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Camera Strap Cover – A Tutorial

On Monday I posted this picture of some camera strap covers I made over the weekend.

They received a bit of interest, so I thought I’d share with you how I made them.  I’ve made about 7 or 8 of these in the last year and a half or so and I’ve got the process down (don’t be confused by my mess up, it was a measure twice, cut once issue)!  So much so that it took me about 30 minutes to whip up a new one, while taking photos along the way.

A friend of mine showed my a picture of a strap cover she liked back in the day and asked if I could make her one.  At the time there weren’t any tutorials floating around the internet, so I just kind of winged it and it worked!  This is not the only way to do it, it’s just the way I do it.

You need very little fabric for this project.  I use cotton for the cover, jersey knit for the ruffle.  Jersey knit doesn’t fray, so you don’t have to hem the edges!  Half a yard of fabric will yield you several strap covers!

I have a Nikon, so my measurements are based of the Nikon camera strap.  You can easily adjust the measurements to you camera strap, though.

My strap measures 20 inches between the two leather ends.

And 1.5″ wide.

So I cut my fabric at 2.5″.

And 21″.

You’ll need two of these strips.

I then cut my jersey knit.  I’m going for a two layer ruffle, so my wide ruffle I cut at 2″.

I cut the top ruffle at 1.5″.

I like my ruffles really ruffly, so I don’t cut them lengthwise.

With right sides together, stitch down one long end of your fabric strips.

I use a 1/4″ hem as I like my cover to be a bit wider than my strap so it’s easier to get on and off.

Press your seam open.

To finish the short ends fold up your fabric 1/4″ and press.

Fold it up again and press again.  Here’s the only part of the process where I use pins!

Repeat on the other end and then straight stitch both ends.

Now we’re going to ruffle.  Set your machine to the longest stitch length.

Stitch a straight line down the middle of each of your knit pieces, leaving extra thread on the ends to gather.  Do NOT backstitch!

Gather your fabric by gently pulling on the bottom thread.

Gather to the length of your strap.

Repeat the process with your top ruffle and center your skinny ruffle on top of your fat ruffle.

The ruffles can get a bit twisty, so make sure you untwist it as you go.  And make sure that the edges of your ruffle are pulled away from the center, since that’s where we’re going to stitch.

Line up the edge of your large ruffle with the seam you’ve stitched attaching the two pieces.  Return your stitch length to normal and stitch down the middle.

Take it slow to make sure your ruffle edges don’t try to creep back up into the middle.

Tucking your ruffle in, match your right sides together again to finish off the other long end.  You don’t want to catch any ruffle edges in your seam!

Stitch your tube, while keeping those ruffles safely tucked inside!

Flip your cover right side out.

Once I flip it out I go ahead and press it as it can get a bit twisty.  I just place the cover ruffle side down and press the backside (don’t press too hard!).

That’s, it!  You’re done!  Now admire your work!

Which color do you prefer?

And because this beat up thing has been on my camera too long……

(This was the 2nd camera strap cover I ever made)

I took a “Hey, I’m taking a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror” picture just for you to show off my new cover.

So hopefully if you are handy with a camera you are also handy with a sewing machine and can pretty up your camera strap!


p.s.  If you want a little more cushion on your strap cover cut a piece of fleece (fusible fleece works great) the same width and length as your straps and add it to the back side (non-ruffle side) of your cover.  My previous cover had the fleece in it and while it was more cushy it also made my neck sweaty so I opted not to use it this time.

Houston, We Have Problems!

Busy weekend!  I did lots of cleaning.  Fun!  I shampooed the most run over carpet in the house (living room) and all it did was make the stains more prominent.  But we rearranged the furniture so some stains are hidden and it actually looks quite good in there!  Everyone else in the house was napping during this process so I was alone for furniture removal.  Not a good idea!  I think I pulled a belly muscle.  Luckily hubby had awoken from his slumber by the time the carpet was dry and furniture was ready to be moved back in.  Unfortunately Cupcake was, too, and she really wanted to get in the way help.

I got to spend some time down in the craft room sewing.  Except that the pile of clothes that needed repaired was getting taller and my room was getting messier so I worked on the not so fun projects.  And then I had time to sew a camera strap cover.  And then I realized that my measurements were off and it was too narrow, but I wanted to save the ruffle, so my seam ripper saw a lot of use.  And then I whipped up two more (of the correct size!).  I only had enough yellow knit for one ruffled strap, so I thought I’d try something new with the scrap of yellow I had left.  I think it turned out pretty cute if I don’t say so myself!

Update: Want to make a camera strap cover for yourself?  Find my tutorial here.

Joann’s had a bunch four 50% off coupons in their circular that started yesterday, which was perfect timing because I had 4 things I wanted to buy at 50% off!!

And then I got busy painting them.  And then I ran out of paint on the last one.  And then they were drying outside when it suddenly started pouring down rain.  Out of nowhere. With no warning!!

