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Friday Fitness: Indy Mini Marathon Recap

Last Saturday was the 500 Festival Mini Marathon in Indianapolis.  A sizeable group of MRTT ladies made the trip to run the race together.  We had experienced distance runners, a gal who has run the race before, semi-experienced half marathon runners and a handful of first time half marathoners.  And we had a lot of fun.

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiWe lucked out with hotel rooms right at the start line, so we could just stumble out of bed, get dressed and head out to see our gal Trudy who was doing the 5K.  Then we were able to head back up to our room to make sure we had everything, put on some sunscreen, go to the bathroom in a a real bathroom, not a port-a-potty!  And take a picture in our cute matching outfits!

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiThen we made our way to our corrals.  The race started at 7:30, but our corral didn’t take off until 8:00.  So we had quite some time to hang out, dodge the beachballs that were bouncing around and take selfies.

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiKatie and I were in a corral together, with a goal time of 2:10.  I was hoping for a 2:07 finish time to beat the Colts cheerleaders.  There were a lot of people hanging out in our corral who shouldn’t have been.  And once we started running it became more obvious they were in the wrong spot.  We spent a lot of time early on trying to get around people.  But in mile 2 we found our stride.  And things were going good.  We passed the aid stations (which there were PLENTY of) because we both were carrying water.  Despite the forecast it turned out to be a pretty overcast day, though it seemed like it could rain at any minute and depending on our direction and location we had to battle some wind.

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiThe part of the race I was most looking forward to was running on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  It is just a unique feature of this race and even though I’m not a race fan the idea of running where cars drive 200 mph seemed fun.  Unfortunately I didn’t actually find running on the track all that fun.  Even though my smile and the abundance of pictures I took of the experience might make you think otherwise.

Indy Mini #mrtt #indyminiWe went from great crowd support to nothing.  It was actually pretty boring on the track.  The best part about it was that it was very smooth.  No dodging potholes!  It was also narrower than the road so we suddenly became very condensed.  Particularly where the two water stops were.  And you had to look for people to suddenly stop when you crossed the bricks.  The miles on the track were the slowest splits of the race.

About a mile after exiting the speedway Katie and I got separated.  I was now on my own.  I was feeling good, though.  I picked the pace back up for a bit and checked in with my Garmin to attempt some math while running.  I figured if I could keep the 9:30 min/mile pace I was cruising at I could beat that 2:07 finish time.  Unfortunately that’s not how the last 3 miles went down. 

It got very humid, then it got very windy, then it rained.  It wasn’t a heavy rain (while I was running) but the wind that came with it was coming right at us.  I was so happy to make the turn for the last mile of the race to get out of the headwind, but I knew it slowed me down too much and I was really struggling to breathe in the humidity.  (I’ve had some breathing/sore throat/coughing issues ever since I had strep)  I just kept chugging along and eventually made it to the finish line.

My Garmin said 13.26 miles with a time of 2:13:14 (10:03 min/mile).  Faster than the half marathon a few weeks back and I knew it was a PR.  Chip time was 2:13:09.  While it wasn’t the time I was aiming for (or have been training for) it is 49 seconds off my PR, so I decided to celebrate it.  The conditions were a lot different than my winter training runs, there was a large crowd and I did the best I could that day. 

Ringing the PR Bell at the #indyminiI waited for Katie at the finish line, we posed for a picture together, grabbed all the snacks at the end and made our way to our group meet up spot.  We drank our chocolate milk, ate our cookies and celebrated with those who finished before us and those who finished after us.  I really enjoyed having so many MRTT ladies at that race and it was great celebrating everyone’s accomplishments together.  And it was great having a girls weekend away in Indy.  Even if we ended up being to tired on Saturday night to paint the town.  It was a great runcation. 


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Friday Fitness: Taper to Indy

It’s the day before race day!!!  Tomorrow is the Mini Marathon so I’m heading to Indianapolis this afternoon.  I’m really excited for the weekend.  So many of my Moms Run This Town ladies are racing in the morning and we’re going to have a fun weekend.  I made it through the taper week.  I think I’ve recovered from being sick.  Hopefully I’m ready for this race!

