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Nap Time Craft Time: A Bunting for Baby

I was perusing the aisles of Hobby Lobby one morning with the intent of finding items to make an I Spy bag for Cupcake.  I was happily ogling fabric when I came across two pieces of fabric that were meant to be in a fat quarter bundle.  And I was all “come to momma!!!!” but I couldn’t find the rest of the bundle.  And I couldn’t find another bundle with those pieces in it.  I was devastated.  And then my toddler ran down the back aisle and I had to chase after her all 9 months pregnant.  Luckily she had a bag of beads in her hand that were making a jingling noise so I could follow her by using my supersonic momma hearing.  And then we left.

Sad day for crafty momma.  Sigh.

And then Cupcake actually took a nap (a long one) on Sunday afternoon and I had no idea what to do with myself.  I had a project in mind, but I didn’t have any fabric for it.  I really wish I had a fabric store in my craft room.  But alas I don’t have the storage space (or monetary resources) to just buy fabric and hold on to it waiting for the perfect project.

Luckily I’m a super nice wife and when hubby didn’t feel like taking Oscar to get his nails clipped I volunteered!  Joann’s is in the same strip mall.  Sneaky, sneaky.

I scanned the quilting fabric wall.  I couldn’t decide on anything.  Nothing was appealing to me.  I wanted something a little modern or bright or something with some plum and different patterns.  The only fabric I liked was polka dots.  So I checked out the fat quarters.  Still nothing.  But then, I remembered……….they have an end cap with fat quarter bundles!  I moseyed over (or waddled, whatever you want to call it) and low and behold…………I saw the same two fabrics I was feverishly searching for at Hobby Lobby!!!!!!  This time they had all their friends with them!  And they were mine!  I bought two!

Wanna know which two pieces I loved?


I saw Dana’s tutorial over on Made to make a scalloped bunting and I knew H2.0 needed one!  I now had the fabric to do it!  To make my circle template I used a paint can lid.  It measures about 6 1/4″ around.

I was able to get 3 circles from each fat quarter.  I picked 4 fat quarters to make my scallops and one to make my bias tape.

In Dana’s tutorial she cut her template in a half circle……..I went ahead and did full circles.

I stitched them all the way around and got really dizzy from going in circles over and over and over.

And cut them in half.

And snipped the curves, flipped them right side out and ironed them.

I made bias tape.

And then sandwiched my half circles in my bias tape and stitched and stitched and stitched until I reached the end.

How cute is that?

I’m so excited to hang this sweet, girly bunting in baby’s room.  It will also make a great photography prop, so don’t be surprised if you see it again.

Oh, and I only used half my half circles and half my bias tape, so I can totally make another one!!!!

And speaking of baby…………..

It’s Fall Y’all!

Thank goodness!  I’m done with the heat!  This pregnant momma is welcoming the cooler temperatures with open arms.  If it’s not a million degrees outside we can actually go out there!!!

We can walk to the park and have a picnic!

And we can show the younger kids how to go down the slide.

We had a nice afternoon of fun at the park in our neighborhood on Friday.  Joanna and Sweetey Petey joined us for some fun!

We’ve been enjoying delicious, juicy peaches before they’re gone for the winter.

I got snap happy with my veggies while making my first batch of soup for the fall.



It’s a good thing I made some homemade bread because the soup wasn’t that great.

It was a new recipe.  A bit bland.  I’m not upset, though.  There’s plenty more fall to come.  Plenty more time for making soup.

Hubby had to get his hands dirty and fix a constantly running toilet.  A non-working toilet on the first floor of the house does not a happy pregnant woman make.  Cupcake was glad to help.

I’ve been commissioned by my neighbor, who is a Girl Scout Troup Leader, to sew patches on vests, so I got the first round of those done.  Before their next meeting! And before baby #2 arrives!  Woo hoo!  I also finished Cupcake’s Halloween costume.  But I’m not telling you what it is, yet.  I also started on H2.0’s costume. I’m also not telling you what it is, but I’ll show you the mess it’s making!

Remind me to never use such fuzzy fabric again!  It was all over me!  And it’s all over the floor!  And it was going down my throat and up my nose and floating in my water and covering every inch of my work table!  I’m going to have a LOT of cleaning to do when this costume is completed!

Speaking of cleaning up, remind me to not by freeze dried berries for Cupcake any more.  It’s too messy!

Good thing it was bath night!!

I’ve decided hubby needs to start coming home every day to put Cupcake down for her nap.  Apparently she’ll nap when he tells her to, but not when I do.  She’s been fighting it ever since we took her pacifier away (2 or 3 weeks ago), but I don’t think she’s ready to give it up.  She can’t make it through the evening without several meltdowns on days she doesn’t nap.  She also cannot go on a 5 minute car ride without falling asleep on days she doesn’t nap.  And it all started when we took the pacifier away, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  Her black out curtains weren’t hanging for a few days while I was spray painting her hardware so maybe that had something to do with it, too………….