I think they’ll be OK.  I thoroughly dried them off while my little helper ran around in the rain in just a diaper.  When I head back to Home Depot to return the broken bird feeder I purchased on Saturday I’ll pick up some more paint and continue on in the hopes that I can share with you the beauty they become!  Oh, and what you cannot see in this picture is that my car windows are down!  Yeah, I was in such a hurry to get the crates in that I didn’t even think about my car windows!  It wasn’t until 10 o’clock at night that I even realized they were still down.  At least I realized it then because it also rained over night.

I’m glad we got the rain, though.  It was desperately needed.  The grass is so crunchy that it hurts to walk on with bare feet.

I discovered that Instant Jello in makes delicious pudding pops.  And talk about easy!!

We learned that Cupcake can count to cinco in Spanish.  I guess counting the rice plants in her Dora the Explorer book over and over and over again has paid off!  I love how she says cuatro.

I kept the carpet shampooer handy for a bit just in case Oscar had any ideas about putting his stink on the fresh carpet (he’s been known to do that once or twice!), but luckily he didn’t leave me any carpet puddles to scrub.  He did, however, end up in the doghouse for destroying one of Cupcake’s toys that I crocheted for her before she was born.

I think this one is going to take me a while to get over.

I’m getting excited to move Cupcake into her big girl room.  It’s so close to being done!  The mattress set was delivered……….but there was one tiny problem.

Make that a big problem!  I ordered the low profile set.  I was not delivered the low profile set.  With as high as her bed sits off the floor plus the large boxspring and mattress it’s just too darn high off the ground for a 2 year old.  Hopefully the correct set is delivered before we go on vacation.  I need to figure out window treatments, finish my project that got rained on and get some stuff on the walls.  And I think she’ll be ready for move in day!

And hopefully she’ll be so excited about her new room she won’t fight nap time!  She did not nap yesterday, which makes for one CRANKY toddler in the evening.  At least we can get her to bed a bit early on days she doesn’t nap, so there was plenty of time for cookie baking last night!

Yesterday I forgot to put dinner in the Crock Pot in the morning, but it turned out that the potatoes that I needed for the recipe became a side dish to a different dinner earlier in the week, so it wouldn’t have worked out any way.  So for the first time in almost 2 years we had a pizza delivered!  And it was greasy and delicious!!!  And I have leftovers for lunch today!  With temperatures over 90 degrees this pregnant momma needs something to look forward to!!

How was your weekend?  Tell me the good and the bad.  But not the ugly, please!


I came, I saw, I pinned, I completed!

Pinterest.  You’re addicted, right?  You pin DIY projects, recipes, home decor inspiration, toddler friendly activities and in general waste hours of your life not doing anything productive.  Yeah, I’m addicted, too.  I’ve pinned over 1200 things.  You wanna see what I’m pinning?  Check me out……

I needed Pinterest.  I was a serial bookmarker.  But then everything just got lost.  Pictures help!  And when I have pictures I’m more likely to actually get around to making things!  I feel more organized.  I do fall into the trap, though, where I go on a huge pinning spree without actually doing anything.  At least I don’t fall into the trap of pinning million dollar houses that I will never own, though……………

Anywho, I wanted to share some Pinterest projects I’ve recently completed!!!!


I’m a sucker for new recipes.  I hate eating the same old thing over and over.  I’m always looking for something new to add into the mix.  First up, breakfast burritos!  This recipe was courtesy of Mom On Timeout.  I started making this recipe just as a storm started moving our way.  Picture me with a dozen eggs being scrambled, bacon baked, sausage browned, and a lot of cheese at the ready and freaking out that the power is going to go out!  Luckily it didn’t and burritos were made!

They were yum!  Hubby is loving having these in the freezer for a quick breakfast before work.  The original recipe says to cook for 3 minutes, but even with our almost new, usually too high powered microwave they weren’t cooking through, so we had to add some cook time.  But I still give them a thumbs up!

Now this is the recipe that got me all giddy!  Avocado Chicken Salad courtesy of Becoming Betty.  It contained 3 of my favorite ingredients: avocado, lime and cilantro.  The recipe calls for green onion, but strangely I didn’t have any on hand, so I omitted it, but I don’t think I was missing out.

This photo doesn’t do it any justice…………because it is day 2 of the chicken salad.  And we all know how avocados feel about being exposed to air for a day!  But I still devoured it!  This could easily become my  new go to lunch recipe.  And I especially enjoyed eating it on pita, which is a bit of a treat for me!  Yep, this one is a keeper!!!


These are the pins I usually have a harder time getting to since they are typically more time consuming, but that’s what nap time is for, right?  First up is a dress from A Small Snippet.  I found some tank tops on clearance at Gap for $0.99  that I thought would be perfect for this project.  And I was right!