Saturday – rest

Sunday – 6.11 miles  I ran the first 5K trying to help a friend achieve a sub-30 5K and ran the last 3 with a friend who was pushing a double stroller.  Sunday group runMonday – Group Power.  I love this class!  I know I keep saying this.  I made it to the morning class which is doing my favorite routine.  It was a killer workout and felt so good!

Tuesday – 3.5 run/walk with some other MRTT ladies.  And my sleepy running buddy.

Tuesday runWednesday – CSI (cardio, strength, intervals)  For an hour we did 4 minute intervals of 1 minute cardio, 1 minute arms, 1 minute legs, 1 minute core.  Phew!  We were sweating!  Then in the evening a group of us headed out to the pub run that a local running store does once a month.  We logged 2.5 miles and I celebrated my last run before race day with some some pretzels and a house root beer.

pub runThursday I went to yoga and get a great stretch in!  It was like the yoga instructor knew what we needed!

Today I am resting.  And by resting I mean packing, wrapping up a few things around the house, driving and then walking around Indy. 

I’ll see you on the other side of 13.1!!!  Have a great weekend!!!

Friday Fitness: The No Good Very Bad Half Marathon

This past Sunday was the Brokeman’s Half Marathon of Southwest Ohio.  I signed up for the race because it was $10 for a limited number of early participants.  I figured it would be a good training run for Indy Mini.   I have a big goal for Indy and I wanted to feel really prepared going in, so I figured a race before the race would help.  Well, right now I”m feeling defeated.  Brokeman’s was a no good very bad half marathon.

20160417_082424I was pretty happy about twinning with my RBF, Lindsay, but I wasn’t feeling my best.  Something just didn’t feel right.  I passed it off as race day jitters.

It was a warmer day that what we’ve been used to.  Last’s weeks training run was in 30 degree weather.  It was 60 at the start of the race.  And sunny.  We had a good group of girls running, though, so I was having fun mingling with my MRTT gang.  And then it was race time!  My Map My Run wouldn’t start, so I didn’t get my GPS going until we had already gone maybe a quarter of a mile.

13002570_10154098609499500_3006915434328604039_oI was happy that two of my speedy running pals were happy to run my pace (which was the same planned pace for Lindsay).  The four of us were having fun chatting, swapping stories, talking about our goals for Indy Mini and tackling the rolling hills.  We had a small section of tree lined path, but there was a lot of full sun running after that. 

I was feeling OK to start.  We were comfortably cruising at a 9:00-9:15 pace.  Right where I wanted to be.  But around mile 6 or 7 I started falling back a bit.  My legs weren’t working the way I wanted them to.  I was feeling sluggish.  I couldn’t regulate my breathing.  After 8 miles I had to walk.  It killed me to do it.  But I just needed a break. 

13041180_10154098609529500_6693178574346143793_oRock star Karen stayed with me.  Just like she did at the 10 miler a few weeks back.  She kept me on a run walk interval for the rest of the race, let me put my handheld water bottle in her stroller (yeah, she was pushing a stroller!!), and was my cheerleader through the last few tough miles. 

13015500_10153483175231657_7009194344665606079_nAfter what seemed like a million miles and a constant uphill we finally rounded the corner to the finish line.  And everyone’s GPS read 13.4 miles.  2:15:12  (10:07 min/mile)

So, the race was longer that the 13.1 we were expecting.  And my pace was about a minute slower than I was expecting.  And I felt a lot worse than I was expecting.  My hips were tight and my lungs felt like they were going to collapse. 

20160417_112157After a good stretch and cheering the rest of our gals across the finish line a few of us snapped a picture and we headed out.  We stopped for lunch on the way home and I took a hot shower. 

And then I felt awful the rest of the day.  And the next day.  And the next day.  And this whole week.  Turns out I had strep throat.  So I’ve been trying to rest and recover this week.  I haven’t run or worked out.  I had less than 1000 steps on my Fitbit on Monday! 

So, what was supposed to be a practice round for the race I really care about has turned into a bit of a disappointment.  I was really hoping to come in under 2:10, closer to 2:05.  I’ve got 2 weekends left before race day, so I’m hoping to get at least one more strong, long run in so I can get to Indy feeling ready to come in under 2:05.  Fingers crossed. 


