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Friday Fitness: Mid-December Report

It’s hard to believe we’re over halfway through December!  I’m not ready for Christmas, yet.  Are you?  I still have a few cards to put in the mail, a few more gifts to buy and a lot of wrapping to do!  Thankfully I still have a week to do it!  And I’ll be taking next week (and the week after) off from blogging to get that done as well as spend lots of time with my girls.  We have big plans.  Cupcake’s plans mostly consist of going to the museum. Pumpkin’s are to do puzzles.  I’ll also be trying to squeeze in some running time.  With having Cupcake home on break from school I’m not sure when I’ll be able to log the miles.

Saturday was long run day!  I was looking forward to logging some miles after having only a 5K the weekend before. 

#happyfeetNot everyone in the group wanted to run long, but we all set out together and when half the group was ready to turn back at 2 miles we all turned back.  When we hit 4 miles (and made it back to the start) half the group called it a day, the other half picked up the pace and kept running.  8 miles at 9:59 min/mile overall.  With negative splits.  Gotta love negative splits!  Oh, and notice the amount of bare skin being shown in December!  It was 60 degrees!!!!

And on Sunday I rest. 

I ended up taking Monday off as well.  I wasn’t feeling too well Sunday night and went to bed super early.  I was still a little iffy on Monday morning, so I took a much needed rest day.  I think the stress of last week (we found out Oscar has heart disease) caught up to me. 

Tuesday I hit the pavement again and it was good!  I almost skipped out on it because of not feeling well the day before and because I had work to do, but I’m so glad I went.  It felt good to get the heart pumping and it was good company.  A therapeutic run for sure!  3.25 (stroller pushing) miles at 10:30 min/mile.

#happyfeetWednesday I set the alarm and got my strength training in (mostly) before the girls woke up.  I did Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout, which is 55 minutes of body weight circuits.  It’s a tough one!  It really is a good workout, but I do get a bit annoyed at how she makes comments about how we’re working towards a sexy body.  Cause I’m really just working towards a strong one………….

On Thursday I got the crazy idea to run a bike path extension that goes down toward the main bike path along the river.  And when I say down I mean downhill.  And what goes downhill must come uphill.  And we know Thursday is a stroller running day……..  Thankfully I had a running buddy who loves that path join me.  It was great to have someone there to keep my pace up, distract me from the uphill battle and even volunteer to take over pushing on the uphill for a little bit!  We tackled 4.68 hilly miles at 9:59 min/mile


This morning I set the alarm again.  To let Jillian Michaels kick my butt again.  But this time I did the No More Trouble Zones workout.  Again, it’s a tough workout.  Again, I find some of her comments annoying.  But I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow!  (as if my abs weren’t still sore from Wednesday’s workout!)

Despite missing a day I’m pretty happy with the work I put in this week.  If you want to keep up with me while I take my blogging vacation I’m sure I’ll be on Instagram.  And occasionally Twitter.  And if you haven’t already done so you still have 2 days to enter my compression socks/sleeves giveaway

And have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I’ll see you in 2016!!!




Friday Fitness: Gift Ideas for Runners and a Giveaway

Happy Friday! I’m changing things up a bit this Friday by sharing with you some gift ideas for runners instead of my usual recap.  Though, I do want to brag a minute about Jingle Bell Run, which I ran on Saturday.  I told you last week I was hoping to PR, though wasn’t too sure I’d get one.  Well, I did it!  I finished the 5K in 26:07!  Shaving an entire minute off my previous PR and coming in 4th place in my age group.  It’s only the second 5K I’ve run this year, as I’ve been doing a lot of longer distance races.  It made me remember how fun it was to do the shorter distance!  OK, back to the gift ideas for runners!!!

Gift Ideas for Runners

  1.  Balega Hidden Comfort socks – OMG I love these socks!  Like LOVE these socks!!  I have a few pairs in fun colors and they are the softest, most comfortable socks.  There’s just enough cushion on the under side of the sock, but they’re not bulky. They’re moisture wicking and they don’t get lost in my shoes!
  2. Road ID – I’m still loving my Road ID!  I never take it off, so I’m always prepared. I have the Wrist ID Slim, as do the kids.  Hubby has the Shoe ID.  And now if you have a Fitbit you can get a Road ID to fit it!  With the wrist ID you can change up the color of your band or add badges to personalize it!
  3. Sparkly Soul headbands – These are my favorite headbands.  They’re the only ones that don’t slide off my head.  They’re stretchy all the way around, so they are snug, but they don’t squeeze my head.  And they’re sparkly!!!!
  4. Nathan Quick Draw handheld water bottle – I picked up one of these during my half marathon training. It was very handy on those long runs during the summer months.  And it was invaluable during the Rock’n’Roll half marathon where the temperatures were crazy high and the water stations were having a hard time keeping up with the demand. 
  5. Tune Belt arm band – If you carry your phone while you run (and you should!) you need a comfortable way to wear it.  I was so happy with my Tune Belt arm band that when I got a new phone that didn’t fit in my old arm band I bought the same one, just in a different size. 
  6. SLS3 compression sleeves – I’ve already talked about the benefits of compression for runners.  I’m still liking my SLS3 compression socks.  I’d like to give the sleeves a try, mainly so I can wear my Balega socks with them.  ;

