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Izzy Top

A few months ago I picked up some cute Art Gallery fabrics at a great local sewing shop.  The girls were with me and they picked out their favorite prints.  I bought 1.5 yards of each fabric with no real plan in mind.  I typically sew with knits so I really had no idea what I was going to do with these woven fabrics.  Fast forward to this weekend.  I finally figured out what to do with the fabric!

I made both girls an Izzy Top!  I was so excited when I found this free pattern on Craftsy.  And bonus because it came in a large enough size range for both girls.

Izzy Top #sewingOf course Pumpkin picked a cute floral print.  She loves bright colors and flowers. 

Izzy Top #sewingThis top comes together really quick!  Even though the top is lined and you have to iron I was able to whip up two of these in one evening.

Izzy Top #sewingAnd of course Cupcake had to pick a fabric with green in it.  It is her favorite color! 

Izzy Top #sewingBoth girls love their new top.  I love them, too!  And I was glad we had unseasonably warm weather this weekend so the girls could wear them!  And here I thought I was being a little silly for sewing short sleeved shirts in December!

I see a few more Izzy Tops in their future!

Snowflake the Bear

I took a break from my usual clothes sewing to make a bear.  A great local sewing shop, Sew Dayton, is having a bear contest.  They’re using the bears to decorate their window for the holidays.  And the winner of the contest gets a gift card.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some fun with a great local shop.  And the chance to win a gift card!

Snowflake the BearI looked through my stash of patterns and discovered I didn’t have a bear pattern. I don’t typically sew stuffed toys.  So I perused the interwebs and discovered a free pattern from McCall’s for a patchwork bear.

Snowflake the bearSo, I started with a free pattern, then shopped my stash for some fabric.  I found these two cute fabrics that were leftover from my snowman table runner.  And I just so happened to have some safety eyes, a scrap of black felt for the nose, and some green ribbon in the stash, so this was a free project.  Oh, and poly-fill.  I have lots of poly-fill in my craft room.  😉

Snowflake the bearI had no issues with the pattern itself.  The directions, though, I changed up a bit.  First it tells you to prepare a few pieces according to the general directions.  But there are no general directions.  And it has you attach the nose and eyes after assembly.  I chose to attach them before stuffing the head.  Which was a necessity as I was using safety eyes and not buttons, as recommended in the directions. 

Also, I wasn’t a fan of attaching the arms by hand stitching on the outside.  But it would have been quite difficult to sew them into the side seam.

Snowflake the bearOverall I’m happy with how it turned out!  The girls thought it was pretty cute, too, and gave it the name Snowflake.  They had so much fun taking Snowflake to the store with me to be put in the window. 

Baby and Me Brooklyn Dresses

Yes, I’ve been sewing for Pumpkin again. It’s just too easy!  She loves dresses, her dresses are small, so they don’t take long and they don’t use a lot of fabric.  And she makes a lot of fabric store trips with me when Cupcake is at school, so she’s been picking out fabric.  Baby and Me Brooklyn Dresses On a recent fabric store trip she picked out this fun zebra print knit and asked for a twirly dress.  I’m a pushover so of course I said yes!  We picked it up a day or two before the new Made for Mermaids Brooklyn dress was released, so once the fabric was washed and ready to go I decided to try something new (instead of the usual Pippa)!

Baby and Me Brooklyn DressesI almost didn’t buy this pattern because it does seem similar to Pippa, especially when doing the gathered skirt, but it was on sale and it had a matching doll dress and I was feeling adventurous, so I sprung for both patterns.  The flutter sleeves did it for me.  I’ve never sewn anything with flutter sleeves and Pumpkin just seems like a flutter sleeves kind of girl!

Baby and Me Brooklyn DressesPockets were a fun bonus, too.  So, I had my zebra print fabric, but I needed a little something to pair with it.  Luckily I had this dark fuchsia cotton spandex knit from Girl Charlee on hand.  In preparation of the cold weather on it’s way I went with long sleeves on this dress and I added a matching pair of Bonny Leggings.

Baby and Me Brooklyn DressesThe best part, though, according to Pumpkin is that her Baby Stella doll (who she calls Rosie) got a matching dress!  The doll dress comes with 15″ and 18″ doll patterns, so I used the 15″ pattern for Rosie, as she’s a 15″ doll.  The fit on the neck is a little big and the sleeves are a tad too long, but for the most part it worked and Pumpkin loves when she and Rosie match.

