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Pumpkin’s Purple Princess Party

On Saturday my precious, little Pumpkin turned 3.  I tried to keep her 2 a little longer, but she just refused.  So we celebrated turning 3 with a purple princess party!

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princesspartyThis girl loves purple and he loves princesses!  So, when I asked her what kind of birthday she wanted this year there was no hesitation.  Princess! 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyI kept the food simple.  I ordered a platter from Jimmy John’s and made chicken fries.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyThere were purple grapes and strawberries. 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyPurple cauliflower, carrots and tomatoes.  Princess Goldfish, pasta salad, pretzel thins and hummus and Go Go Squeeze.  And there weren’t many leftovers! 

Dessert is my favorite part of the party!  I love to bake! So of course we had cookies.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princesspartyThese were so fun to decorate!  I enjoyed coming up with different ways to decorate the crowns and stars.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princesspartyThis was probably my favorite cookie, though. 

And of course there was cake!

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princesspartyI decided to go super simple on the cake, but I really like how it turned out!  The hardest part was finding a crown without a Disney character on it!  Thank goodness for the Halloween section!  I also make cupcakes which I just frosted with white buttercream and topped with silver sprinkles and a purple chocolate crown.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyI also put out some cake balls that I made with leftover cake and candy melts and a little tin of dark chocolate Kisses (because they have purple wrappers!). And I picked up this gorgeous frame at IKEA and then picked up a wood letter and spray painted it silver, then adhered lots of big silver glitter to it!  And then we raided the Christmas decorations for the lights.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyFor craft time I picked up these fun colored paper crowns from Oriental Trading and I also ordered some sticky gems for the kids to decorate.  They had so much fun putting their personal touch on their crowns and then wearing them for the rest of the party.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyOf course Pumpkin picked the purple crown!  And even though she had a pretty silver crown from lace I made her for the party she wore the paper crown more.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyAfter crafting and eating dinner the kiddos were getting super antsy for cake!  Including this princess dinosaur! 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyWe lit 3 purple candles and sang happy birthday.  The birthday princess sang along, too!  She was so cute!  And she couldn’t wait for us to finish the song before trying to blow out the candles. 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyAfter cake and ice cream, there were presents.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyAnd my sweet girl was spoiled rotten by her friends and family!  She loved everything and is now in princess heaven!  She and Cupcake had a great time playing with all the new princesses yesterday. 

I can’t believe my baby is 3!!! 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #party

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Kid Craft: Cardboard Kazoos

Hello, Monday!  How was your weekend?  We had some cooler weather this weekend so I spent a lot of time in the yard making it pretty and getting quite dirty!  We’ve really had a hard time keeping up with yard maintenance since Cupcake was born and now that the girls are a little older I can get out there and get some work done!  Hubby and I also had a much needed date night and had a great time chatting with some friends!  It was a busy weekend!

We’re having a busy summer so far, too, but not just because we’re running around town.  We like to get crafty, too!  Some days we color, some days we watercolor, some days we get messy.  This time we got messy while making cardboard kazoos!

Kid Craft: Cardboard KazoosThis is such a simple and fun craft. And you just need a few things you probably already have around the house to get started!  So save your toilet paper and paper towel rolls and get crafting!

Kid Craft: Cardboard Kazoos We started by painting our tubes.  You can definitely skip this step, but everything is more fun when it’s decorated.  And well, it was our chance to get messy! We got funky and used some neon paint

Kid Craft: Cardboard KazoosOnce the paint was dry we punched a hole in one end of our tubes.  Use a hole punch if you have it, or just stick a pen in it.  Use what you’ve got! 

Kid Craft: Cardboard KazoosCut a square of wax paper and attach it to the end of the tube (the end with the hole) with a rubberband.  And your kazoo is done. Just hum in the open end and make beautiful music! 


How are you and your kids filling your summer days?  Trips to the pool, the park, playing at home?


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Kid Craft: 2 Ingredient Quicksand

Well, our summer break is off to a slow start.  Monday’s plans were canceled on account of rain that never really came.  Until dinnertime.  Cupcake is so her mother’s daughter and likes to get out of the house, so she was pretty upset about canceled plans.  Luckily I had a backup, messy plan to keep her busy and happy. We made quicksand! Kid Craft: 2 Ingredient Quicksand #crafting #craftingwithkids You only need two ingredients for this project!  Cornstarch and water.

Kid Craft: 2 Ingredient Quicksand #crafting #craftingwithkidsThe ratio is 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water.

Kid Craft: 2 Ingredient Quicksand #crafting #craftingwithkidsCupcake added 1 cup cornstarch.

Kid Craft: 2 Ingredient Quicksand #crafting #craftingwithkidsPumpkin added half a cup of water. After mixing (as best you can because it’s a non-Newtonian fluid) you can play!

Kid Craft: 2 Ingredient Quicksand #crafting #craftingwithkidsWhen you touch the quicksand it feels hard, but you can pick it up and it will ooze!  But if you try to hit it……….