And lucky for you I have another chance for you to win a pair of SLS3 compression sleeves or socks!  Use the rafflecopter below to enter!  But don’t worry, if you don’t win you can get 45% off with the code BLOG45.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Friday Fitness: Rainy Week

It’s Friday again!   Who has fun weekend plans?  I have the Jingle Bell Run tomorrow as well as Thirty-One Spring Product Premiere.  And it’s supposed to be nice outside so we’re going to put our outdoor Christmas decorations up.  Then I can stop walking around the bins full of lights in my kitchen.  😉

Well, so far December is taking it easy on us as far as weather goes.  It’s not been very cold, but we’ve seen a bit of precipitation this week.  Saturday, of course, is long run day.  And on long run day it was rainy!  Enough to make a few people back out of the group run, but I was so happy to see so many brave faces show up!

Rainy 7 mile runNot only did we run in the rain.  We ran hills.  And 7.25 miles (9:22 min/mile)!  They are awesome!

Sunday is the day of rest.

Monday I got up before the girls and got my total body strength training workout in. 

Tuesday was running day again.  And it rained again.  Thank goodness a friend is letting me borrow her weather shield for the BOB.

Rainy Tuesday runI did 3.12 miles (9:45 min/mile) then set off to run some errands with Pumpkin.

On Wednesday morning I got up to do my strength training.  As I was working on a HIIT ladder workout I started having some knee pain with squats and burpees, so I cut it short and did an ab workout instead.

That evening one of the local running stores had a Hot Chocolate run.  We started at the store, ran 4 miles circling back to the store where there was hot chocolate (from Panera!  with marshmallows!) waiting for us.  Saucony and Mizuno were there to let you take some shoes for a run. They gave coupon codes for apparel with donations and they gave away two door prizes (and my friend Kara won!).  We had a lot of fun!  Despite some nasty rain and sleet in the afternoon the weather was great for our run and we even saw snowflakes as we were heading back toward the store!

Hot chocolate runYesterday was the only day this week I finished my run dry (from weather)!  😉  Some gals met me on the bike path and we chatted our way through 5 miles.  The pace (10:28 min/mile) was good for chatting and for my little stroller buddy’s nap. 

Thursday runAnd we all wore pink shoes (except the boy in the stroller).

I’m taking today off. It’s not my usual rest day, but with the knee pain earlier in the week and the fact that I have a 5K tomorrow I’ve decided to give myself a little rest and recovery time.  I need to run the 5K fast because I have somewhere (20 minutes away) to be an hour after the race starts.  I’m looking for a new PR, but I’m not familiar with the course and I haven’t really been doing much speed work (other than increasing speed on long runs).  I’m just happy to have raised a bit of money for the Arthritis Foundation along side my sorority sisters.


Is anyone else jingling this weekend?  Have a great weekend, everyone!


Friday Fitness: Turkey Trotting

Happy day after Thanksgiving!  I hope you all had a wonderful day.  It was just our little family of 4 for the day (5 if you include Oscar, but he spent a good bit of the day in his crate since he’s a food snatcher).  We still had a feast and we curled up on the couch together for a movie.  It was a very laid back day.  And I’m happy to have spent it with my loves.

I had every intention of blogging this week, but I forgot to get the pictures off my memory card.  And I had a full to do list.  I’ll do better next week.  🙂

Even when I’m too busy to blog I’m not too busy to get my workout in. #happyfeet

Saturday was group run day! I love Saturday group runs.  Since I’m not in training I really have no plans for my Saturday runs, so I just kind of go with the flow.  Last week I ran long and speedy, but this week it was social!  I ran with two of my best running friends and we just chatted the whole time!  5 miles at a 10:07 min/mile pace.  And when I got home I took Cupcake out for a training run (0.78 miles).

My running buddySunday, of course, was a rest day.

Monday I got up before the girls and did a full body strength workout.  All weighted, all compound exercises. 

I was sore on Tuesday.  But I still got out there for a run.  I met up with some MRTT gals after Pumpkin’s gymnastics class. I got in 4 miles (10:15 min/mile) and enjoyed the social aspect of running again.  🙂

Wednesday was a beautiful day!  I woke up early again and got my strength training in, but that afternoon while Cupcake was at her gymnastics class I had to get outside again!  I just couldn’t resist the 55 degree weather!  So I ran back and forth near the gym, turning around whenever I ran out of sidewalk.  I got in 4.15 miles (8:52 min/mile).  It felt great!  My actual pace was a tad faster, but I had to wait for traffic a few times. 

