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Sew a Hooded Towel

There’s nothing cuter than a baby wrapped up in a hooded towel, fresh and clean out of the bath, right?  Toddlers wrapped up in a hooded towel are pretty cute, too.  But you know what. Big kids would look cute in them, too.  And those little towels just don’t fit anymore.

Cupcake has outgrown all of the hooded towels we own, so it was time for new ones.  Of course momma just had to sew a hooded towel or two.  Let’s go with two because you’ll get two hooded towels out of 2 towels and 1 hand towel.

Sew a Hooded Towel #sewing #tutorial (more…)

Whale Pajamas

Cupcake has a thing for whales.  She’s always been a fan.  Her two favorite bathtub toys are whales.  She had a whale birthday party.  She speaks whale.  Maybe I should start calling her Dori…….

We were out shopping one day and I found some pajamas on clearance and gave a few options to choose from.  I was not the least bit surprised when she picked the whale pajamas.  She wanted to wear them right then and there, but they were long sleeved/footed pajamas and well, it is summer.  She was distraught because I wouldn’t let her wear her new whale pajamas.

Momma came up with a brilliant plan! Make her some summer whale pajamas!!!  Whale pajamas

I used McCall’s M6643 to make these shorts.  I was going to make pants, but I only bought 1 yard of fabric, which wasn’t enough.  The pattern is for a wide legged bottom with elastic waist and a tie (purely for cuteness).  The wide leg meant showing off more cute whales!

whale pajamasShe was so excited about the fabric when it arrived.  I was so excited about the fabric when it arrived.  I hadn’t seen in it person.  I ordered it from  And I only bought one yard because it was a bit on the pricey side.  But it was the cutest whale fabric they had.

Whale pajamasDoes she love them?  Yes and no.  She was pretty excited about the shorts, but she refuses to wear them because they don’t have a matching shirt.  The white tee shirt is unacceptable because it’s a “daytime” shirt.  So the shorts have been sitting in her drawer for over a week and she has yet to sleep in them.  Now I’m thinking I should have made her a nightgown instead.  Sigh.

At least she had fun jumping on the bed with them on.  And she gave her sister some modeling lessons.

whale pajamas


Messy Fun: Colored Bubbles

I had seen Crayola Colored Bubbles in the stores before, but we had never used them.  I was hoping we could make some artwork with them, but the colors don’t stay.  I guess that’s kind of the point. They want them to wash off your skin and hopefully your clothes as well.  The girls and I were strolling through Joann’s the other night and I found a huge display of Crayola Colored Bubbles on clearance, so I picked some up.

Messy Fun: Colored Bubbles

Cupcake couldn’t wait to dig in and play!

This is definitely an outdoor activity.  The bubbles are not guaranteed to wash off.  So we headed out to the back porch and set up for some messy fun.  Wearing a bathing suit is an optional step, but it doesn’t hurt to put them in something you don’t mind getting messy as the color may or may not wash out.

Messy Fun: Colored Bubbles

I gave the girls a piece of white paper and let them blow the bubbles at the paper.  The bubble solution is extra drippy, but it just made it extra fun.

Messy Fun: Colored BubblesPumpkin was a little hesitant at first.  She wanted me to hold the bubble wand.

Messy Fun: Colored BubblesBut it wasn’t long before she really had some fun, too!

Messy Fun: Colored BubblesThere were lots of bubbles, lots of drips and lots of colors!

Messy Fun: Colored Bubbles

Momma couldn’t resist getting in on the action a bit, too!Messy Fun: Colored Bubbles

When the girls were lightheaded from blowing all those bubbles we stopped and admired our work.

Messy Fun: Colored Bubbles

The girls wanted to let their pages dry and to keep as art work and I would have loved that, too, but once the bubble solution started to dry we were just left with this.

Messy Fun: Colored BubblesIt seems that only the yellow retained color (which was also true for color that was on their skin).

All of the color washed of the porch with a quick spray with the hose.

So, we didn’t end up with any keepsake art, but we had fun in the process.  The girls really enjoyed watching the bubbles pop on the paper and seeing the colors make pretty patterns.

We have lots of bubbles left so I know we’ll be doing this again soon!  It was a fun way to break up the day!

Have you tried colored bubbles?


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