Kid Craft: 2 Ingredient Quicksand #crafting #craftingwithkidsit feels like a solid.

The girls had so much fun playing in the quicksand, but of course we have to get dinosaurs involved.

Kid Craft: 2 Ingredient Quicksand #crafting #craftingwithkidsWe let the dinosaurs go for a quicksand swim and get them nice and messy, too! 

Kid Craft: 2 Ingredient Quicksand #crafting #craftingwithkidsEven my doesn’t like to get dirty girl got in there and got dirty!  At first she was hesitant but once she saw how much fun big sister was having she dug right in.  As you can see they were quite messy, but cleanup was pretty easy.  They’re already asking when we can play in quicksand again!

Craft Room Update – Pegboard!!

A while back I told you about a trip to the hardware store where Cupcake and I picked up some stuff for a new project.  But then I left you hanging.  Because I had some hanging to do.  And well, I needed some extra hands to help with hanging.  At least I thought I did.

Weeks went by and spiders made their home in my new piece of pegboard and I finally got annoyed at seeing it every time I came down to the craft room and I got tired of having a mess of sewing notions everywhere.  And I was waiting for my KnitFix fabrics to arrive, so i got to work on my craft room organization.

Clean Craft RoomAnd like the slacker blogger I can sometimes be I didn’t take a true before and after picture.  But as you can see above I had a black bookcase in the middle of my wall of storage.  I moved that bookcase over to the right so I had this blank space in the middle.  This freed up a lot of wall space!  The perfect place for a pegboard!!!

Craft Room Pegboard installation #diyI started by attaching two furring strips to the wall.  One for the top and one for the bottom of the pegboard.  I attached them to the studs with really long countersink screws.

Craft Room Pegboard installation #diyThen with the assistance of my ironing board and some scrap wood I attached the pegboard to the furring strips.  I used washers to make sure the screws didn’t go all the way through the pegboard holes.

Craft room with pegboardAnd then I got to hang everything!  The magnet board, the magnetic strip and the rail are all from IKEA.  The spool holder is from Joann’s. 

Craft room organization with Thirty-One #thirtyone #ohsnapbins #organization #craftroomI love my Oh Snap! Bins for organizing my notions and tools!!!  I was so happy these were on special last month so I could get this place organized.  All these notions were just tossed in one big bin before and it was really hard to find things (hence the reason I have so much elastic!).  The only downside is my scissors were a little too heavy for the bin, so I had to hang my Ginghers on a hook. 

But I love having all these tools within my reach.  And everything has a place!  And everything goes back to it’s place!  There’s actually already a change since I took this picture.  I picked up another spool rack at Joann’s last week when they were 50% off (with an additional 20% off your purchase coupon).  It’s for my serger cones and it’s sitting above the other thread rack.

Craft room with pegboardAnd the whole space.  It’s not Pinterest perfect, but it works perfect for me right now!  Well, except the tables.  I’d like new tables.  And one more pink Your Way Cube for that upper left square of my Expedit.  And well, I suppose I’d like it to be this clean again.  I’ve been sewing a lot lately…………


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Kid Craft: Making Dinosaur Fossils

I’m so glad I had planned this dinosaur fossil craft for Cupcake’s dinosaur birthday party!  The kids really had fun getting messy and even more fun digging their fossils out of clay.  And it was something to entertain them while it poured rain outside, keeping them from running around like crazy people in the yard.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Making a dinosaur fossil isn’t too difficult, but it is a bit messy, so I would recommend you cover your table and/or do this outside!  First you’ll need to gather up some supplies; plaster, clay, dinosaur skulls, paper snack cups, popsicle sticks, and something to cover your work surface.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Grab a blob (that’s a technical term) of clay and toss it into your snack cup.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Smooth the clay so it’s completely covering the bottom of the cup and try to get the top surface as smooth and level as possible.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Press the dinosaur skull into the clay.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs You want to make sure you go deep enough to get the detail of the skull, but not so far that you go all the way through the clay.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Gently remove the skull from the clay, trying not to distort the imprint.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs In a disposable cup add about 1/3 cup plaster (or more depending on how big your snack cup is) and starting with 1/8 cup water add it to your plaster stirring with your popsicle stick. Add more water as needed to get a peanut butter-like consistency.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaursPour your plaster mix into your cup, spreading it over the entire surface.  Tap the cup on the table a few times to help the plaster settle into the imprint in the clay and to release any air bubbles.  Then wait.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Once the plaster has hardened (about 30 minutes, depending on the plaster you use) you can peel away the paper cup.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs And remove the fossil from the clay! 

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Excuse the inconsistency in skulls! I forgot I took these pictures using the triceratops! But you get the idea!  You get this awesome fossil! 

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs My girls and all the kids at Cupcake’s birthday party had a great time making their fossils.  Cupcake has made 3 of them now and wants to make more!  This is a great rainy day activity and when you’re done with it you can reuse the clay for other projects and the kids can play with the dinosaur skulls.



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