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Unicorn Birthday Party – Pumpkin is 4!!

Today my sweet, little Pumpkin turns 4 years old!  It’s hard to believe!  We celebrated over the weekend with a unicorn themed birthday party.  Pumpkin was in unicorn heaven!!

Unicorn birthday party dessert tableThe dessert table is always the star of the show.  We had a unicorn head on the wall (from Target, borrowed from Pumpkin’s bedroom), streamers, a simple cake with a glitter unicorn and stars cut from my Silhouette Cameo, pastel marshmallows, iced cookies and felt unicorn horns that I made for each of the kids.

Unicorn birthday party cakeI had grand plans for icing a unicorn on the cake, but wasn’t feeling too artistic the morning of the party, so I went down to the craft studio and cut out some glitter shapes and stuck them on lollipop sticks and plopped them into the cake.  And added a frosting border and added some silver sprinkles.  And called it a day on the cake.

Unicorn birthday party iced cookiesI think I had already used up all my artistic abilities on the cookies.  I made cut out cookies with sprinkles and iced them with royal icing.  And sprinkled some with sanding sugar to make them sparkle.  I was tickled pink with how the unicorns turned out.  Pumpkin was tickled pink that they had sprinkles.

Unicorn birthday party cookies

Unicorn birthday partyI kept the food simple.  Mini corn dogs, mac and cheese, fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers and chips.  All big hits with the adults and kids alike.

Unicorn birthday partyFor craft time the kids painted unicorn suncatchers. And surprisingly they didn’t make a huge mess.

Unicorn birthday party - Pin the horn on the unicornAnd they played Pin the Horn on the Unicorn.  I sketched out and colored the unicorn on a piece of poster board and cut the horns out of glitter cardstock. 

Unicorn birthday partyPumpkin laid out the ground rules for present opening.  They were all supposed to stay on their bottoms and behind the line.  That line kept inching up until she and I were trapped in the corner…………

Unicorn birthday partyShe joined in with the other kids in singing “Happy Birthday”.  And was so pleased with herself when she blew out all four candles in one breath.

Unicorn birthday party cake and ice creamWe had unicorn cake and unicorn ice cream.  Pumpkin and I had a lot of fun making these together the day before the party.

Unicorn birthday partyAnd the sweet birthday girl looked adorable in her Made for Mermaids Brooklyn/Riley mashup with glitter heat transfer vinyl unicorn and stars.

She told me she loved everything about her party and I couldn’t be happier.  I loved seeing her face light up with every detail and watch her have so much fun. 

The past 4 years have flown by.  She’s still as sassy as the day she was born.  And still as sweet.  She’s such a loving, snuggly, expressive, and funny girl.  Oh how I wish I could keep her little forever. 


Cupcake’s Rainbow Craft Party

Yesterday Cupcake turned 6!  I don’t know how that happened.  She has grown so fast!  Two inches in the last year!  She is such a funny girl.  She’s so smart.  I love listening to her read.  She’s getting so good at it!!  And she’s a little mathematician.  She’s very energetic and can often be found bouncing off the walls or the couch.  She has a big heart and loves everybody.  She especially loves her little sister, which melts my heart.  And she’s happy!  She typically wakes up in a very good mood, my little sunshine.  A bright girl like her needed a bright birthday party!  We settled on a rainbow craft party because she loves crafting.  And the party was a hit!

DSC_9459I sewed her up a Brooklyn Dress with circle skirt modification and Bonny Leggings to coordinate in the brightest, rainbowest fabric I could find.  And I love how it turned out!!

Rainbow Craft PartyRainbow colors of crepe paper made great, easy and cheap decorations!  And I found great rainbow plates and cake banner at Hobby Lobby.  With traveling last weekend I didn’t have a chance to make cookies, like I love to do.  So I feel the dessert table was a little sad.  But it left room for the favors.

Rainbow Craft PartyFor favors I found these great paint buckets and I added a notepad with “color swatch” covers, a rainbow twist lollipop, a stackable crayon and rainbow stickers.  I used my Silhouette to cut a letter for each guest.  The kids loved them!

