  Cupcake wrote her name and painted a smiley face on her pumpkin.

Painting pumpkinsPumpkin was all about covering her whole pumpkin in purple. Check out that seriousness!

The fire was still roaring as it got dark and we hung out around the pit and Cupcake told scary stories.  More marshmallows were roasted, s’mores made.  The girls stayed up way past their bedtime!  And thankfully we all slept in the next morning.

If you’re looking for an idea for some fall fun, bust out the marshmallows and have a delicious time!

Lace Princess Crown

One of the projects I made for Pumpkin’s Purple Princess Party was a sparkly, lace crown for her majesty to wear.  She wore it for maybe 10 minutes of the party.  It was just getting in the way of all her fun.  Nonetheless it was very cute, particularly when it was on her head!

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princesspartyIt was a fun project to make, though, even if it left glitter everywhere! 

Start with a piece of lace.  I got this one from Hancock Fabrics.

Lace Princess Crown #tutorial #crafting #princessThen you need some stiffener, a bowl, some gloves and parchment paper.

Lace Princess Crown #tutorial #crafting #princessI used Stiffen Stuff.  I poured some in a bowl and soaked the lace for a minute or two.

Lace Princess Crown #tutorial #crafting #princessOnce the lace is soaked you can remove it and lay it out on the parchment to dry.

Lace Princess Crown #tutorial #crafting #princessOnce it’s fully dry it should be stiff!

Lace Princess Crown #tutorial #crafting #princessI then moved my work outside (luckily it was still nice out!) and gave the lace a coat of silver spray paint on both sides.  And then it was time to get messy!

Lace Princess Crown #tutorial #crafting #princessI gave one side a spray with some adhesive and sprinkled on the glitter!!!!!!

Lace Princess Crown #tutorial #crafting #princessAfter drying I gave it a quick spray with some sealer and then hot glued the ends together and ta da!!!

Lace Princess Crown #tutorial #crafting #princessIt really was a little something special for the birthday girl.  Even if she preferred the paper crown that she decorated. 


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