#magnetflipAnd I got to flip my magnet back.  It had been flipped upside down on Tuesday.

Yesterday was turkey day and what do people do on turkey day?  Turkey Trot!  I wasn’t going to sign up for the Turkey Trot this year.  And technically I didn’t.  I signed Cupcake up for the 1 mile race, but someone had to run it with her, so I had to sign up as well.  Our local race starts and ends downtown.  And with a race of 10,000 people it can get pretty hectic.  It’s only 3 miles from our house, so I threw Cupcake in the stroller and we headed down.  (2.93 miles, 9:33 min/mile)

We took a big MRTT group photo, which was awesome!!!  And they all headed to their corrals for the 5 mile race and we made our way to the back for the 1 mile. 

Turkey TrotTwo of her friends were running the race with her (with their dads) and their moms ran the 5 mile.  We crossed the start line and just like every other race we spent a lot of time trying to get around people!  She did such a good job of staying with me and keeping her little legs moving.  She got a little whiny towards the end, but she kept running and she finished her 1 mile race in 14:11.  Not too shabby for a 5 year old who only ran 3 training runs! 

Turkey TrotThere were no finishers medals for the race, but our girls assumed there would be, so we found medals online and ordered them.  $6 well spent!  The girls were so excited to receive them!  Cupcake wore hers the rest of the day and is now proudly displaying it on her wall.  And has asked me to make her a medal hanger.

After the race we had to head back home, which meant I had to push Cupcake in the stroller for another 3 miles.  I knew there would be some uphill, but it wasn’t until I started running, pushing that 50 lb kid, into the wind that I realized just how uphill it was! 

Screenshot_2015-11-27-07-49-44Yeah, straight uphill!  And that kid is heavy!  I definitely earned some turkey dinner!

Today is strength training day and I’m going to get my cardio in chasing my turkeys all over the museum later. 


Did you trot for turkey yesterday?



Friday Fitness: Stepping Up Strength

With the weather turning cooler I’m inside more.  No more Stroller Strength until the spring.  I’m still running outside because I love cold weather running and because I don’t have a treadmill, but I’m moving my strength training inside.  I’m on my own now.  No class to tell me what to do. 

Of course I started out with a long run on Saturday.  I had no distance in mind when I showed up to the MRTT group run.  And even once we started running there was no plan for the gals I set out with.  We talked about it along the way.  The consensus ended up being to run 8 so we wouldn’t have to cross a street (we were on the bike path) and so we could get to Panera Bread for coffee and chatting with the rest of the group (who were running anywhere from 3-7 miles).  It was my second weekend of running 8 miles (9:19 min/mile) just for fun.  That’s right.  I ran 8 miles just for fun.

Sunday, as usual, was a rest day.

Monday I woke up before the girls and hit up YouTube to find a workout to do.  I settled on POPSUGAR’S Full Body Workout.  And it was a good way to start the week!  And I managed to do the whole thing before a kid woke up and demanded breakfast!  In the afternoon Pumpkin and I set out on our hike while Cupcake was at her last park program.  I’m going to miss those afternoon hikes!

Toddlerwearing hikeI’m not sure Pumpkin will miss much.  😉

Tuesday I got up early again and did Fitness Blender’s Brutal Butt and Leg workout before the girls woke up.  And then I went for a  stroller run after Cupcake was off to school.  And my legs felt like lead!  And it was raining.  But I had some running buddies with me and we managed 3.1 miles (9:59 min/mile).

Sleepy running buddyClassic Pumpkin.  She must have been tired after gymnastics class.  Later that afternoon I took Cupcake for a short run, too.  She’s training for a Turkey Trot one mile fun run next week!

Wednesday I did a quick 12 minute upper body workout, again from Fitness Blender.  And I sewed all day and didn’t even get in my 10,000 Fitbit steps. 

On Thursdays I run.  Even really windy Thursdays.  And yesterday was one of those really windy Thursdays.  And of course I picked the big open park, so when those 20 mph wind gusts came rolling through we felt them!  Pushing a stroller in that wind is tough!  But we got 3.25 miles in (9:37 min/mile).  My plan was to go a little longer, but the wind was too much.  And I did a 10 minute ab workout at home.

Windy day runI was hoping to join some friends for a run today, but I had to finish up some work, so the home workout will have to suffice.  I was hoping to get it in before the girls woke up (I was on a streak!) but the littlest one came in to snuggle just before 6 am so I had to stay in bed wedged between her and the dog. 

I’m thinking I need to make myself a calendar of workouts to keep me accountable and so I’m prepared when I wake up early.  So, does anyone have any great workout recommendations?  Preferable free ones I can get on YouTube?  Please and thank you!

Oh, and while we’re talking fitness, I should tell you that Road ID‘s are on sale.  These would be a great stocking stuffer!  I have one, my hubby has one and my kids each have one. 


Have a great weekend!!!


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