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Our Gnome Home

So, have you guys seen all the gnome and fairy gardens popping up everywhere?  When I first saw a fairy garden I thought it was the cutest thing and would be a fun project to do with the girls.  We found some really cute supplies at Joann’s and one day I was there when they were all 60% off, so I thought I’d pick up a few pieces and start our own.  Because of the sale there were some things that were sold out.  Namely fairies.  But there were still cute gnomes, so a gnome home is what we created!

I had an old, large pot that hasn’t been used in a year or two and thought it would be the perfect place to build our gnome home.  The girls helped me fill up the pot with some soil and then we started arranging.  First we put a big spiky plant in the back and settled the treehouse next to it.

And then we rested our gnome just outside his front door.  Isn’t he cute?  Back behind him is a little bird house.  We were hoping to bring it a little more forward, but it needed the help of the plan to keep it from tipping over.  But now it’s like a cute little secret back there.

We added some purple flowers along the side and tucked in some cute little mushrooms.

There’s a nice welcoming path of little “wood slices” leading to the front door and a pet snail.  We have a pet snail so our gnome needed one, too.  With a few pink flowers behind the snail our gnome home is complete.  

The girls love having a gnome home in the backyard and they check on him often.  A nice lady I met while picking out my items told me that making little fairytale gardens is addictive and I think she might be right.  I could see making a few more of these around the yard.

Craft Room Update

The main reason for my recent IKEA trip was for my craft room.  It was high time I finally replaced the old, cheap tables I was using with a proper table.

Clean Craft RoomThese old tables came from the Target clearance section after back to school season.  At the time I was doing a lot of stamping and scrapbooking so I really needed a lot of table space.  And they were great for that.  Especially when I had friends over to join me.  They weren’t that great for sewing, though, because of the way I had to configure them to fit in the room.  I wanted my sewing machine, serger and coverstitch machine to all live on the table and there just wasn’t enough room down the line to fit them all.

Craft room updateTa da!!  3 machines, 1 table.  My dreams come true!  While I might miss the depth of the old table I am loving the length!!  Each machine has it’s own space, with plenty of room around it, so I don’t have to shift machines over.  And the table is so clean!!!  My old table had marker scribbles all over it.

Craft room updateSee that?  They look so pretty all lined up!!

Craft room updateI love that you can mix and match table tops and legs, so I went with the long table top, 3 metal legs and one storage unit.  I’m excited to have a place to store the little things like my snap press and snaps, iron on label maker, and other small tools that didn’t have a home. 

Craft room updateIn additional to the extra length the new table is sturdier.  I used to have issues with machines bouncing on the old thin tables.  No machine bouncing going on here!  I also added a rubber mat under the sewing machine to keep it from shifting and it’s working out great. 

Craft room updateAnd another new addition to the room is this chair.  It’s much more comfortable than my old chair, which was totally worn out. I had to add a pillow to it to make it somewhat comfortable.  And I thought I’d have some fun with it by getting the blue chair to match my blue cart. 

I’m much happier in my craft room now!  Good thing since I spend so much time in there!  Now, I’m off to sew!


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Let’s Go Shopping at IKEA

Last Friday Pumpkin and I did some IKEA shopping!!! It’s been a while since I’ve been there, which has been good for the pocketbook, but also made shopping more fun.  There’s so much new to see!!  And there were still some old favorites.  I took some pictures of things that caught my eye so let’s go shopping!

IKEA Living RoomI loved this living room set up.  And Pumpkin loved photobombing me.  I have similar striped pillows on my couch, so you know I love those!  I just loved the light, bright colors in here.  They got me excited about spring. I thought the blue couch was fun, though it’s probably not something I would put in my house.

IKEA craft areaI just loved this little craft area.  I would love to do something like this for the girls.  Maybe once we no longer have a kitchen in the play room?  The “tables” are actually the STUVA bench.  They are the perfect height for the MAMMUT chairs.  Cupcake would just love this set up.  She is my crafty girl.

Corner benchThis corner eating area looks like a great place to gather some girlfriends and chat!  The sign said this is a GRIMSLOV bench, but I’m not seeing it on the website.  I didn’t sit, so I’m not sure how comfortable it is, but I just love the way it looks.  And I’m sort of jealous I don’t have a space in my home for it!

IKEA kitchenI love the dark cabinets in this kitchen.  And I would love to have some bar seating in my kitchen, so this one drew me in.  Though I’m not a huge fan of the location of the sink, but where else would it go in this galley style kitchen?

IKEA kitchenThis picture didn’t come out that well, but I thought the built in handles of these drawers was kind of neat.  They are a pop of color in the white cabinets. 

IKEA kitchenLast kitchen.  I love the white with gray countertops!  And the glass front cabinets with all the lighting.  So bright and clean!  There was another kitchen with beautiful herringbone tile on the backsplash that would love great in here!  And again, I’d love to have some bar seating!

IKEA craft roomCheck out this craft area!!  Those back cabinets are holding bolts of fabric, so you know this seamstress was drawn to those.  I love the two tables across from each other.  Makes me wish I had someone to sew with.  Cupcake one day, perhaps. 

IKEA bedroomOne of the reasons we went to IKEA was to look for stuff for Pumpkin’s big girl room, which I’m slowly making progress on.  But I wanted to scratch the whole thing and just do this!  I love the daybed with the faux built-in look.  And it’s girly, which fits Pumpkin’s personality.  It’s just a sweet room for a sweet girl!

