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Friday Fitness: January Cold

The winter weather is definitely here.  My fleece lined leggings are getting quite a bit of use!  I really need to get  second pair!  Especially since they have a patch on the knee from when I fell last winter

I passed up my patch pants on Saturday for my pink pants for a 6 mile run.  I was still suffering a bit from a head cold and didn’t feel up to the 10 miles some of the group was doing.  And I wanted more than the 3 some of the others did.  I had a friend who wanted to do more than 3 and I helped her get to 6 (10:23 min/mile).#happyfeetSunday was a rest day, as usual.
Monday I was up early in an attempt to workout before the kids woke up, but they woke up early, too, but I managed to squeeze in a dance cardio video and strength training session before we headed out for some family fun since hubby had the day off for the holiday.

Tuesday I hit the trail with a friend and my little running buddy in her BOB for a 3 mile run (10:30 min/mile) in some super cold weather and wind!  It was only 9 degrees.  Thank goodness for the weather shield to keep Pumpkin warm.  My MRTT magnet had been flipped the day before, so I got to flip it back.

#mrtt #magnetflipI felt like changing things up on Wednesday, so I did 15 minutes of a strength training circuit, 15 minutes dance cardio and 15 minutes of yoga core before the kids woke up.  And then I got the call that it was a snow day!  So I also got a bit of a workout in shoveling the driveway and sidewalk in the afternoon.

On Thursdays I run.  Even when there is snow on the ground.  Pushing a stroller in snow is another ballgame, though.  Luckily a lot of the road had been cleared so I only had to run in snow on some roads or in some spots.  Pumpkin and I got in 3.68 miles (9:46 min/mile) and I rocked the patched up knee pants for the second run this week.

Stroller run in the snowThis morning I did a quick Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video because I had a little one watching me.  It’s only 25 minutes, which is about the length of time a toddler can tolerate momma working out and not paying attention to her.  But by the time I had finished she had dozed off on the couch.  She’s so cute!

I really like the 3 day run, 3 day cross train schedule and as long as I can get up before the kids it works out really well.


I also got the ridiculous idea to sign up for a DietBet this week.  I needed a bit of motivation to work off the few pounds I put on last year.  And I figured it would help me stick to my exercise plan when I don’t feel like waking up on cold, dark mornings.  So far so good.

We’re supposed to get some snow today, so tomorrow’s run should be fun!  I’ll tell you all about it next week!  Have a great weekend!


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Friday Fitness: Under the Weather

Phew!  I’m glad it’s Friday.  I’m ready for a little weekend relaxation!  My schedule was weird this week and winter showed up.  And I’m not feeling 100%.  Here’s hoping some family fun and maybe putting my feet up for a bit will do some good. 

Usually I run on Saturday, but not this week.  Hubby ran on Saturday.  I did a workout in the basement.  I did Tracy Anderson’s Dance Cardio and Metamorphosis workouts instead. 

Sunday was my run day this week.  And Sunday was the day Mother Nature decided that we should get our first taste of winter.

snow runningI was so happy some of my running buddies joined me despite the weather!  That’s me in the second row on the right.  One of the gals had 9 miles on her training schedule, so some of us stuck with her for support (10:30 min/mile).  I don’t really have a running agenda right now, so I just run whatever everyone else is running. 

Monday I woke up with a headache, which progressed into a sore throat and congestion.  The best I could muster was 20 minutes on the step machine.  And I went bowling.  And how two good games and one crappy one.

Tuesday was crazy cold!!!!  Normally I would put Pumpkin in the stroller and log some miles, but it was snowing and windy and the “feels like” temperature was in the single digits.  So, instead I waited until hubby got home from work and logged 3.37 miles (9:18 min/mile) in the slush and sun.

Tuesday run Thank goodness for the sun.

On Wednesday I slept in.  I forgot to set my alarm the night before so I didn’t wake up until Cupcake crawled into bed with me when her alarm went off.  So I missed my workout window.  And it was a jam packed day so I took an unplanned rest day.

Yesterday I had to stay home because we had a window crew coming, so there was no stroller run in the morning again.  But when hubby came home in the evening I threw dinner at the family and ran out the door to get 2.25 interval miles (8:43 min/mile) before the sun set.

