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Seventh Birthday Science Party

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  We had a great weekend!  We had a lot of birthday excitement as today is Cupcake’s seventh birthday!!  We celebrated on Saturday with a party at a local hands-on museum.  This was our first adventure with having a birthday party somewhere other than our house and aside from a bunch of cookies getting broken on the way there it was a blast!

When the party guests arrived they each had a science name badge waiting for them.  I used the free printables from PBS for the party!  They were exactly what I was looking for and I didn’t have to do too much work!  (I did edit the name badges to remove the picture spot)

The photobooth props were a big hit!   The birthday girl really liked the glasses and mustaches.  Doesn’t she look adorable in her science dress?  I just love how this Sutton Dress (by Made for Mermaids) turned out!  I found this science fabric at Joann’s and it was perfect for our theme!!

Pumpkin also got a new dress for the occasion.  Luckily I had half a yard of fabric left over after making Cupcake’s dress!  She’s rocking the new Sommer Dress from Made for Mermaids.  

I had activity sheets and crayons for the kids to work on while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Once the gang was all there we headed out to explore the museum.  The checked out the python (it was feeding day!) and possum.  Moved on to the music room, then hit up the water table before heading to the Do Lab to get hands-on with science (such as “cleaning up and oil spill”).

And mixing colors of water to see how the colors change.

Then there was a lot of climbing and sliding before heading over to “make pizza” and see the animals in the zoo.  The two-toed sloth was awake and on the move!  And the otters were super active as it was getting close to feeding time.  The kids also got up close and pet a snake!  Then we headed back to the party room and washed hands in preparation for cake…..

….and cookies.

It was a great party!  Everyone had a great time!  Cupcake was so happy to have friends and family there to celebrate her big day!  And today we’ll celebrate with pancakes for breakfast and treats for her soccer team after school.

Happy 7th birthday, Cupcake!!!  We love you!!!


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Our Disney Vacation

We recently took our first family vacation to Walt Disney World.  It was the first time our girls have been to Disney and the first time in almost 14 years for hubby and I!  My in laws joined us for most of the trip and it was great to have them there.  (They also have not been in almost 14 years.)  So, buckle your seatbelt because I’m about about to take you on vacation!

Driving to DisneyWe drove.  From Ohio to Florida.  It was a long drive!  We did it over two days, leaving Friday after school, stopping in Georgia and then continuing on to Florida on Saturday.  The girls were rockstars!  I bought new coloring books, new markers, new lapboards, sticker books and treats!  Plus we had the Kindle to watch movies when they got tired of crafting.

Walt Disney WorldBoy were we excited when we saw this sign!!  We headed to the resort, Art of Animation, unloaded our stuff and then went straight to the food court for dinner.  We were hungry!  The kids also wanted to take a dip in the pool, so we got some swimming in before we hit the hay for our first day at the parks.

Magic Kingdom was up first and I was so excited to see Pumpkin’s reaction to Cinderella’s castle.

Seeing Cinderella's castleHorribly focused picture, but her reaction did not disappoint!  The kids were so excited about all the things!  We rode rides, met characters, ate too much food and the kids survived all the way to fireworks!

Fireworks over Cinderella's castleThe next day we headed to Animal Kingdom, nice and early. 

Animal KingdomWe headed straight to the safari and we saw so many animals!  It was a great ride and the tour guide was pretty funny, too.

Lions on the safariThe girls love animals so Animal Kingdom was off to a great start! 

Fish at Animal KingdomOh, and the fish.  They could’ve watched those fish all day!  But we had a FastPass to get to so we moved on.  To the Festival of the Lion King, where not only did we see a great show, but the girls got selected from the audience to participate in the final song.  Cue: sappy mom moment.

Festival of the Lion KingDino-land USA was a hit with Cupcake.  It’s Tough to Be a Bug was NOT appreciated by Pumpkin.  But overall we had another great day at the park.  And we made it back to our resort in time for Cupcake to do an art class before dinner.

How to Draw class at Art of AnimationThe next day we took a day off from the parks and slept in and wandered around exploring the resort.

Cars at Art of AnimationWe stayed in the Cars area of the resort.  It wasn’t too far from the lobby area and it had a pool, so it suited us well.  We particularly liked the Cozy Cones around the pool area.

Finding Nemo at Art of AnimationThe Finding Nemo area of the resort is the closest to the lobby.  It also has a larger pool with a zero depth entry, so it’s very kid friendly.  And a little splash pad area as well as a small playground area.