IKEA cow footstoolSpeaking of Pumpkin.  She just loved these cow print footstools.  Had to sit on all of them.  And she made me pet them because “they’re so fuzzy!!”  She also made me touch every sheepskin we passed.

IKEA light fixtureAnd where was this light fixture when I was redoing the master bathroom/vanity?  I’m not in love with the ones I got from Menard’s.  They take weird lightbulbs that keep going out. 

It was a good IKEA trip, until I waited in line for forever to check out!  Thankfully Pumpkin was super patient, but I was losing mine.  I was hangry.  She had eaten.  I had not.  And I was late meeting friends for lunch. 

So, yeah, I bought some stuff.  So be on the lookout for an update with what I bought!



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Craft Room Update – Pegboard!!

A while back I told you about a trip to the hardware store where Cupcake and I picked up some stuff for a new project.  But then I left you hanging.  Because I had some hanging to do.  And well, I needed some extra hands to help with hanging.  At least I thought I did.

Weeks went by and spiders made their home in my new piece of pegboard and I finally got annoyed at seeing it every time I came down to the craft room and I got tired of having a mess of sewing notions everywhere.  And I was waiting for my KnitFix fabrics to arrive, so i got to work on my craft room organization.

Clean Craft RoomAnd like the slacker blogger I can sometimes be I didn’t take a true before and after picture.  But as you can see above I had a black bookcase in the middle of my wall of storage.  I moved that bookcase over to the right so I had this blank space in the middle.  This freed up a lot of wall space!  The perfect place for a pegboard!!!

Craft Room Pegboard installation #diyI started by attaching two furring strips to the wall.  One for the top and one for the bottom of the pegboard.  I attached them to the studs with really long countersink screws.

Craft Room Pegboard installation #diyThen with the assistance of my ironing board and some scrap wood I attached the pegboard to the furring strips.  I used washers to make sure the screws didn’t go all the way through the pegboard holes.

Craft room with pegboardAnd then I got to hang everything!  The magnet board, the magnetic strip and the rail are all from IKEA.  The spool holder is from Joann’s. 

Craft room organization with Thirty-One #thirtyone #ohsnapbins #organization #craftroomI love my Oh Snap! Bins for organizing my notions and tools!!!  I was so happy these were on special last month so I could get this place organized.  All these notions were just tossed in one big bin before and it was really hard to find things (hence the reason I have so much elastic!).  The only downside is my scissors were a little too heavy for the bin, so I had to hang my Ginghers on a hook. 

But I love having all these tools within my reach.  And everything has a place!  And everything goes back to it’s place!  There’s actually already a change since I took this picture.  I picked up another spool rack at Joann’s last week when they were 50% off (with an additional 20% off your purchase coupon).  It’s for my serger cones and it’s sitting above the other thread rack.

Craft room with pegboardAnd the whole space.  It’s not Pinterest perfect, but it works perfect for me right now!  Well, except the tables.  I’d like new tables.  And one more pink Your Way Cube for that upper left square of my Expedit.  And well, I suppose I’d like it to be this clean again.  I’ve been sewing a lot lately…………


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Bye Bye Fluorescent Light!

Happy Wednesday!  It totally doesn’t feel like a Wednesday.  #longweekendproblems  I hope you had a great long weekend.  We had a great weekend at the lake.  I had hoped to get this post prescheduled before we left, but well, packing…….. 

So, remember when I painted the kitchen cabinets and then the light fixture stood out like a sore thumb?

Kitchen After - painted cabinets grey and white #DIYYeah, that big oak thing up there.  But well, I was doing things in phases.  And I wasn’t sure I wanted to tackle lighting in it’s awkward position, not knowing what the ceiling looked like underneath.

Then one day I decided I couldn’t look at the oak any more so I painted the box.

Painted Light FixtureAnd it was kind of nice that it blended in.  It still wasn’t my favorite light fixture, but well, it was less tacky looking.  But then one night, in the middle of the night, the plastic cover fell and broke.  And suddenly I had a project to work on

Kitchen lightLuckily I was able to see that the ceiling above the light looked to be in pretty good shape.  It has the texture like the rest of the ceiling.

kitchen lightSo I started out by taking the light bulbs out.  Then I removed the box, which was just held in place by two long screws. Then I had to pop the center cover off.

Kitchen lightAnd then I did a little happy dance because the hole in the ceiling didn’t look too large and it was centered in the light fixture.  So my plan was going to work!  Thank goodness because I was quite tired and sweaty from taking that light fixture down by myself.  And hubby was tired of flipping the light switch and no light appeared. 

Kitchen lightI picked up a few pieces of SANDA track lighting from IKEA and set to work.  This track was so easy to install.  Just a few screws to attach the clips to the ceiling, then you snap the track into the clips and done.

Kitchen lightAnd I realize I’m lacking in the photo department, but I also picked up a few lights to go on my track.  And the cord for the light was way long!  Like 71″ long.  And I really only needed like 12″.  So I enlisted the hubby to shorten the cord for me.

kitchen lightThen I had to attach the lamp to the line voltage adapter instead of the ceiling cup that it came with.  Once I got my cords in and the adapter put back together they just snapped into place on the track and we had light!

IKEA track lightI centered the two lights over the island, which is what I’ve always wanted.  And no their not quite the pendant lights I wanted, but this is the closest I could get without hiring an electrician.

IKEA SANDA track lightI do love having the light over the island!  And these lights are plenty bright!

IKEA SANDA track lightingI just had to patch the holes in the ceiling and I was done! 

I’m really happy with this solution.  Track lighting wasn’t my first choice, but it has definitely grown on me!  I like it! 

Now, I just need new countertops……………..