Rainbow Craft PartyBut back to the cake.  I went with an easy but messy method for decorating.  I just frosted it with buttercream and pressed sprinkles to the side.  I read a tutorial that told me to roll the cake in the sprinkles, but I was terrified to try to pick this thing up and roll it!  I put the turntable on a baking sheet to help catch the sprinkles that didn’t make it onto the cake.  But quite a few bounced around the kitchen……

Rainbow Craft PartyOh, and Pumpkin got into the rainbow fun, too.  She got a pair of Bonny Leggings with circle skirt and a Flutterby top to match.  She was disappointed it wasn’t purple, so I had to bribe her to wear it.  #threenager

Rainbow Craft PartyI served up BBQ pulled pork and mac and cheese.  Then made a rainbow platter of fruit and a rainbow platter of veggies.  And for some extra crunch I added some Terra chips. 

Rainbow Craft PartyIt was a cold, windy day, so my plan for an outdoor craft got moved to the garage, again.  Each kid got an apron with their name on it to wear while the painted a masterpiece.

Rainbow Craft PartyWe let them pick what colors they wanted and let them have free reign of design.  It was great to see all the different ideas and creations!

Rainbow Craft PartyThe girls can’t wait to hang up their creations in their rooms! 

I also cut out paint splatters from colored cardstock and taped them in random places around the house.  But I don’t think I got a picture of them.  But back to the cake……

Rainbow Craft PartyCupcake kept changing her mind about what kind of cake she wanted.  This girl loves chocolate, but we finally settled on…..

Rainbow Craft Partya rainbow cake!  I love how it turned out!  It was hard to cut, though.  6 layers is tricky.  I think the best way to cut is start with the top 3 layers first.  By cutting through all 6 layers (and then giving each person 3 either the top 3 or bottom 3) the cake got very wobbly and by the time I was done serving it tipped over.

Rainbow Craft PartyCupcake was showered with amazing gifts from very thoughtful and amazing friends and family.  The kids sat and watched for all of 5 seconds and then they couldn’t resist jumping up to get a closer look! 

Rainbow Craft PartyThat’s one happy girl. 

Rainbow Craft PartyI really had fun with this party theme and I’m so glad she chose it.  It fit her perfectly and the kids and adults all enjoyed it.

I LOVE birthdays and I’m so happy to spoil my kids with a great party on their special day. 


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Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words

Hey, guys!  Did you have a good weekend?  We had a taste of spring weather last week and then the cold (and rain) returned for the weekend.  But we were busy on Saturday and we played all day Sunday so we still had fun.  I spent some time refilling Cupcake’s bag of letters which reminded me of a fun Kid Craft we like to do.  Mixed Media Words is one of her favorite ways to practice spelling her sight words and write stories about dinosaurs.

Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words #crafting #kidcraft #kindergarten #sightwordsThe best part of this project is that it’s FREE!  Or almost free if you don’t have glue.  But who doesn’t have glue?  (We run out of glue a lot.  Cupcake likes using glue.)  It is also a great quiet time activity.  Perfect for when little sis is napping.

So gather up your old magazines, catalogs, fliers, and junk mail!

Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words #crafting #kidcraft #kindergarten #sightwordsWhy didn’t I use that Joann coupon?

Seriously, though, some of the ads that come in the mail have the best letters!  And if you get a newspaper you can use those, too! 

Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words #crafting #kidcraft #kindergarten #sightwordsCan I let you in on a little secret?  The Cabela’s ad has the best letters!!  Lots of big, clear letters.  Big letters are better.  Small letters don’t leave much room for glue. 

Kid Craft: Mixed Media Words #crafting #kidcraft #kindergarten #sightwordsOnce you’ve got a bunch of letters cut you can give your kiddo a piece of paper and some glue and they can get to work.  If you have a preschooler or kindergartener it’s helpful to give them a list of words to spell.  If your child is a stronger reader or speller they can tell a story or caption pictures. 

It may look like a ransom note, but that’s part of the fun!


Life without the Pitter Patter of Puppy Feet

Yesterday was a devastating day.  After 11 years of sweet puppy love we said goodbye to our precious Oscar.

Oscar in the TeepeeIn early December we noticed he was having trouble breathing.  After a trip to the vet he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  A trip to the cardiologist confirmed the diagnosis and a treatment plan was put in place.  It involved a lot of pills.  3 times a day.

Even though the pills had one very unfortunate side effect (frequent urination) we were willing to do what we could to get him back to his usual self and get to love on him for another 12-18 months.  And it worked.  Until yesterday. 

OscarOscar joined our family when he was just 8 weeks old.  Weighing in at a whopping 4 pounds, he fit in the palm of hubby’s hand.  He was a playful puppy.  So much energy!  He was a great little traveler and loved taking trips to the lake.

