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Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt

So, the tutorial I’ve been talking about for weeks is finally here!  My model spilled cherry yogurt down her brand new dress, which meant an immediate wardrobe change was necessary, so I used that to my advantage to snap a few pictures of her in the tiered boho skirt I made her!

Tutorial: Sew a Tiered Boho Skirt #sewing #tutorial #skirtThis whole project came about because my mom bought me a sewing book at the used book store for super cheap.  It had an adorable tiered skirt in a chambray fabric.  I set out to make one for Cupcake and one for my niece.  Turns out the patterns from the book are horrible.  They don’t print out right.  Amazon reviews confirmed what I experienced.  So I scrapped the idea.  But a few weeks later I just couldn’t get the cute skirt out of my head, so I whipped one up my own way. (more…)

Sew a Hooded Towel

There’s nothing cuter than a baby wrapped up in a hooded towel, fresh and clean out of the bath, right?  Toddlers wrapped up in a hooded towel are pretty cute, too.  But you know what. Big kids would look cute in them, too.  And those little towels just don’t fit anymore.

Cupcake has outgrown all of the hooded towels we own, so it was time for new ones.  Of course momma just had to sew a hooded towel or two.  Let’s go with two because you’ll get two hooded towels out of 2 towels and 1 hand towel.

Sew a Hooded Towel #sewing #tutorial (more…)

Whale Pajamas

Cupcake has a thing for whales.  She’s always been a fan.  Her two favorite bathtub toys are whales.  She had a whale birthday party.  She speaks whale.  Maybe I should start calling her Dori…….

We were out shopping one day and I found some pajamas on clearance and gave a few options to choose from.  I was not the least bit surprised when she picked the whale pajamas.  She wanted to wear them right then and there, but they were long sleeved/footed pajamas and well, it is summer.  She was distraught because I wouldn’t let her wear her new whale pajamas.

Momma came up with a brilliant plan! Make her some summer whale pajamas!!!  Whale pajamas

I used McCall’s M6643 to make these shorts.  I was going to make pants, but I only bought 1 yard of fabric, which wasn’t enough.  The pattern is for a wide legged bottom with elastic waist and a tie (purely for cuteness).  The wide leg meant showing off more cute whales!

whale pajamasShe was so excited about the fabric when it arrived.  I was so excited about the fabric when it arrived.  I hadn’t seen in it person.  I ordered it from  And I only bought one yard because it was a bit on the pricey side.  But it was the cutest whale fabric they had.

Whale pajamasDoes she love them?  Yes and no.  She was pretty excited about the shorts, but she refuses to wear them because they don’t have a matching shirt.  The white tee shirt is unacceptable because it’s a “daytime” shirt.  So the shorts have been sitting in her drawer for over a week and she has yet to sleep in them.  Now I’m thinking I should have made her a nightgown instead.  Sigh.

At least she had fun jumping on the bed with them on.  And she gave her sister some modeling lessons.

whale pajamas