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To You and Yours

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas2014I’m going to take the next week or so off from blogging to spend time with my family.  I’m sure you won’t miss me because you’ll be having too much holiday fun of your own.  See you in 2015!!!

Turkey Trot

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are surrounded by family and friends and are enjoying this day.  It’s just the 4 of us at home this year, but we’re going to make the most of it.  I started out the day by participating in my hometown’s 36th annual Turkey Trot.

Turkey TrotMy girl Jessica and I (hi, Jess!) froze our little booties off waiting for the race to start along with 9000 of our close running buddies.  By the time we started running we couldn’t feel our fingers or toes.  But we saw some snowflakes!  We were in the first corral of runners, with an estimated finish time of under 45:00 for the 5 mile race.  We got off to a slow start trying to dodge people, turn corners and make our way up the 130 ft elevation change in the first mile.

But it was downhill from there and into the wind after the halfway point.  I was feeling good, stripping off layers, and making up time.  The last half mile was the longest ever.  I turned two corners and still didn’t see the finish line and I was getting “rangry” (running angry).  Finally, another turn and the finish line!!  I gave it all I had and was happy to hear the cheers of my fellow running mommy/volunteer for the race, Lindsay!

Turkey Trot



















My chip time was 45:03, so I missed my goal by 3 seconds, but overall I’m happy with my time.  And I’m happy to be snuggling on the couch with my girls watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade right now!  The turkey is in the oven and I’ve got to get working on the sweet potato skillet!

Turkey TrotHappy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

How to Have the Best Snow Day!

We had our first snowfall yesterday and it was a pretty big one!  We got about 5 inches before lunchtime.  At first school just called for a 2 hour delay, but by the time we were done eating breakfast school had been canceled.  Snow day!!

How to have the best snow dayAnd now I’m going to give you my guide to having the best snow day!

Step 1.  Eat breakfast.  You’ll need the energy. (more…)

Leap into Gaming with #LeapTV

I received free products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ve seen some sneak peeks of what’s been going on around here.  We got a LeapTV!  Have you heard of LeapTV?  It’s a new gaming system designed for kids ages 3-8.  But it’s not just a park yourself in front of the TV for mindless gaming type of gaming system.  It’s a get up and dance, kick, move, and learn kind of game system.  It’s from Leapfrog so you know it’s educational as well as fun.


Cupcake was so excited to get a box in the mail.  We had to set up the new LeapTV right away!  (more…)

Halloween 2014: We Are the Dinosaurs

Happy Halloween!  It’s time for the big costume reveal!!  Though if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a sneak peek.  It took a while to decide on costumes this year.  Cupcake wanted to be a spooky ghost.  But I couldn’t just put a sheet on her, so I took her to the craft store and let her look through the patterns.  And then she wanted to be a dinosaur. But by the time patterns went on sale she wanted to be a witch.  When I arrived at the fabric store she wanted to be a dinosaur again.  And as dinosaur obsessed as she is I was not surprised.Halloween 2014 - Dinosaurs

She’s a big T. rex fan.  What kid isn’t really?  But her arms are a little too long to be a tyrannosaur, so she picked stegosaurus instead. (more…)