I loved the print of this fabric. So colorful and bold!  It was really easy to make.  I have another tank waiting to be made into a dress as well, but I think I’ll try to find a more flowy fabric for the skirt.  This cotton is a little stiff and poofy, so it just makes this pregnant lady look like a blimp.  I think I’ll wait until my belly shrinks before wearing it out in public!

On the quick project list were these Jersey Knit Bracelets from V and Co.  These were super simple and came together in minutes!  And can be done with a toddler in the room without having to fight her off!  And because she was so good she got one, too!

Aren’t we cute with our matchy matchy bracelets?  Cupcake was super excited mommy made her a “pretty.”  At least for a day.  And then she stretched hers out and threw it in the toy box.  I love my 2 year old.  🙂

So that’s the round up for now.  I’ve got a few more projects on the waiting list, supplies on hand to work on here soon and I’ll be sure to share them with you when I finish!

What have you pinned and completed lately?


Envelope Back Pillowcase – A Tutorial

So when you come down off your sugar high after frosted cupcakes and iced sugar cookies why not bust out the sewing machine for a quick and easy project!  I wanted to bring in a bit more color in the guest bedroom.  I know, I know, you haven’t seen the guest room, yet, but it’s not done!!!  You’ve seen the window treatments.  You’ve seen the painting process.  I’ve done some furniture painting that I suppose I should show you…………  But today, today it’s pillows.  I’ve got a quick and easy envelope back pillowcase tutorial for you!

With all the blue and white in the room I wanted to bring a bold color in.  Orange was the winner!  I’ve already brought a few orange pieces in and now I have orange pillows!

I started with these 20″x20″ pillows I got super cheap at IKEA.

I cut my fabric to 42″ x 21″

To determine how big to cut your fabric take the width of pillow and add an inch for seam allowance.  That’s your first measurement.  Then take that number and double it to determine your length.  This will give you enough fabric to overlap.  If you want a little snugger pillowcase add another inch or two.

I serged my (short) edges.  (If you don’t have a serger just zig zag stitch down the ends to prevent fraying)

I then created a hem on one side (this will be the outside).

Mark the middle of your fabric and fold your hemmed end to it.

Then fold the other end over so that your pillowcase measures the width of your pillow and pin in place (it’s a good idea to pin down the opening as well, so when you move to your machine you don’t get slack in the fabric).

See how your fabric overlaps?

Stitch down each size with a half inch seam allowance.

Flip your pillowcase right-side out and insert your pillow.

Ta da!

A view from the back.


And look how pretty they look on the bed!  (see more orange over there?!?!?!)

Close up!


If you don’t have much (or any) sewing experience, but are looking for a simple project to start this is a great one.  They don’t take much time at all and there are just a few stitches!


Nap Time Craft Time: Baby Doll Diapers

This has been a common occurrence in this house.

I’ve often found Cupcake “changing her baby’s diaper” with one of her diapers.  Sometimes when she’s playing in the living room, sometimes when she’s supposed to be sleeping (complete with a coconut oil mess all over herself and her bed!), so I thought it was about time her baby dolls got some diapers of their own.

To the interwebs!  Seriously I was not going to reinvent the wheel with this one.  A pattern maker I am not.  The good news is I immediately found a pattern that seemed like it was exactly what I was looking for at Skip to My Lou.

The even better news was I could use scraps of fabric for it!!!  Yay!!!

The directions suggested using two pieces of flannel for the diapers, but I had other plans!  I used flannel on the outside and fleece on the inside.  That made them a little more like her real cloth diapers which are lined in fleece or suedecloth.  And I didn’t have any solid color flannel on hand.

First things first, though.  One must clean up the mess from the last crafting project they’ve done to make room to work on the current craft project.

I’m not the only one who has this problem, right?

OK, so I’ve cleaned off my table, print and cut out my pattern and fabric, let’s sew!!

These little things seriously took less than 2 minutes to stitch around!  Miniature sewing projects make for quick gratification!!

In the original pattern it is suggested just to stitch a small piece of Velcro to either side of the front and on both flaps.  Well, some of her dolls are bigger than others and since we’re a one-sized, adjustable diaper loving family I went with a strip of Velcro all the way across the front.

Does the fabric look familiar?

Mr. Giraffe makes a great model, doesn’t he?

So, seriously I whipped up 5 of these things in no time flat!  So why stop there?  I grabbed some more scrap fabric and whipped up a quick diaper bag!

It’s not the fanciest thing ever (and I didn’t have enough cotton to make the strap match, but the inside is fleece lined!) but it holds the diapers and wipes.  Yeah, that’s right she got some wipes, too.  With their very own case!!

I found a cute little idea for a wipes case over at Craftaholics Anonymous.

I have one happy 2 year old!  We’ve spent a lot of time changing baby’s diapers (although I think we need more wipes as baby seems to need at least 4 per change) and then going for a walk in the stroller.

Note the diaper bag placement!  That kid cracks me up!


What have you crafted lately?