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A Day in the Life: Crabby Patty Day

Little did I know when I woke up yesterday morning it would be a crazy day!  I woke up feeling comfortable.  The windows were open, a nice cool breeze was coming through, Cupcake crawled into bed to snuggle with me.  She did NOT want to go potty when she woke up.  We were already butting heads.  She demanded pancakes for breakfast.  I was not really in the mood for pancakes.  Plus her grandma made her pancakes for breakfast on Tuesday and she had pancakes for lunch on Wednesday.  She settled for yogurt and a cereal bar.  I made a smoothie.

We moved slowly.  It was cool and rainy.  We had nowhere to go.  We played trains.  We read a few Elephant & Piggie books.  We had strawberries for a snack.  I loaded the dishwasher.  I emptied out the hall closet, tossed a few things out, Freecycled a few things, and put all the shoes away like they’re supposed to be.  Cupcake played.

We made our way upstairs to do a little more work.  I pulled all of H2.0’s clothes out of the closet along with bedding, Boppy covers, blankets, etc.  I soaked baby clothes.  Two scoops of OxyClean and 45 minutes or so of soaking got the yellow stains out of the burp cloths and sleepers!!!  I sorted the adult laundry that I had done last night.  I washed more big people clothes.  I washed more baby clothes.  I scrubbed the sticky, detergent residue off the top of the dryer, reorganized the shelves, vacuumed out the lint, and wiped down the baseboards.  Cupcake helped wiped down the baseboards.

She also dipped her blankie in the toilet.  So my plan to attempt a Bubba (pacifier) free nap was out the window.  We couldn’t possibly have a Bubba and blankie free nap.  Blankie took a trip through the wash with the baby clothes.

I showered and got dressed, I got Corinne dressed and planned to head out to the craft store.  And then I realized it was already noon.  So instead we had lunch.  She ate her PB&J, but left her strawberries (that she asked for) and went back to playing.  I really wanted to vacuum the upstairs, which is something I can’t do when she’s napping, so I put her strawberries in a bowl, parked her on the couch, turned on an episode of Dora the Explorer and snuck off upstairs to vacuum.

She didn’t budge.

And then it was nap time.  She went down without a fight.  I cleaned up lunch.  Walked around the house so Oscar could sniff the yard.  Sat down to watch an episode of Breaking Bad.  Caught up on my Google Reader. And an hour after she went down she started crying.  Cupcake doesn’t typically cry like that during nap time, so I headed upstairs to discover she had wet the bed.  We were 5 days accident free.  More laundry for me.  And thank goodness for the waterproof mattress pad.

I thought since Cupcake woke up early we could run to the craft store and the dentist.  I needed the dentist to make an adjustment to my Invisalign trays.  I was just there on Wednesday and the dentist that was filling in for my usual dentist goofed.  Turns out my usual dentist is going to be out for a few weeks and instead of being able to just drop in (which I’ve done before) they had me make an appointment for next week.  Boo!!!

It took some coaxing, but I finally got the girl on the potty, in pants, with shoes on and out the door.  We were off to Joann’s.  Simplicity patterns were on sale for $1 and I want to get working on Halloween costumes.  The pickings were slim for baby patterns.  By slim I mean they only had one.  That limited me quite a bit.  Luckily I found a toddler pattern for Cupcake that coordinates.  Cupcake helped me look through the pattern book, then silly me thought I could get fabric cut since I had a 50% off coupon.  Did I mention I didn’t put her in a cart.  I ended up having to chase her halfway around the store.  I got my fabric cut, bought it and my two patterns and we were off to Target.

I bribed her to sit in a cart at Target by offering her a snack.  It worked. I needed to buy freezer bags.  I also had coupons that would get me free pens and free chocolate.  And I wanted to look at towels.  It was a quick trip.  I didn’t buy any towels. Traffic sucked going home.  Cupcake kept asking for fruit snacks.

I made chicken and dumplings for dinner.  It turned out pretty good, but I burned my finger.  Cupcake had another accident during dinner.  Again, we had been accident free for 5 days (a few of which we were out of town – she even  stayed dry during the car rides!).  After a wardrobe change the whole family went for a walk.  I’m pretty sure I waddled.

Upon our return it was bath time for Cupcake.  She played paints.  She played with her squirt toys. She kicked and splashed.  She pooped in the tub.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  She has never, ever, ever done that before.  Even when she was an infant!!!  And now she’s supposedly potty trained and poops in the tub!!!!!!!  That was fun to deal with.

The dryer buzzed to let me know her bedding was done.  I remade her bed, got her ready for bed, and put her to bed.  And then I put my pajamas on.  And then I needed to do something relaxing.  I had piles of baby things that needed sorted, so I got to work.  I sat on the floor of the nursery and folded, and ogled, and set aside the clothes that I want to pack in the hospital bag and enjoyed a breeze coming through the window.  Hubby stopped in and gave me a shoulder massage. And my blood pressure went back to normal.

And then I made ice cream.

And watched an episode of Breaking Bad.  And went to sleep at 10 pm.


How was your day?


Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Did you miss me last week while I was on vacation?  No?  Oh, you didn’t know I was gone!  Well, I was!  While you were enjoying recipes for banana chip bread, making bathtub paint, and learning about the Foodie Pen Pals program I was on the beach, discovering a great museum, dancing the night away, and relaxing on the lake with family.

Our first destination was Nags Head, NC.  I wanted to take Cupcake to the ocean.  She seems to think every body of water (pools included) is the ocean, so I wanted to show her the real thing.  After about 7 hours in the car we might a slight detour to hit up the Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, VA.  This was the one thing hubby added to the itinerary (imagine that!).  It was a great break from the car, we got some fresh air by sitting outside, and we had a delish meal! My crab cake sandwich was so good!  Cupcake enjoyed her grilled cheese and I’m pretty sure hubby was satisfied with his wrap.  He might have had some beer, too, which meant that the next 5 hours of driving were all mine!

Did you do the math?  12 hours in the car on day 1!!!!!  We finally arrived at our teeny tiny little motel on the beach and settled in for the night.

Beach day!  We spent the majority of day 2 on the beach.  It was a bit windy, but we had a great time.  I think Cupcake found the ocean impressive.  But she was a bigger fan of the sand.  She kept calling it her sand and water table!  She spent hours digging and pouring and building sand castles.  The girl loves sand castles!  We made a lot of trips to the water to fill up her bucket so she had good sand castle sand!


She was ready to take a dip!  But “Here comes the water!”

Yeah, she was a bit afraid of the waves.  Every time she got close she would yell “Here comes the water!” and turn around and run back to the safe zone!

Don’t worry, daddy’s got you!

But he’ll get you wet!

That big wave scared her!!!  But, luckily daddy calmed her down and they did more splashing.  She was more comfortable in the water with him than me, which was good, because it was hard enough to keep my balance on my own, let alone with both of my kids!

We had a delicious late lunch/early dinner at Tortuga’s Lie.  The fish tacos were amazing!  They had fish tanks to distract the 2 year old.  And Guy Fieri signed the wall!

It was back to the beach, but the wind had really picked up, so the sand was pelting us in the face and not much fun.  We decided to spend our time up near the dunes to block the wind since Cupcake prefers the sand to the water any way.  Except it meant it was a long walk to fill a bucket of water.

Of course we finished the day with some ice cream and long showers and sleep!  I set my alarm early so I could head out in the morning and spend some alone time with my camera on the beach the next morning.

I saw the sun rise.  I watched people do yoga.  I watched people dig through shells.  I took pictures of the sun rise.  I took pictures of shells.  I took pictures of the waves.  I took pictures of the pier.  I enjoyed almost 2 hours of walking the beach with just my camera (lenses and tripod).  It was fantastic!

We decided since we had already desanded ourselves and Cupcake wasn’t a big fan of the ocean to head out of town.  Next up on our itinerary was Raleigh, so we decided to check out the Marbles Kid Museum.  I think we made a good choice.  Cupcake had a blast!  She loved the toddler area, but she was also a big fan of the water play.

She liked driving the submarine, climbing the pirates ship, stacking giant Legos, throwing balls, driving boats and cars and watercoloring.

She could’ve spent hours there!  But there was the small matter of why we were in NC to begin with.  Family!  We were off to check into our hotel and meet up with some of my cousins for dinner.  And Cupcake was so excited to see her Godpapa!  We also kept her up WAY past her bedtime so we could see aunts, uncles, more cousins, and great grandparents.  She was asleep before we were out of the parking lot!

Saturday was wedding day!!  Since we had some time to kill in the morning Cupcake and I headed down to the pool in the hotel to play while daddy worked on his homework.  We had the whole pool to ourselves!!  It was a blast.  We took a shower, a much needed nap, and got all prettied up for the wedding.  Catholic wedding = too long for a toddler.  Daddy had to take her to the cry room.  And that was after she had colored both our dresses with green crayon (luckily it was washable).

The reception was amazing!  The only problem was it was an outside venue and it was hot, hot, hot!  It didn’t stop Cupcake from rocking the dance floor.

It did keep momma from too much dancing, though as my sausage feet were killing me and I was sweating and I was thirsty.  Fun times!

The last few days of our vacation were spent at my uncle’s lake house.  We pretty much stayed in our bathing suits the 3 days we were there playing in the water.  We went on boat rides.

We played on the dock.

We floated on rafts.

We swam.  Hubby got to do some tubing.  Pregnant momma had to sit it out this year.  I got to do a lot of floating in the water, though, which is very fun for a pregnant lady!  It’s nice to feel weightless!

After the wee one went to bed the big kids had fun.

Marathons of Just Dance, lots of Olympics excitement, making s’mores, spending time together as a family.

And then we drove 9 hours home to rescue Oscar from the puppy hotel.  He was so happy to be home.  He was even happy to see Cupcake!  And then he slept for 2 days straight.  And now he’s back to his puppy self.  And I’m finally finished unpacking.  And things are going back to normal.  And that means I need to get back to my crafting and redecorating and baking and fun activities with the Cupcake (like potty training!).

Did you take a vacation this year?  Where did you go?  I’m always looking for the next place to go!