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Fall Fun: S’mores and Pumpkins

I love this time of the year!  Fall is so fun with the leaves changing colors, the pumpkins, the cardigans.  It’s actually been a tad bit warm for fall around here, but we’ve not let that get in the way of our fun.  We had some friends over for a marshmallow roast and pumpkin painting party and the girls had a blast!

S'mores barI’ve never hosted a marshmallow roast before!  We didn’t have a fire pit until this summer, so there was never a spot to roast.  So I had a lot of fun getting this together.  I picked up two kinds of marshmallows (regular and chocolate), and two choices for a base (cookies or graham crackers), and four options for fillers (peanut butter cups, chocolate, peppermint patties and caramels).

The popular choices were the cookies and the peanut butter cups!  The caramels were a bust!  The cooler air made them firm up so they didn’t quite work out. 

The girls also had a blast painting pumpkins!

Painting pumpkinsI put out a bunch of acrylic paints, foam brushes and paper plates and everyone picked their colors and got painting.  Cupcake wrote her name and painted a smiley face on her pumpkin.

Painting pumpkinsPumpkin was all about covering her whole pumpkin in purple. Check out that seriousness!

The fire was still roaring as it got dark and we hung out around the pit and Cupcake told scary stories.  More marshmallows were roasted, s’mores made.  The girls stayed up way past their bedtime!  And thankfully we all slept in the next morning.

If you’re looking for an idea for some fall fun, bust out the marshmallows and have a delicious time!

Pumpkin’s Purple Princess Party

On Saturday my precious, little Pumpkin turned 3.  I tried to keep her 2 a little longer, but she just refused.  So we celebrated turning 3 with a purple princess party!

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princesspartyThis girl loves purple and he loves princesses!  So, when I asked her what kind of birthday she wanted this year there was no hesitation.  Princess! 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyI kept the food simple.  I ordered a platter from Jimmy John’s and made chicken fries.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyThere were purple grapes and strawberries. 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyPurple cauliflower, carrots and tomatoes.  Princess Goldfish, pasta salad, pretzel thins and hummus and Go Go Squeeze.  And there weren’t many leftovers! 

Dessert is my favorite part of the party!  I love to bake! So of course we had cookies.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princesspartyThese were so fun to decorate!  I enjoyed coming up with different ways to decorate the crowns and stars.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princesspartyThis was probably my favorite cookie, though. 

And of course there was cake!

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princesspartyI decided to go super simple on the cake, but I really like how it turned out!  The hardest part was finding a crown without a Disney character on it!  Thank goodness for the Halloween section!  I also make cupcakes which I just frosted with white buttercream and topped with silver sprinkles and a purple chocolate crown.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyI also put out some cake balls that I made with leftover cake and candy melts and a little tin of dark chocolate Kisses (because they have purple wrappers!). And I picked up this gorgeous frame at IKEA and then picked up a wood letter and spray painted it silver, then adhered lots of big silver glitter to it!  And then we raided the Christmas decorations for the lights.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyFor craft time I picked up these fun colored paper crowns from Oriental Trading and I also ordered some sticky gems for the kids to decorate.  They had so much fun putting their personal touch on their crowns and then wearing them for the rest of the party.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyOf course Pumpkin picked the purple crown!  And even though she had a pretty silver crown from lace I made her for the party she wore the paper crown more.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyAfter crafting and eating dinner the kiddos were getting super antsy for cake!  Including this princess dinosaur! 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyWe lit 3 purple candles and sang happy birthday.  The birthday princess sang along, too!  She was so cute!  And she couldn’t wait for us to finish the song before trying to blow out the candles. 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyAfter cake and ice cream, there were presents.

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #partyAnd my sweet girl was spoiled rotten by her friends and family!  She loved everything and is now in princess heaven!  She and Cupcake had a great time playing with all the new princesses yesterday. 

I can’t believe my baby is 3!!! 

Pumpkin's Purple Princess Party #birthday #princess #party

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You guys, sorry.  I’ve not been around lately.  We have spent the last few weeks soaking up the last bit of summer, you know, now that we have actual summer weather!  We had to pack in the fun before my big girl started kindergarten! 

First Day of KindergartenYesterday was her first day of school and she was so excited!  She was counting down the days!  And then the minutes.  She woke up super early because she was just too excited to sleep any more!

First Day of Kindergarten dinosaur dressShe gobbled up her breakfast and begged to go upstairs to get dressed before anyone else had a chance to eat half their breakfast!  I think she was just super excited to put her new dinosaur dress on!

First Day of Kindergarten dinosaur dressI took a break from my usual sewing of knit fabric to make her the dinosaur dress of her dreams!  (not that she doesn’t already have a knit dinosaur dress………….or a cotton one……..)  She requested a new dinosaur dress for her first day of school and who am I to argue?  Especially when we found this super cute fabric and buttons at Hobby Lobby.  The pattern is Simplicity 1379 View C with sleeves.  Pockets.  Enough said.

First Day of KindergartenIt was a hazy morning and the bus comes early.  Almost 40 minutes earlier than we had to leave for preschool last year.  But we made the trek down the sidewalk with time to spare.  Technically the bus stop is our side yard so we didn’t have to go far.

First Day of KindergartenShe was getting so antsy waiting, but the big yellow bus finally showed up!  She hesitated at first and watched the older kids go ahead.  She said hello to the bus driver and climbed aboard.