Lion King at Art of AnimationThe Lion King area is where we were originally planning on staying, but I’m glad we switched as there is no pool in this area.  It sits between Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid which both have pools.

The Little Mermaid at Art of AnimationThe Little Mermaid is at the far end of the resort and instead of having indoor hallways the entrances to the room are on the outside.  The theming of the resort is fantastic!  There are these great statues all over the place and so many details everywhere you turn.  It’s a lot of fun for the kids!

We left our resort and headed over to the Contemporary to eat brunch at Chef Mickey’s.

Chef Mickey'sThe girls were in heaven!  Waffles, waffles and more waffles!  And the characters!  The food was pretty good and the interaction was fun.  We left there happy and stuffed! 

After an afternoon dip we headed out again for the evening and hit up Disney Springs.  We surprised Cupcake with a reservation at T. Rex, which was really cool.  Of course we had to walk around the whole restaurant and check out all the dinosaurs.  Then we headed over to the Build-a-Dino to build a dino and then we checked out the rest of Disney Springs.

Build-a-dinoIt wasn’t the relaxing day we thought it would be but by morning we were ready for Epcot!

EpcotWe were lucky to have FastPasses for Frozen and the girls were so excited to meet Anna and Elsa.  Pumpkin didn’t like Soarin’.  Cupcake liked Mission:Space.  Turtle Talk with Crush was a lot of fun and meeting Gaston was so entertaining!!!

GastonIn the evening the in laws took the girls back to the resort for dinner and swimming and hubby and I stuck around to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival.  And so I could try on fun hats.

Hats at EpcotI read all the menus around the World Showcase and it was a tough call, but I finally decided on a chicken dish with naan from Africa.  And it was soooo good!  A little spicy, but so good!!

AfricaWe stuck around for the fireworks and headed back to the resort to see our sweet girls passed out from a day of fun.

dsc_3305Our last park day was starting early the next morning with a breakfast reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  This was for my Cinderella-loving girl.  She’d been looking forward to this so much.  And then she saw her favorite princess…..

Seeing CinderellaShe was so funny.  Like she’d seen a celebrity.  Oh, the cuteness.  Then she was so bashful  when she finally got to meet her.  She opened up a bit more for the other princess she met at breakfast. 

Enchanted Tales with BelleWhen we got to Enchanted Tales with Belle Pumpkin didn’t want a part in the show, but Cupcake got a speaking part!  She did great!

And I saved the best FastPass for last!  Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train!  I was so afraid Cupcake wasn’t going to like the rides, so I saved this one for last so as not to scare her so that she wouldn’t go on any other rides. 

Seven Dwarf's Mine TrainShe scored a front row seat and loved it!  Pumpkin not so much…..

Seven Dwarf's Mine TrainIt was a great way to end our Disney trip!  It lived up to the anticipation and was probably the best vacation you could have with kids.

After leaving Disney we headed over to Titusville for a visit to Kennedy Space Center.  I had won passes from Chick-fil-A last year when they had a partnership with KSC for the kids meals. 

Kennedy Space CenterMy future rocket scientists were ready for adventure!

Kennedy Space CenterThe Atlantis was definitely the favorite part of the trip.  The presentation was great and there was lots of interactive things for the girls to do afterward.

Kennedy Space CenterPretending to drive a rocket ship is fun and all, but going down a really big slide is where it’s at!!!

Kennedy Space CenterWe had lunch with an astronaut.

Kennedy Space CenterWe learned all about Snoopy’s role in space exploration (except Pumpkin….she slept right through that!).

Kennedy Space CenterAnd then it was time to say goodbye to Florida. 

dsc_3739It really was an all around great trip! 

I’d love to take the kids back to Disney in a few years. 


I’ll be back soon for a detailed “what they wore” in Dinsey post!!  Because you know I made all of their outfits!


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A Whimsical Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!!  My girls are so excited for trick-or-treat tonight.  They thought long and hard about what they wanted to be for Halloween this year and Pumpkin changed her mind about 100 times but in the end they settled on a fairy and a butterfly.

Fairy and butterfly Halloween costumesCupcake, not typically a girly girl, requested a fairy costume.  Not just any fairy, but a pink fairy.  With a wand and wings.  Pumpkin wanted to be a monarch butterfly.

Fairy and butterfly Halloween costumesI used the same patterns for both costumes, which made my life a little easier as I didn’t have much time to get these whipped up after our vacation (which I’m still trying to finish a blog post on!!).  The dresses are the Tinkerbell dress from Made for Mermaids.  The wings are the Wonderland Wings from Peek-a-Boo Patterns

Butterfly costumeOH, she’s just the cutest butterfly I’ve ever seen!  She just loves this costume.  From the moment I finished it she’s wanted to wear it nonstop.