And I’m just waiting, now.  38 weeks and counting.  H2.0 could be here any day now.  Cupcake came a few days early, so it makes me think this one will, too.  There’s been progress as far as dilation goes and though it doesn’t tell you when you’ll go into labor it makes me glad to know the contractions I’ve been having are doing something.  There are a few more things I’d like to get done before she comes (like get our washing machine fixed, celebrate our wedding anniversary, finish her Halloween costume), but I’d also like her to get off my bladder.


Hey, do you have any great soup recipes?  Apparently I could use a few!

Cupcake’s Chalkboard Table Cloth

So I showed you how I made bias tape out of a fat quarter and that I also made a project with it.  And then I left you hanging.  Have you been dying to find out what I made?  I hope so!  Well, here it is!  Cupcake’s chalkboard table cloth!!!

So Cupcake has this cute little table from IKEA that she likes to sit at and read, color, snack, etc.  You’ve seen it when she’s mess free finger painting, messy painting, or using the chairs to sneak cookies off the kitchen counter.  I thought it would be fun to give her another option for using the table.  Last week I discovered that they make chalkboard fabric and it’s sold at my local Joann Fabrics store!!!!  I was planning on making a trip there anyway to pick up the rest of the fabric for her Halloween costume since I had some coupons that were about to expire, so I snuck over to the utility fabric section and found it!  It’s only $4.99 a yard!!!  What a deal!!

So I measured her table.  And cut my fabric to size.

(Look I have leftover fabric to play with!!!!!!!!!!)

And stitched my double fold bias tape around the outside using a denim needle.  The fabric is thick, so it’s best to use a sturdier needle.  Also, once you start sewing there’s no going back.  The holes will forever be there, so don’t mess up!  I opted for a zig zag stitch because I thought it would be fun and because I was using the cheater method of sewing bias tape (meaning I just sandwiched it over the edge of my chalkboard fabric and started to sew instead of opening it up and sewing the back first).  And I ran out of thread on my bobbin with less than an inch to go!!!

I also took the easy way out and just folded my raw edge under and finished stitching instead of cutting off the excess, stitching the two ends together and stitching the rest of it down.  I’m lazy practical like that.

A perfect fit!!!

Don’t mind the wrinkles.  You can’t iron this stuff (it’ll melt) and it worked itself out after sitting on the table for a day or two.

Make sure you prep it before you write.

Have fun, Cupcake!

And just like you do when we color with coloring books and crayons get in on my side.

This was such an easy project.  Once my bias tape was made I whipped this up in no time!

When not in use you can roll it up.  Don’t fold it or it will crease.  And buy better chalk than what I have.


Have you ever made anything with chalkboard fabric? If so, what? 

Camera Strap Cover – A Tutorial

On Monday I posted this picture of some camera strap covers I made over the weekend.

They received a bit of interest, so I thought I’d share with you how I made them.  I’ve made about 7 or 8 of these in the last year and a half or so and I’ve got the process down (don’t be confused by my mess up, it was a measure twice, cut once issue)!  So much so that it took me about 30 minutes to whip up a new one, while taking photos along the way.

A friend of mine showed my a picture of a strap cover she liked back in the day and asked if I could make her one.  At the time there weren’t any tutorials floating around the internet, so I just kind of winged it and it worked!  This is not the only way to do it, it’s just the way I do it.

You need very little fabric for this project.  I use cotton for the cover, jersey knit for the ruffle.  Jersey knit doesn’t fray, so you don’t have to hem the edges!  Half a yard of fabric will yield you several strap covers!

I have a Nikon, so my measurements are based of the Nikon camera strap.  You can easily adjust the measurements to you camera strap, though.

My strap measures 20 inches between the two leather ends.

And 1.5″ wide.

So I cut my fabric at 2.5″.

And 21″.

You’ll need two of these strips.

I then cut my jersey knit.  I’m going for a two layer ruffle, so my wide ruffle I cut at 2″.

I cut the top ruffle at 1.5″.

I like my ruffles really ruffly, so I don’t cut them lengthwise.

With right sides together, stitch down one long end of your fabric strips.

I use a 1/4″ hem as I like my cover to be a bit wider than my strap so it’s easier to get on and off.

Press your seam open.

To finish the short ends fold up your fabric 1/4″ and press.

Fold it up again and press again.  Here’s the only part of the process where I use pins!

Repeat on the other end and then straight stitch both ends.

Now we’re going to ruffle.  Set your machine to the longest stitch length.

Stitch a straight line down the middle of each of your knit pieces, leaving extra thread on the ends to gather.  Do NOT backstitch!

Gather your fabric by gently pulling on the bottom thread.

Gather to the length of your strap.

Repeat the process with your top ruffle and center your skinny ruffle on top of your fat ruffle.

The ruffles can get a bit twisty, so make sure you untwist it as you go.  And make sure that the edges of your ruffle are pulled away from the center, since that’s where we’re going to stitch.

Line up the edge of your large ruffle with the seam you’ve stitched attaching the two pieces.  Return your stitch length to normal and stitch down the middle.

