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Nap Time!

Well, not exactly.  I finished my sewing project!  You know the one I showed you the fabric for.  I used the fabric to make a nap mat for Cupcake.  Since she will no longer be sleeping in the pack and play at the lake house and will be sleeping on a cot I thought she needed a nap mat to go with it.  Something to make it a little more comfy.

I found a great tutorial for it over at Sew4Home.  I actually bought the fabric a week or two before the birthday party, but had to put it aside until the Bee Day Celebration happened.  Oh, I hate when I buy fabric and can’t play with it right away!!!  So the first opportunity post-party I had I got to work.  This project was probably one of the more difficult projects I’ve done.  I even found it trickier than adjusting Halloween costumes for a dachshund.  It was all straight lines, which was nice, but there was a lot of material………..and binding!!!!!

The one other time I tried to bind a blanket it turned into a disaster!!  Here goes nothing!!!

And then there was the part where I tried to stuff a bunch of fabric and batting through a tiny opening under the arm of my machine and tried to stitch a straight line.

Yeah, that was the part where I bent my needle.  Oops!

I also got a great arm workout!  I did find that if I guided the top with my right hand and the bottom with my left I was able to get the fabric through pretty well.  I did have to stop every so often and smash all that extra fabric under the arm.

(It was important to finish this step while Cupcake was napping because I didn’t want my ink to disappear before I finished quilting it!)

The finished product!!!

All rolled up and ready to go to the lake!

Toddler test drive at home………

And dachshund approved!!

We’re still at the lake (where the internet connection isn’t so great) so I’ll have to update you how it went when we get home.


UPDATE:   Toddler approved!!!  Cupcake loves her new nap mat.  She was more than happy to sleep on it during nap time and night time.  Sometimes she got a little wonky, but that’s just her style.


What a Tease!

I’m hoping if I show you this picture of some fabric I washed last night that it will help put the fire under my butt to work on my project with it.  I’d really like the project done before Saturday, so if you could just cheer me on a bit that’d be great!

Any guesses as to what I’m making??????????

Hint: The solid color is fleece. The two prints are flannel.

I’m Short

I’ve had this problem all my life.  I don’t think it’s going to get any better any time soon, so I better learn how to live with it right?

So here’s my dilemma.  I needed some jeans.  I had three pairs of maternity jeans from my first pregnancy.  Two pairs were sized (Old Navy and Gap) and one pair was a medium (Motherhood).  They were all petite length, but the two pairs that were sized were the perfect length.  The medium pair were too short.  I could only wear them with flip flops or flats.  I could survive on two pairs of jeans especially since I’ll spend most of my pregnancy in warm weather, but the sized jeans are currenlty two sizes too big since I started this pregancy just over 10 pounds lighter than the last.

I can’t not have jeans!  Especially since we’ve still had some chilly days.  And I wanted a good fitting pair with a comfortable panel.  The material of the panel from Motherhood is my favorite.  So off to the mall I went!  And I found a great fitting pair of jeans!  The problem: too long or too short!  So I bought the too long ones with a mission ahead of me………..hemming them!!

These are the tallest shoes I wear……..yeah not going to work.

And I’m not a fan of this look.

So I needed to chop this much off………..

Well, I decided to not really chop them off because I won’t be wearing them all that long and when all is said and done (this is my last pregnancy) maybe someone taller than me would like them.  So this is how short I wanted them.

I measured how wide the original hem was and measured up to there.

And folded……..

And sewed……..

You can see I stitched just below the original hem.

If these weren’t just maternity jeans, but ones that I would be keeping for years I would’ve cut the leftover fabric and serged the cut ends.  Instead I just stitched the extra fabric up.

Ta da!!!!!!

Much more better!  Now momma’s got a pair of comfy, good fitting jeans!!!!


Does anyone else have this problem of regular sized pants being too long, but petite being too short?

Nap Time Craft Time: Circle Skirt

I’ve been wanting to do this project for a while.  I found a great tutorial over on MADE forever ago and just haven’t had the materials needed.  So the other day I was really itching to sew something and I saw that notions were 50% off at Joann’s.  Off I went to buy some fabric and colored elastic!!

I came home and got straight to work!  OK, I lied.  I came home and threw my new fabric in the washer, then the dryer and waited until nap time and then got to work!  I found some packaging paper to draw my template on.  Luckily Cupcake’s waist measurement was close to the example in the tutorial, so I didn’t have to do any math (not that I’m not good at math.  So here’s my (wrinkly) template pinned to my (adorable) fabric.

A few quick snips and I was left with this!

I was nervous that that inner hole was not going to be big enough to get over Cupcake’s cloth diaper booty, but I kept working……..  eenie, meenie, miney, mo…


Oh, oh, oh…………did I mention I brought out the big guns for this project?

This thing scares the crap out of me!  And I don’t even have to thread it.  It’s been threaded since the day my momma gave it to me.  It just makes me nervous!  So many dials……..  it’s just different………  but look what it can do!!

I serged both the waist and the bottom hem of the skirt to prevent my fabric from fraying (and it looks pretty!).

I pulled my elastic and started sewing……

Finished off the hem……

And ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ain’t she cute?!?!?!

I couldn’t hardly wait for Cupcake to wake up from her nap to try it on!!!  And she loved it!!  You know you want to see some toddler twirls!!!!

Have you made any cute projects lately?