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Cupcake’s Dinosaur Birthday Party!

We had a great weekend!  After a great fossil hunting trip and hike on Cupcake’s birthday we welcomed friends and family to our house to celebrate with a dinosaur birthday party.

Cupcake's birthday partyI kept the decorations pretty simple.  Some colored streamers here and there.  Big green theropod feet cut out of poster board taped to the floor.  A few balloons tossed around.

We had food for carnivores and herbivores.

Carnivore food for a dinosaur birthday partyDino bones and stegosaurus plates for snacking on.

Dino bones (cheese sticks) and stegosaurus plates (chips) for dinosaur birthday partyAnd of course goodies for the sweetivores.

Dessert for the sweetivores at a dinosaur birthday partyI used dinosaur cookie cutters to make sugar cookies with royal icing as well as “C” cookies which I drew dinosaur feet on.  I also made chocolate pops with a mold, which I will never do again.  Too time consuming…….  A bowl of Cadbury Mini Eggs, I mean dinosaur eggs that I bought on clearance after Easter and somehow managed not to eat!

Dinosaur birthday cakeFor the cake I made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream per the birthday girl’s request.  And kept it very simple by decorating with white chocolate dinosaur bones.  T. Rex to decorate the top.  And triceratops around the sides. 

Once the kids had arrived we got them started on a craft.

Dinosaur fossil craftWe had to head out to the garage to make our dinosaur fossils because it was raining.  We moved the patio furniture in and the kids piled up around it and squished and stirred.

Making dinosaur fossilsThey stirred and stirred some more.  Then they poured and tapped and then waited.  And while waiting they ate and played.

Dinosaur birthday partyThe birthday girl blew out her dinosaur candles.  And then there was cake!

Dinosaur birthday cakeAnd a big paper mess.

dinosaur birthday partyAnd fossils were hunted.

Making fossils at a dinosaur birthday partyEach of the kids got to reveal their fossils they made.

Making fossils at a dinosaur birthday partyAll of the fossil reveals were very exciting!

Fossil making at a dinosaur birthday partyAnd all the kids got to take their fossil and a goodie bag home. 

Though it rained the entire time and we were stuck inside the party was a stomping good time!  Cupcake said it was the best birthday party ever!  And that makes me so happy! 


I’ll be back on Wednesday to show you just how we made those dinosaur fossils.


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Cupcake is 5!!!!

No Friday Fitness today.  I’ve got more important ramblings.  My baby is 5 today!!!

Cupcake is 5This sassy little thing is so excited about being 5!  This momma still can’t believe my baby is that old!  How did that happen?

Cupcake is 5This girl.  She is so spunky!  She is so smart!  She is so fun to be around. 

Cupcake is 5She loves dinosaurs.  She likes to build LEGO.  She really likes to build dinosaur museums out of LEGO.

Cupcake is 5Even if it weren’t Wacky Wednesday at school she would treat every day like Wacky Wednesday.  She loves to be silly. 

Cupcake is 5She loves to help me bake.  She loves licking the beater after baking more. 

Cupcake is 5She loves winter and snow.  (Whose child is this, really?  Mommy and Daddy aren’t snow people!)  But she also likes to wear Crocs and flip flops.

Cupcake is 5She loves to be creative and get messy.  She always wants to do a project and can spend hours with her “box” (of colored paper, scissors, glue, washi tape and stickers).

Cupcake is 5She finds herself the weirdest spots and positions to lay in.  But she will share her weird spots with her sister.

Cupcake is 5She is such a sweet girl and is so caring.  She loves big hugs and lucky for me she’s not too heavy for me to pick up, yet (but she’s getting close!).  She loves a good snuggle and is happy to hold her sister’s hand anytime she needs it.

She’s such an adventurous girl and is willing to try anything at least once.  So today we’re setting off on an adventure (we’re going fossil hunting!) and we’re going to celebrate this wonderful girl with a cupcake (or two). 

Dinosaur cupcakesHappy birthday, Cupcake!!!  We love you!!

A Hike at the Falls

Hello, gorgeous!  Yeah, weather, I’m talking about you!  We took advantage of a beautiful day yesterday to go for a hike.  Hubby got a new to him hiking guide so we looked through it to find some local options and narrowed it down to Charleston Falls.  We packed a backpack, put on the sunscreen and headed off.

Hiking at Charleston FallsWe wasted no time heading straight to the falls.  See those tiny people in the bottom left, they’re with me.  We spent a lot of time here.  The girls really enjoyed the water fall.  And I somehow managed to capture this!

Hiking at Charleston FallsNot bad for wrapping my camera strap around a pole, setting the camera on top, hitting the shutter and running over before the timer went off.  Both kids looking at the camera, one smiling and one half smiling.  I’ll take it, even if the focus is a little off.

Hiking at Charleston FallsAfter that bit of hiking to the falls, Pumpkin was done being carried in the Ergo and decided she would walk.  It went pretty well for a bit, but she took a tumble and then she demanded to be carried.  Cupcake, though, she was a girl on a mission.