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Friday Fitness: Ups and Downs

I was so ready to get back at it after Spring Break last week.  I was ready to get back on schedule.  Get it my runs and my cross training.  Win Fitbit step challenges.  That didn’t happen.

Saturday – 10 miles (9:40 min/mile)  My gal, Katie was still in town, so we got to do a long run together.  We have the same goal for Indy Mini, so we were really happy to get a training run in.  We started off great and were really looking forward to some negative splits, but when we turned around at the halfway point we realized we had the wind at our back to start. We were running straight into some strong headwinds that slowed us down quite a bit.  Fingers crossed for no strong wind on race day.


Sunday – rest

Monday – 20 minute cardio warmup on the elliptical before Group Power.  It was the start of a new routine on Monday and I really liked it.  I liked the old one, too, but the new one is different.  It took out one of the moves I don’t particular like and there added some plyo!  I love incorporating plyo!  And I definitely felt the workout afterward, so it’s a winner!


Tuesday – sick day.  I had planned to meet some friends to run, but Pumpkin was having a meltdown, so I decided I’d probably just go in the afternoon.  Well, I ended up feeling sick shortly after the time I was supposed to leave, so I was couch ridden the rest of the day. 

Wednesday – recovering from sick day.  I had planned to go to trail run group on Wednesday night, even though it probably wasn’t the best idea since I hadn’t really eaten much for two days.  But a friend needed me, so I skipped the run to be there for her.  Which was for the best.  I needed the recovery time.

Thursday – 5 easy treadmill miles (9:20 min/mile).  The rainy day forced me inside, so I put on some HGTV and cranked out 5 miles.  It wasn’t the 7 I had on the schedule, but I got it done.


Today I had planned to swim laps, but a bunch of gals were going to yoga, so I decided to join them instead.  It was a little more mellow than I thought it’d be, but the stretch felt good. 

I’m feeling better.  I’ve eaten food and I’m hoping tomorrow’s long run goes well.  Next week is a sort of taper week since I have a half marathon next week.  Though I was planning on treating this race as more of a training run, so I don’t plan on backing off too much.  Fingers crossed I stay healthy.

Friday Fitness: Spring Break

It’s spring break here this week!  And we’ve been having a lot of spring break fun!  I made the girls the priority and planned lots of fun activities and time with friends we don’t get to see very often.  And friends who traveled in from out of state.  It’s been a blast!  But I’m going to need a break from my spring break!  Because fun was the priority fitness took a bit of a back seat, but I think I needed it anyway. 

Saturday – group run day!  10 miles with my good buddy Lindsay by my side whole time.  We had a great time chatting and catching up because we don’t get to see each other much these days.  Those 10 miles flew by (9:19 min/mile) with the great conversation and weather!Group Run #happyfeetSunday – rest

Monday – rest.  I had planned on going to Group Power and putting both girls in child watch, but Cupcake’s allergies were bothering her, so we stayed home until her medicine kicked in, which was after my class was over.

Tuesday – Because Cupcake is too big for a double stroller (and I don’t have one anyway!) I was forced inside.  We hit up the Y and I got a quick 3 miles in on the treadmill (8:52 min/mile).

Treadmill runWednesday was a beautiful day so I was very happy to hit the trail!  There was a still a bit of mud on the trail, which made for some fun.  We got just about 3 miles in. 

Trail run #happyfeetThursday was a very rainy day.  So if it weren’t the kids that forced me inside it would have been the thunderstorms and crazy wind.  But treadmill running is more fun with friends.  Four of us went to the Y (and bombarded the child watch with our 9 kids) and got some miles in (4.2 miles @9:09 min/mile).  And then we took the kids swimming. 

Today was another rest day for me.  If you can call walking all over the zoo resting.  And pushing the stroller, sometimes with both kids sitting in it, up lots of hills. 

It was a week of museums, swimming, indoor play areas, the zoo, shopping, hair cuts, losing teeth, snuggles, pajamas, good weather, bad weather, moms right out, bowling, sewing, library story time and fun! 

I hope you all had a fun week, too!!!