I’m cranking out a bit of at home strength training this morning to finish off the week. I’m still feeling a bit congested, but I’m hoping to feel better this weekend! 

12565357_10208649449332931_7276167092007404977_nAnd hopefully next week I can put a bit more effort in. 


Let’s talk head colds.  Do you rest or run?


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Friday Fitness: Mid-December Report

It’s hard to believe we’re over halfway through December!  I’m not ready for Christmas, yet.  Are you?  I still have a few cards to put in the mail, a few more gifts to buy and a lot of wrapping to do!  Thankfully I still have a week to do it!  And I’ll be taking next week (and the week after) off from blogging to get that done as well as spend lots of time with my girls.  We have big plans.  Cupcake’s plans mostly consist of going to the museum. Pumpkin’s are to do puzzles.  I’ll also be trying to squeeze in some running time.  With having Cupcake home on break from school I’m not sure when I’ll be able to log the miles.

Saturday was long run day!  I was looking forward to logging some miles after having only a 5K the weekend before. 

#happyfeetNot everyone in the group wanted to run long, but we all set out together and when half the group was ready to turn back at 2 miles we all turned back.  When we hit 4 miles (and made it back to the start) half the group called it a day, the other half picked up the pace and kept running.  8 miles at 9:59 min/mile overall.  With negative splits.  Gotta love negative splits!  Oh, and notice the amount of bare skin being shown in December!  It was 60 degrees!!!!

And on Sunday I rest. 

I ended up taking Monday off as well.  I wasn’t feeling too well Sunday night and went to bed super early.  I was still a little iffy on Monday morning, so I took a much needed rest day.  I think the stress of last week (we found out Oscar has heart disease) caught up to me. 

Tuesday I hit the pavement again and it was good!  I almost skipped out on it because of not feeling well the day before and because I had work to do, but I’m so glad I went.  It felt good to get the heart pumping and it was good company.  A therapeutic run for sure!  3.25 (stroller pushing) miles at 10:30 min/mile.

#happyfeetWednesday I set the alarm and got my strength training in (mostly) before the girls woke up.  I did Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout, which is 55 minutes of body weight circuits.  It’s a tough one!  It really is a good workout, but I do get a bit annoyed at how she makes comments about how we’re working towards a sexy body.  Cause I’m really just working towards a strong one………….

On Thursday I got the crazy idea to run a bike path extension that goes down toward the main bike path along the river.  And when I say down I mean downhill.  And what goes downhill must come uphill.  And we know Thursday is a stroller running day……..  Thankfully I had a running buddy who loves that path join me.  It was great to have someone there to keep my pace up, distract me from the uphill battle and even volunteer to take over pushing on the uphill for a little bit!  We tackled 4.68 hilly miles at 9:59 min/mile


This morning I set the alarm again.  To let Jillian Michaels kick my butt again.  But this time I did the No More Trouble Zones workout.  Again, it’s a tough workout.  Again, I find some of her comments annoying.  But I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow!  (as if my abs weren’t still sore from Wednesday’s workout!)

Despite missing a day I’m pretty happy with the work I put in this week.  If you want to keep up with me while I take my blogging vacation I’m sure I’ll be on Instagram.  And occasionally Twitter.  And if you haven’t already done so you still have 2 days to enter my compression socks/sleeves giveaway

And have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I’ll see you in 2016!!!




Friday Fitness: Gift Ideas for Runners and a Giveaway

Happy Friday! I’m changing things up a bit this Friday by sharing with you some gift ideas for runners instead of my usual recap.  Though, I do want to brag a minute about Jingle Bell Run, which I ran on Saturday.  I told you last week I was hoping to PR, though wasn’t too sure I’d get one.  Well, I did it!  I finished the 5K in 26:07!  Shaving an entire minute off my previous PR and coming in 4th place in my age group.  It’s only the second 5K I’ve run this year, as I’ve been doing a lot of longer distance races.  It made me remember how fun it was to do the shorter distance!  OK, back to the gift ideas for runners!!!