First Day of KindergartenShe gave momma one last smile and wave and off she went.  And this momma barely held it together.  Thank goodness I had Pumpkin home with me to yell “Now let’s go pway!!!!!”  She was not nearly as emotional about Cupcake’s new adventure.

She was returned home to me a few hours later and she still had that big smile on her face.  She made two new friends and supposedly even has a boyfriend already!!!  Social butterfly.  Though she said the day was mostly boring because they had to do a bunch of first day stuff she is still excited to go back today. 

I hope she never loses that spunk.  Even when there are no new dinosaur dresses to wear, shiny shoes to skip in, a light backpack with no homework in it, or Chick-fil-A lunch dates when she gets home.  She has big dreams.  I hope it stays that way. 

Indianapolis Zoo

Hubby was traveling for work all last week, so the girls and I tried to keep really busy.  We went to the park, the fair, the museum, and we packed up and headed to Indiana for the weekend. Where we went to the Indianapolis Zoo.  They girls have been to the Cincinnati Zoo and the Akron Zoo, but this was the first time we went to Indy.  We had a blast!

Indianapolis ZooWe got up close and personal with the fishes, sharks and other ocean creatures.

Indianapolis ZooThey played hide and seek with the sea lions.

Indianapolis ZooWe spent a lot of time with the penguins, of course.

Indianapolis ZooThe girls were so excited to see dolphins for the first time.  And even more excited that we were going to watch the dolphin show.

Indianapolis ZooWe sat in the splash zone.  We got splashed.

Indianapolis ZooWe smashed pennies for a souvenir.  We always smash pennies for a souvenir. 

Indianapolis ZooThe tigers were feeling friendly.

Indianapolis ZooThe giraffes were on the move.  This giraffe picked up a branch off the ground and shared it with his friend.  It was the cutest thing!

Indianapolis ZooThe flamingos were pink. 

Indianapolis ZooI was happy to have brought the stroller, even if it wasn’t a double stroller.  We saw everything there was to see.  We wore ourselves out.  Though the girls somehow found the energy to splash.

Indianapolis ZooIt was a beautiful day.  Not too hot, but perfect splashing temperature!

Indianapolis ZooPumpkin almost fell asleep in the stroller on the way back to the car (even though she was sitting on the front footrest).  She was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.  Cupcake followed suit halfway home (it was a 20 minute drive from my mom’s house). 

It was a wonderful zoo!  Lots of animals to see, plenty of shade as you’re walking around, good food at the cafe and a splash pad!  The girls are still talking about the fun they had two days later. 

We’re just about to pack up the car and head back home, now.  We’re all excited to see daddy when we get home (or when he gets home from work) and I know I’ll be happy to sleep in my own bed (without a 5 year old sleeping sideways and kicking me in the side). 


What kind of fun did you get into this weekend?


Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow

Exciting things are going on in this house!  Pumpkin moved out of her crib and into her toddler bed (really we just took one side off her crib, so technically she’s still sleeping in the same bed).  And Cupcake has her first loose tooth!!  I can’t believe these girls are growing up on me like this!  Momma isn’t ready!!!!!!!!!

Cupcake was so sure her tooth was going to fall out as soon as she noticed it was wiggling, so momma had to get to work on sewing a tooth fairy pillow for her.  Because that’s what this crafty momma does.  She helps out the little guys, like the tooth fairy, by making their job easier.  No tooth hunting going on here.  The tooth fairy will know right where to find it!

Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow #sewingOf course I had to make a bright and colorful pillow for my bright and colorful girl.  Her favorite color, green of course, with some polka dots and a little pocket for her tooth. She loves it!  And is so ready for that tooth to fall out now.  This was such a quick and easy project!  Let me show you just how easy!

Start with a piece of fabric measuring 8″ x 12″

Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow #sewingOptional: embroider the upper right of the fabric.

Cut a small square of contrasting fabric 3″ x 3.5″

Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow #sewingFold the top of the pocket under twice and stitch in place.  Then fold the sides and bottom in and stitch to the pillow. 

Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow #sewing

 Cut out a tooth shape from white fabric.  I freehanded it, but feel free to print out an image and trace if needed!

Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow #sewingStitch the tooth to the pillow, leaving a small opening on one side.  Stuff the tooth with a little polyfil then stitch closed.  I went around the tooth 3 times to give it a crazy applique look. 

Cut two strips of fabric for the straps.  I cut mine at 12″ x 2″ and 4″ x 2″.  Fold them each in half, right sides together.  Sew one short end and the long end and turn right side out.  Press.

Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow #sewingFold your pillow in half, right sides together.  Insert the straps into your pillow, leaving a bit of the ends hanging out, one at each end of the top of the pillow.  Stitch around the outside of your pillow, leaving an opening. 

Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow #sewingTurn the pillow right side out and stuff.  Stitch your opening closed.  Use a snap tool to attach snaps to the ends of your straps. 

Sew a tooth fairy pillow Cupcake’s bed doesn’t have a post where she could hang her pillow, so the snaps make it so she can hang it on the headboard. 

This really was so quick to make! The longest part was figuring out how to line up the second line of text on my mom’s embroidery machine! 

So now we wait to see what the tooth fairy brings.  Cupcake thinks it’s going to be a gold coin.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Until then she’ll keep wiggling it. 


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