Take it slow to make sure your ruffle edges don’t try to creep back up into the middle.

Tucking your ruffle in, match your right sides together again to finish off the other long end.  You don’t want to catch any ruffle edges in your seam!

Stitch your tube, while keeping those ruffles safely tucked inside!

Flip your cover right side out.

Once I flip it out I go ahead and press it as it can get a bit twisty.  I just place the cover ruffle side down and press the backside (don’t press too hard!).

That’s, it!  You’re done!  Now admire your work!

Which color do you prefer?

And because this beat up thing has been on my camera too long……

(This was the 2nd camera strap cover I ever made)

I took a “Hey, I’m taking a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror” picture just for you to show off my new cover.

So hopefully if you are handy with a camera you are also handy with a sewing machine and can pretty up your camera strap!


p.s.  If you want a little more cushion on your strap cover cut a piece of fleece (fusible fleece works great) the same width and length as your straps and add it to the back side (non-ruffle side) of your cover.  My previous cover had the fleece in it and while it was more cushy it also made my neck sweaty so I opted not to use it this time.

Houston, We Have Problems!

Busy weekend!  I did lots of cleaning.  Fun!  I shampooed the most run over carpet in the house (living room) and all it did was make the stains more prominent.  But we rearranged the furniture so some stains are hidden and it actually looks quite good in there!  Everyone else in the house was napping during this process so I was alone for furniture removal.  Not a good idea!  I think I pulled a belly muscle.  Luckily hubby had awoken from his slumber by the time the carpet was dry and furniture was ready to be moved back in.  Unfortunately Cupcake was, too, and she really wanted to get in the way help.

I got to spend some time down in the craft room sewing.  Except that the pile of clothes that needed repaired was getting taller and my room was getting messier so I worked on the not so fun projects.  And then I had time to sew a camera strap cover.  And then I realized that my measurements were off and it was too narrow, but I wanted to save the ruffle, so my seam ripper saw a lot of use.  And then I whipped up two more (of the correct size!).  I only had enough yellow knit for one ruffled strap, so I thought I’d try something new with the scrap of yellow I had left.  I think it turned out pretty cute if I don’t say so myself!

Update: Want to make a camera strap cover for yourself?  Find my tutorial here.

Joann’s had a bunch four 50% off coupons in their circular that started yesterday, which was perfect timing because I had 4 things I wanted to buy at 50% off!!

And then I got busy painting them.  And then I ran out of paint on the last one.  And then they were drying outside when it suddenly started pouring down rain.  Out of nowhere. With no warning!!

I think they’ll be OK.  I thoroughly dried them off while my little helper ran around in the rain in just a diaper.  When I head back to Home Depot to return the broken bird feeder I purchased on Saturday I’ll pick up some more paint and continue on in the hopes that I can share with you the beauty they become!  Oh, and what you cannot see in this picture is that my car windows are down!  Yeah, I was in such a hurry to get the crates in that I didn’t even think about my car windows!  It wasn’t until 10 o’clock at night that I even realized they were still down.  At least I realized it then because it also rained over night.

I’m glad we got the rain, though.  It was desperately needed.  The grass is so crunchy that it hurts to walk on with bare feet.

I discovered that Instant Jello in makes delicious pudding pops.  And talk about easy!!

We learned that Cupcake can count to cinco in Spanish.  I guess counting the rice plants in her Dora the Explorer book over and over and over again has paid off!  I love how she says cuatro.

I kept the carpet shampooer handy for a bit just in case Oscar had any ideas about putting his stink on the fresh carpet (he’s been known to do that once or twice!), but luckily he didn’t leave me any carpet puddles to scrub.  He did, however, end up in the doghouse for destroying one of Cupcake’s toys that I crocheted for her before she was born.

I think this one is going to take me a while to get over.

I’m getting excited to move Cupcake into her big girl room.  It’s so close to being done!  The mattress set was delivered……….but there was one tiny problem.

Make that a big problem!  I ordered the low profile set.  I was not delivered the low profile set.  With as high as her bed sits off the floor plus the large boxspring and mattress it’s just too darn high off the ground for a 2 year old.  Hopefully the correct set is delivered before we go on vacation.  I need to figure out window treatments, finish my project that got rained on and get some stuff on the walls.  And I think she’ll be ready for move in day!

And hopefully she’ll be so excited about her new room she won’t fight nap time!  She did not nap yesterday, which makes for one CRANKY toddler in the evening.  At least we can get her to bed a bit early on days she doesn’t nap, so there was plenty of time for cookie baking last night!

Yesterday I forgot to put dinner in the Crock Pot in the morning, but it turned out that the potatoes that I needed for the recipe became a side dish to a different dinner earlier in the week, so it wouldn’t have worked out any way.  So for the first time in almost 2 years we had a pizza delivered!  And it was greasy and delicious!!!  And I have leftovers for lunch today!  With temperatures over 90 degrees this pregnant momma needs something to look forward to!!

How was your weekend?  Tell me the good and the bad.  But not the ugly, please!