Gift Ideas for Runners

  1.  Balega Hidden Comfort socks – OMG I love these socks!  Like LOVE these socks!!  I have a few pairs in fun colors and they are the softest, most comfortable socks.  There’s just enough cushion on the under side of the sock, but they’re not bulky. They’re moisture wicking and they don’t get lost in my shoes!
  2. Road ID – I’m still loving my Road ID!  I never take it off, so I’m always prepared. I have the Wrist ID Slim, as do the kids.  Hubby has the Shoe ID.  And now if you have a Fitbit you can get a Road ID to fit it!  With the wrist ID you can change up the color of your band or add badges to personalize it!
  3. Sparkly Soul headbands – These are my favorite headbands.  They’re the only ones that don’t slide off my head.  They’re stretchy all the way around, so they are snug, but they don’t squeeze my head.  And they’re sparkly!!!!
  4. Nathan Quick Draw handheld water bottle – I picked up one of these during my half marathon training. It was very handy on those long runs during the summer months.  And it was invaluable during the Rock’n’Roll half marathon where the temperatures were crazy high and the water stations were having a hard time keeping up with the demand. 
  5. Tune Belt arm band – If you carry your phone while you run (and you should!) you need a comfortable way to wear it.  I was so happy with my Tune Belt arm band that when I got a new phone that didn’t fit in my old arm band I bought the same one, just in a different size. 
  6. SLS3 compression sleeves – I’ve already talked about the benefits of compression for runners.  I’m still liking my SLS3 compression socks.  I’d like to give the sleeves a try, mainly so I can wear my Balega socks with them.  ;

And lucky for you I have another chance for you to win a pair of SLS3 compression sleeves or socks!  Use the rafflecopter below to enter!  But don’t worry, if you don’t win you can get 45% off with the code BLOG45.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Friday Fitness: Rainy Week

It’s Friday again!   Who has fun weekend plans?  I have the Jingle Bell Run tomorrow as well as Thirty-One Spring Product Premiere.  And it’s supposed to be nice outside so we’re going to put our outdoor Christmas decorations up.  Then I can stop walking around the bins full of lights in my kitchen.  😉

Well, so far December is taking it easy on us as far as weather goes.  It’s not been very cold, but we’ve seen a bit of precipitation this week.  Saturday, of course, is long run day.  And on long run day it was rainy!  Enough to make a few people back out of the group run, but I was so happy to see so many brave faces show up!

Rainy 7 mile runNot only did we run in the rain.  We ran hills.  And 7.25 miles (9:22 min/mile)!  They are awesome!

Sunday is the day of rest.

Monday I got up before the girls and got my total body strength training workout in. 

Tuesday was running day again.  And it rained again.  Thank goodness a friend is letting me borrow her weather shield for the BOB.

Rainy Tuesday runI did 3.12 miles (9:45 min/mile) then set off to run some errands with Pumpkin.

On Wednesday morning I got up to do my strength training.  As I was working on a HIIT ladder workout I started having some knee pain with squats and burpees, so I cut it short and did an ab workout instead.

That evening one of the local running stores had a Hot Chocolate run.  We started at the store, ran 4 miles circling back to the store where there was hot chocolate (from Panera!  with marshmallows!) waiting for us.  Saucony and Mizuno were there to let you take some shoes for a run. They gave coupon codes for apparel with donations and they gave away two door prizes (and my friend Kara won!).  We had a lot of fun!  Despite some nasty rain and sleet in the afternoon the weather was great for our run and we even saw snowflakes as we were heading back toward the store!

Hot chocolate runYesterday was the only day this week I finished my run dry (from weather)!  😉  Some gals met me on the bike path and we chatted our way through 5 miles.  The pace (10:28 min/mile) was good for chatting and for my little stroller buddy’s nap. 

Thursday runAnd we all wore pink shoes (except the boy in the stroller).

I’m taking today off. It’s not my usual rest day, but with the knee pain earlier in the week and the fact that I have a 5K tomorrow I’ve decided to give myself a little rest and recovery time.  I need to run the 5K fast because I have somewhere (20 minutes away) to be an hour after the race starts.  I’m looking for a new PR, but I’m not familiar with the course and I haven’t really been doing much speed work (other than increasing speed on long runs).  I’m just happy to have raised a bit of money for the Arthritis Foundation along side my sorority sisters.


Is anyone else jingling this weekend?  Have a great weekend, everyone!