Oscar on a boatIf he made his way to the back of the house he would take off down the hill, through the sand, run down the dock and dive onto the boat.  He loved boat rides.  He loved lounging at the lake.  He did not like the neighbors.

At the Southernmost Point MonumentHe even traveled all the way down to Florida with us.  We didn’t hear a peep from him in the car the entire drive.  He vacationed in Key West.  Lucky dog.

Playing ballIf someone got down on the floor he saw that as an invitation to play.  He’d pounce.  oSometimes he wanted to play ball.  Sometimes he wanted to wrestle.  You could even get him to do a few tricks.  He was a master at rolling over.  He loved to play.  The only thing he loved more was to snuggle.

Snuggly puppyEvery blanket in the house became his blanket.  You couldn’t sit on the couch without a blanket. He would snout you and snout you and snout you until you tucked him in.  Even in the heat of summer!  He wasn’t always good at tucking himself in.  His back end was so far away.  It didn’t always make it under the covers.  #puppybutt

He made me laugh.  He was such a strange dog.  And so handsome.  At half a dog tall and a dog in a half long he couldn’t go down the stairs on his own.  We’d have to carry him down on the “Oscarlator”.  He loved playing “top of the stairs” where he would run and jump around so you couldn’t catch him to take him downstairs.

He chomped rawhides like a dog 5 times his size.  He could devour retriever rolls in no time.  But someone had to hold it for him because he couldn’t do it with his t. rex arms. 

He was stingy with his kisses.  He did not give them out freely.  Even though I tried to kiss him a million times I don’t think he even kissed me 100 times in 11 years.  But it wasn’t because he didn’t love me.  I know he did.  I could tell by the way he wagged his tail when I came home. 

Oscar "Mo" HawkinsI just wish I could have kissed him a million times.  I wish we would have had marshmallows in the house yesterday so I could have given him one as a treat before we said goodbye.  Marshmallows were his favorite.  I’m glad I got to hold him for almost an hour because it was a snow day and we didn’t have the morning rush to deal with.  The house feels so weird without him.  I keep expecting to see a puppy butt sticking out of the blankets.  I’m surprised at not having gates to step over.  There’s no puddle of water in the kitchen from his sloppy drinking.  There was no barking at the doorbell when flowers from dear friends were delivered this morning.

But I take comfort in knowing that he isn’t sick any more.  And he lived a great life.  He was one lucky dog.  And we were so lucky to have him as a part of our family.

Fall Fun: Pressing Leaves in Wax Paper

The girls took part in a library program that encouraged them to get outside and get into nature.  It was a partnership with our local (and amazing) parks system.  I loved this idea!  We love being outside and we love our parks!  We picked up a lot of fun books and had a great time reading and exploring.

One of our favorite activities was going on a leaf hunt!  We read the book Fancy Nancy and the Fall Foliage as the inspiration to go leaf hunting.

Leaf huntingLucky for us we have an arboretum nearby, so the girls and I headed over to find some leaves!  It didn’t take long to find some keepers.  We were looking for “unique” and “interesting” leaves. 

Leaf huntA lot of our leaves “looked like dinosaur footprints” according to Cupcake.  We spent a lot of time walking around and adding leaves to the bags.  We also climbed the tower and hit the trails.  It was a great morning and not very busy, which is always a bonus. 

In the book Fancy Nancy makes a leaf scrapbook, so we decided to make our own version of a leaf scrapbook by pressing the leaves in wax paper.  Once we returned home we took the leaves out of the bags and wiped them dry.

Cleaning leavesDry, flat leaves press best.  Then taking a sheet of wax paper the girls arranged their favorite leaves on top.

Pressing leaves in wax paper #crafting #fallThose leaves look like T. rex footprints.  They have 3 toed feet afterall. 

We then placed another sheet of wax paper on top.  And sandwiched that between two pieces of parchment paper (to keep it from sticking to the iron).

Pressing leaves in wax paper #crafting #fallI then ironed over the paper and leaf sandwich to fuse the two pieces of wax paper together, sealing the leaves inside.

Pressing Leaves in Wax Paper #fall #crafting The girls loved the outcome!  And we hung them in the window so we could see the pretty colors. 

It’s a really simple craft made with items you already have at home, so why not have some fall fun pressing leaves in wax paper?

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