Butterfly costumeI modified the wings pattern just a bit because the accent pieces are only on one side if you follow the pattern directions, but I needed the the orange on both side.  So I appliqued the accents before assembly rather than “quilting” them into the wings and they turned out great.  I also used one less piece of fusible heavyweight interfacing because I didn’t like the way Cupcake’s wings turned out with it.  I also added some heat transfer vinyl dots to give it more of a monarch look.

Fairy costumeDespite the specific request for an all pink costume this kid was less than thrilled about the result of her fairy dress and wings.  It’s too pink and the wings are too small.  She does like how sparkly the wand is, though!  Ugh, 6 years old, going on 16.

Fairy costumeShe eventually warmed up to the costume and flew around like the beautiful fairy she is. 

The Tinkerbell pattern only has a pattern piece for short sleeves, but because we live in the Midwest I wanted long sleeves, so we wouldn’t have to layer.  Well, so I wouldn’t have to color match their layering.  So I used the Harper pattern, also from Made for Mermaids to extend the sleeves.  Turns out it’s supposed to 62 degrees tonight, so layering shouldn’t be necessary! 

Fairy costumeThe wands are simple, made from a dowel rod and a wood cutout from the craft store.  I painted them, glued them together and added some ribbon accents.  Despite the fact butterflies don’t carry wands Pumpkin insisted she have one, too, and who am I to argue? 

In the end I’m really happy with how these turned out given the time crunch I was in (and the fact I had to keep going back to the fabric store for more fabric, then supplies for the wands, then pom poms for the antennae!).  And I’m sure that after tonight these will be put into regular rotation in the dress up wardrobe.


Happy Halloween!!!


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Unicorn Birthday Party – Pumpkin is 4!!

Today my sweet, little Pumpkin turns 4 years old!  It’s hard to believe!  We celebrated over the weekend with a unicorn themed birthday party.  Pumpkin was in unicorn heaven!!

Unicorn birthday party dessert tableThe dessert table is always the star of the show.  We had a unicorn head on the wall (from Target, borrowed from Pumpkin’s bedroom), streamers, a simple cake with a glitter unicorn and stars cut from my Silhouette Cameo, pastel marshmallows, iced cookies and felt unicorn horns that I made for each of the kids.

Unicorn birthday party cakeI had grand plans for icing a unicorn on the cake, but wasn’t feeling too artistic the morning of the party, so I went down to the craft studio and cut out some glitter shapes and stuck them on lollipop sticks and plopped them into the cake.  And added a frosting border and added some silver sprinkles.  And called it a day on the cake.

Unicorn birthday party iced cookiesI think I had already used up all my artistic abilities on the cookies.  I made cut out cookies with sprinkles and iced them with royal icing.  And sprinkled some with sanding sugar to make them sparkle.  I was tickled pink with how the unicorns turned out.  Pumpkin was tickled pink that they had sprinkles.

Unicorn birthday party cookies

Unicorn birthday partyI kept the food simple.  Mini corn dogs, mac and cheese, fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers and chips.  All big hits with the adults and kids alike.

Unicorn birthday partyFor craft time the kids painted unicorn suncatchers. And surprisingly they didn’t make a huge mess.

Unicorn birthday party - Pin the horn on the unicornAnd they played Pin the Horn on the Unicorn.  I sketched out and colored the unicorn on a piece of poster board and cut the horns out of glitter cardstock. 

Unicorn birthday partyPumpkin laid out the ground rules for present opening.  They were all supposed to stay on their bottoms and behind the line.  That line kept inching up until she and I were trapped in the corner…………

Unicorn birthday partyShe joined in with the other kids in singing “Happy Birthday”.  And was so pleased with herself when she blew out all four candles in one breath.

Unicorn birthday party cake and ice creamWe had unicorn cake and unicorn ice cream.  Pumpkin and I had a lot of fun making these together the day before the party.

Unicorn birthday partyAnd the sweet birthday girl looked adorable in her Made for Mermaids Brooklyn/Riley mashup with glitter heat transfer vinyl unicorn and stars.

She told me she loved everything about her party and I couldn’t be happier.  I loved seeing her face light up with every detail and watch her have so much fun. 

The past 4 years have flown by.  She’s still as sassy as the day she was born.  And still as sweet.  She’s such a loving, snuggly, expressive, and funny girl.  Oh how I wish I could keep her little forever.