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Thirty-One for the Jingle Bell Run

On Saturday I will be participating in my 8th Jingle Bell Run! Every year the Dayton Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi participates in this event which benefits the Arthritis Foundation.  The Jingle Bell Run was the last race I ran before getting pregnant with Pumpkin.  This year I will be walking as I haven’t had enough time to train since she was born.  Well, I may run/walk it.  We’ll see.

I wanted to do something fun for fundraising this year, so I decided to have a Thirty-One party for the Jingle Bell Run!  Today through Saturday you can order from my Thirty-One party and 15% of the sales will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation!


Today starts a new customer special that is perfect for the holidays! Any of these items would make a great Christmas gift! A Thermal Tote would make a great gift for just about anyone really.  I use one to pack picnic lunches for Cupcake. They’re great for packing lunches for school aged children and if you take a lunch to work!  The Cinch Sac makes a great gym bag or overnight bag for kids.  The Timeless Beauty Bag would be a great cosmetic case, toiletry bag, car organizer, it even holds an iPad! And because the order is being submitted on December 1 you will receive your items in time for Christmas!!


And I Ran

Not too far away.  But I ran for the first time since Pumpkin was born 5 weeks ago.  It sucked so good!  It’s a gorgeous day outside.  It’s a crabby day inside.  Waking up two hours before the sun rose. The hecticness that is a toddler playdate.  No nap from the toddler.  Having to wash both sets of sheets again.  Having no pants that fit (and are nice enough to wear in public when you’re not running or doing yoga).  I needed this.

Yeah, it’s not that impressive, but I did it.  I haven’t run in MONTHS!  My last logged run was almost a year ago.  It was a 5K (Jingle Bell Run).  And since then I stayed inside due to the winter.  When spring came around I was pregnant, but that didn’t stop me from running at Stroller Strength.  At least not until the belly started feeling very heavy and my hips started acting up.

Of course I’m out there chugging along, feeling all proud of myself for having not yet stopped (not knowing I had run about 3/4 mile at this point) and I see a woman who is probably 10 years older than me, a lot more fit than me, with much shorter shorts than me (I was wearing pants), who was just running like it was nothing and I’m starting to huff and puff and keep my belly from not jiggling too much.  I wanted to feel some fellow runner love, but I also wanted hate her for making it look so easy.  I decided to just rock out to the song in my ears and keep running.  My goal was to make it to the end of the main street of the neighborhood.  And I did.

I turned around and walked back for 3 or 4 minutes and ran home.  I was tired. I was tired of pulling my shirt down to keep my belly from hanging out. I figured I had gone far enough for one day.

Back home I chugged some water, drank a smoothie, thanked hubby for watching the girls and looked back at my past runs.  My first run after Cupcake was born was 8 weeks post partum and much slower!  I ran the same route at a 14:30 mi/min pace.  So now I’m feeling extra good about it.  I’m off to do some push ups and crunches (once I’m done nursing this baby!).

4 Weeks Postpartum

On Wednesday my little Pumpkin hit the 4 week mark.  It’s hard to believe she’s already 4 weeks old!  Tomorrow she’ll be one month old!  I’ve really enjoyed being able to bend over, put shoes on, paint my toe nails, go about my life for more than an hour without having to pee, move furniture, and get the last sock out of the bottom of the washing machine without a big bump in my way.

2 weeks ago I told you how I’d lost 22 of the 33 lbs I gained during pregnancy.  Unfortunately I’m still stuck at that number.  Fall baking and Halloween candy aren’t helping I’m sure.  It’s a good thing I didn’t get rid of my size 10s, but I’m just squeezing into those.  I only have two pairs of size 10 jeans, though, so I really need to get back into my 8s so I can survive the winter without washing jeans every other day.  Most importantly though I need to get my BMI back into the healthy range.  Right now I’m sitting at 26.6 which is considered overweight.

I had my follow up appointment with my OB yesterday and she has given me the green light to start back up an exercise routine.  Slow and steady, though, as my stitches haven’t completely dissolved, yet.  As much as I’d love to get outside and start running again I just don’t think it’s going to happen.  I can’t take the girls with me (I don’t have a double stroller and you’re not supposed to run with a baby that can’t support it’s head any way) and between hubby working and working on his Master’s it’d be impossible for me to get out and back before 10 pm.  With the winter coming I don’t want to be out that late since it’s so dark and cold.

I guess it’s time to clean up the craft room and pull the old elliptical out of storage.  It’s not my favorite option, but I guess it will have to do. Now I just hope I can find the time.  I’d like to get my exercise in first thing in the morning before both girls wake up, but how many times Pumpkin wakes up in the night will be a major factor on whether or not that gets done.  My next best option is during nap time, but Cupcake isn’t very reliable.  I could wait until the evening when Cupcake is in bed, but typically Pumpkin gets fussy around that time.  I suppose worst case scenario is put an episode of Dora the Explorer on for Cupcake while Pumpkin is sleeping and I can get 20 minutes in.

I’m also going to bust out some Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  That thing kicks my butt!  And I tend to focus on cardio and not strength training so it’s a good way to get them both in.  And toning is what I really need!  Especially in the mid section!

And of course I’ll have to watch my water intake so I don’t affect my milk supply.  I need my chubby cheeked Pumpkin to stay well fed!

So now I’ve just told the world (or at least my 3 or 4 regular readers) all about my exercise plan, so I suppose I should get on it now!

How do you get your cardio in during the winter months?  Or with kids?