Hiking at Charleston FallsWe saw a cool cave, but neither of the girls were too eager to check it out.  They were a little more brave with momma by their side.

Hiking at Charleston FallsPumpkin did enjoy hiking when there were platforms to walk on.  She’s so funny. 

Hiking at Charleston FallsWe enjoyed going at the girls’ pace and stopping to check out the redbuds, or to dip our fingers in the creek. 

Hiking at Charleston FallsPumpkin was cracking me up with her hiking.  Her little cargo shorts and tall socks.  She was like a little miniature hiker.  So cute!  Cupcake loves any reason to wear her “Sporty Spice” clothes.  Hiking is definitely one of those reasons.

Hiking at Charleston FallsWe made it all the way to the pond and checked out the fish.  And there were lots of birds to watch and listen for.  We had walked over 1.5 miles, which for little legs is a lot.  So we stopped to have a snack break.

Hiking at Charleston FallsThen we continued on and finished up our hike.  We almost went 2 miles and the girls were spent.  And ready for lunch.  And so was I so we headed back home.  It was a great morning and I’m so glad the beautiful weather is finally here so we can hopefully get out and hike some more!


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A Mom’s Weekend

Welcome back to another Monday!  I’m ready to tackle this week!  I was in a funk last week, but after spending a weekend away with my best momma friends I’m in a better state of mind.  Chatting, laughing, retail therapy, fun and food was just what the doctor ordered!

It included my first trip to a sushi bar.  Though I played it safe and ordered calamari and a California roll.  But it was the best calamari I’ve ever had!  #worthit

Calamari and green beans from EdamameTypically after a day of shopping we like to treat ourselves with a sweet treat, but listeria kind of ruined that for us this time. 

Jeni'sBut I planned ahead and made some Buckeye State before leaving home.  Thank goodness our hotel room had a freezer! 

Homemade Jeni'sWe went out for dinner (in the rain!!!) and drinks and called it a successful first day.

My attempt to sleep in was a big fail and I was up by 7 the next morning.  Everyone else slept in.  Lucky girls.  Our momma friend of an infant met up with us for the gorgeous, sunny day and we resumed our shopping mission. 

Funky running pants were modeled, LEGO were purchased, fancy soaps were acquired, but the prize winning purchase were these cool kicks for my dinosaur lover!

dinosaur shoesI was really looking forward to a big cheesy sandwich at Melt, but the 45 minute wait was a little much for us, so we hit up a burger place instead.

FlipSide Jamacian Jerk BurgerThey use all local meats, fresh ingredients and make their own sauces.  It was a great burger (though it was a little spicy even though the waiter told me it wasn’t).  We had a bit more time to hang out after lunch before we had to think about heading home.  But first a selfie.

Sunday selfieBaby not included because she was napping in the stroller.

Another successful mom’s weekend away is in the books.  We’re all feeling refreshed and ready to handle the stay-at-home mom craziness again. 

I loved coming home to the delighted cheers of my two favorite girls.  And they enjoyed their weekend with daddy. 


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Life Lately

Happy Monday, folks!  I’m playing catch up after a weekend away, but I left you hanging last Monday with no post so I couldn’t do it again this week.  But be prepared.  I’m all over the place!  #storyofmylife

Spring is here and I’ve been sucked in to the spring cleaning routine.  Despite the fact I’ve been cleaning, the house is still a mess.  I’m tackling one room at a time.

CleaningI started in the entryway/hallway, knocking down cobwebs, scrubbing walls and baseboards.  I let the girls help for a minute, but it just resulted in water all over the wood floor.  I appreciated the effort, but it just made more work for me!

I’ve also been spending a lot of time outside cleaning up the flower beds.

planting weedsI pull the weeds.  Cupcake plants them.  She loves dandelions, so she’ll pick them from the grass and try to plant them in the flower beds.  I keep suggesting she make a bouquet of them and then we put them in a mason jar of water on the table for “fancy dinner”.

I’ve also been decluttering around the house and I have a huge mountain of clutter in the basement to show for it.  There’s a yard sale on the calendar, so hopefully that helps clear it out, while putting a little money in my pocket.  I’ve got some craft room updating on my to do list.

Trip to the hardware store

Meanwhile Pumpkin and I have been regularly attending her dance class and library story time and Stroller Strength which just started back up at the beginning of the month.  All while Cupcake is at school.  Speaking of school………..

registereed for kindergartenThis one is all registered for kindergarten!!!  Oh, I can’t believe my baby is going to kindergarten next year!  Luckily I get to keep my Pumpkin home for another year.  She misses the preschool cut off date by 3 days. 

After spending this weekend at the lake I’ve got laundry to do, grocery shopping on the agenda and another room or two to spring clean.  And I need to start pricing and organizing my yard sale stuff.  Maybe I’ll take a break in there to do some sewing.  I know there will be a few playdates with friends and I’ve got my moms weekend to look forward to!


 We had a great weekend (with beautiful weather!) but I think we were all pretty happy about sleeping in our own beds.  I know I was (and hit the snooze button 3 times to prove it!).  Have a great week!!!