Baby and Me Brooklyn DressesAnd the girls that wearing zebra dresses together twirl together. 


And I’ve already bought more fabric to make more Brooklyn dresses for Pumpkin.  And Rosie.

Pippa and Bonny

I had last week off from work, so I was able to squeeze in some fun sewing!  Mostly for Pumpkin.  She’s fun to sew for!  Since she’s so little I don’t need a lot of time or a lot of fabric to whip up some cuteness for her!  So, I dug through the stash of fabric and decided on a Pippa Peplum and pair of Bonny Leggings to make the most adorable outfit for Pumpkin!

Pippa Peplum and Bonny Leggings with Gircl Charlee KnitFix fabricIsn’t she adorable?  I can’t stand it! 

Pumpkin LOVES her twirly dresses (Pippa Peplum with circle skirt) but I didn’t have enough of this fabric (from Girl Charlee KnitFix) for a dress after having used it for my twirly dress.  But I was determined to use the last of this fabric to make something adorable!  Luckily I was able to squeeze out a Pippa Peplum top!  I did have to piece the back instead of cut it on the fold to make it work.

Pippa Peplum and Bonny Leggings with Gircl Charlee KnitFix fabricShe loves it so much she had to twirl!  Girl loves to twirl.

The fabric for the leggings was also one of my favorite KnitFix fabrics.  I’ve already made a twirly dress from it and have plenty leftover.  I realized the pink polka dots are the same color as the pink and the flowers and I knew I wanted to pair the two fabrics together.

Pippa Peplum and Bonny Leggings with Gircl Charlee KnitFix fabricThankfully we had some beautiful weather last week, so she was able to wear this adorable outfit and play model for me.  And by play model I mean she went on a leaf hunt and twirl party at the park a I took her picture.

Pippa Peplum and Bonny Leggings with Gircl Charlee KnitFix fabricWhat a ham!

Even though I don’t have any more of this amazing floral fabric I’m loving this peplum and leggings combo, so I’m going to have to find some more beautiful fabrics to add more adorable outfits to her wardrobe.  Good thing KnitFix comes out again tomorrow! 

Pippa Peplum and Bonny Leggings with Girl Charlee Knitfix fabric

The Ghost and the Witch

Happy Monday!  How was your Halloween weekend?  We had a bunch of fun! The girls are at such a fun age with holiday stuff!  Of course for pizza movie night on Friday we watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  And then there were pumpkins to carve!

Halloween PumpkinsCupcake designed her own pumpkin and was so excited to draw on it with a Sharpie.  And daddy did the cutting.  He did a great job of cutting out all those teeth!  Pumpkin told me how she wanted her pumpkin to look and I did the drawing and cutting for her.

Saturday was the longest day ever!  The girls just couldn’t wait to get dressed up and go trick or treating.  We had an early dinner of mummies and brains and it was finally time to get dressed up!  Cupcake was so excited because she was getting her face painted for her costume!

A ghost and a witch #halloween She wanted to be spooky ghost last year, but then we found the dinosaur pattern so she changed her mind.  But this year, spooky ghost it was! But as a crafty mom I couldn’t just cut some holes in a sheet and call it a day.  So I made a hooded cape and some pants out fleece. Pumpkin wanted to be a witch.  So we went with a more Harry Potter type witch than a spooky witch after she picked out this sparkly fabric. 

Halloween costumesAnd I dug out the first costume I ever made, which was Oscar’s vampire cape.  He wore it for two minutes and wouldn’t stand next to Cupcake for the group picture, so hubby had to get in the picture.  Then he headed back inside where it was cozy and he couldn’t see the strange people in his yard. 

The girls walked all the way around the block this year!  We typically only go to about 5 or 6 houses.  Apparently we’ve been missing out by not going two houses down.  Full size candy bars!!!  With just going around the block they got more candy than they could ever eat (that’s why momma is helping out) and they really had a good time.  Except when the scary pumpkin face came up behind them at one house.

After doing their candy collecting they helped pass out candy at our house until it was time to close up shop.  It was a great night for trick or treating. Thank you, Mother Nature.  And now we have new outfits to add to our dress up wardrobe.  Pumpkin is no longer flying on her broom, she’s using it to sweep.  And Cupcake is counting down the days until I paint her face again.


What did you or your kids dress up as this year?  Did you see any unique costumes?  Or are you just in it for the candy?


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