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Sew Caroline’s Parkside Shorts and Skirt

Despite having a lot to do to get ready for Cupcake’s birthday party last week I volunteered to test Sew Caroline’s new pattern, Parkside Shorts and Skirt.  And I was really glad I did!  This pattern is a quick sew and perfect for summer!

Parkside Shorts and SkirtWho doesn’t love comfy shorts with pockets?  Right?  I mean you have to have pockets.  These shorts have in-seam pockets with great topstitching detail. 

Parkside Shorts and SkirtYou can use a medium or heavy weight fabric for these shorts, including cotton, so the possibilities are endless.  You can keep them simple with a solid, have a little fun with some dots like I did or get really crazy with a bold print.

Parkside Shorts and SkirtThere’s also a skirt option, which has the same pockets and topstitching.  I had been holding on to this fabric for quite some time, not sure what to do with it, and I’m glad I had it for this skirt!  It’s going to get a lot of wear this summer!

Parkside Shorts and SkirtThis pattern will be a summer staple in your wardrobe!  I already have plans to make a few more pairs of shorts.  You’ll want to pick up this pattern soon because it’s on sale through the 22nd.

To see more great tester photos check out Sew Caroline’s blog

Bahama Mama Blouson Top

Hey!  Guess what!  Peek-a-Boo Patterns has a new pattern out today called the Bahama Mama Blouson Top.  It was designed with swimwear in mind, but it also makes a great every day top or workout top! 

Bahama Mama Blouson Top #sewingOf course when the testing call went out I volunteered to test the workout wear version.  I sewed up two of these and they came together really quick.  Figuring out the length of the straps was the only real time consuming part.  I have short shoulders, so I had to decrease the length on the straps a bit. 

Bahama Mama Blouson Top #sewingThe back detail is fun, though!  There is a built in shelf bra, so you can show off those fun straps without a bra peeking out. 

I haven’t tried it for running, yet, because, well, it’s not really been warm enough for tank tops.  I did take it for a spin at yoga, though and the banded bottom really helps to keep the top in place.  You don’t have to worry about your shirt slipping up when you’re doing downward facing dog! 

Bahama Mama Blouson Top #sewingSo if you’re in the market for a tankini top, workout top or just a tank top to look cute while chasing your kids this summer you should pick up the Bahama Mama Blouson Top.  It’s on sale today only so snatch it up quick!


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Polka Dot Everyday Elegance

One day, while perusing the aisles of Hancock Fabric I found this gorgeous blue and white polka dot chiffon.  And I got the crazy idea to buy some.  Now, you might be wondering why this is a crazy idea. It’s because the fabric was super slippery and slinky.  And I mostly sew with knits.  Usually stable knits.  Not slippery and slinky knits (though a few of those do sneak in). 

I’ve had the Everyday Elegance by Patterns for Pirates for quite some time and the blue and white polka dots were going to become my first Everyday Elegance Top.

Everyday Elegance TopGorgeous right?  It took me quite some time to sew this one.  Cutting was time consuming, trying to get the fabric to lay flat.  Sewing was a little easier, though I had to take the placket slow.  Lots of ironing happened. 

After getting the shirt sewed up and the hem finished I was stuck.  Of all the buttons in my stash I didn’t have two white buttons.  It sat unfinished in my studio for over a week until I could finally pick some up (and they were buy one get one free!!) and finish off the sleeves

Everyday Elegance TopI love how it turned out, though I do feel it’s a little long on me.  I will definitely be making more.  But with a less slippery fabric.  And I’ll take up the length about an inch.  Now, to find the fabric for the next one………


Craft Room Update

The main reason for my recent IKEA trip was for my craft room.  It was high time I finally replaced the old, cheap tables I was using with a proper table.

Clean Craft RoomThese old tables came from the Target clearance section after back to school season.  At the time I was doing a lot of stamping and scrapbooking so I really needed a lot of table space.  And they were great for that.  Especially when I had friends over to join me.  They weren’t that great for sewing, though, because of the way I had to configure them to fit in the room.  I wanted my sewing machine, serger and coverstitch machine to all live on the table and there just wasn’t enough room down the line to fit them all.

Craft room updateTa da!!  3 machines, 1 table.  My dreams come true!  While I might miss the depth of the old table I am loving the length!!  Each machine has it’s own space, with plenty of room around it, so I don’t have to shift machines over.  And the table is so clean!!!  My old table had marker scribbles all over it.

Craft room updateSee that?  They look so pretty all lined up!!

Craft room updateI love that you can mix and match table tops and legs, so I went with the long table top, 3 metal legs and one storage unit.  I’m excited to have a place to store the little things like my snap press and snaps, iron on label maker, and other small tools that didn’t have a home. 

Craft room updateIn additional to the extra length the new table is sturdier.  I used to have issues with machines bouncing on the old thin tables.  No machine bouncing going on here!  I also added a rubber mat under the sewing machine to keep it from shifting and it’s working out great. 

Craft room updateAnd another new addition to the room is this chair.  It’s much more comfortable than my old chair, which was totally worn out. I had to add a pillow to it to make it somewhat comfortable.  And I thought I’d have some fun with it by getting the blue chair to match my blue cart. 

I’m much happier in my craft room now!  Good thing since I spend so much time in there!  Now, I’m off to sew!


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Sew a Baby Lovie Blanket

I have a super cute and quick sewing project for you today for those sweet little babies.  Today I’m going to show you how to sew a Lovie Blanket for baby!  These make great gifts for baby showers!  And if you have an embroidery machine you can personalize them to make them extra special.

Sew a Baby Lovie BlanketYou just need a little bit of two minky fabrics and some trim.  Here I used a satin ruffle trim. 

Sew a Baby Lovie BlanketFirst up is cutting your minky fabric.  You’ll want to cut both the front and back pieces 16″ x 16″.

Sew a Baby Lovie BlanketThen find something round to use as a guide for rounding the corners. I used the lid from a salsa jar.  You can either trace then cut or use a rotary cutter.  Do this to all 4 corners on both pieces of fabric.

Sew a Baby Lovie BlanketIf you’re going to embroider the lovie now is the time to do it.  Once you’ve done that it’s time to baste the trim in place lining up the raw edges.  I recommend pinning or clipping the trim in place because both fabrics are pretty slippery!  Make sure to leave a little extra trim at the start/end points.

Sew a Baby Lovie BlanketSew the trim all the way around, overlapping the ends.  I used the stitch on the trim as my sewing guide.

Sew a Baby Lovie BlanketNow we’re ready to sew the two pieces together.  Line the fabrics up right sides together, with the trim in between.  Pin or clip like crazy!!!  If you’ve never sewn minky you’ll want to take this nice and slow.  Minky is slippery, but minky on minky with satin in between is super slippery!!!  Sew all the way around the square, leaving a 2 inch opening for turning your fabric.

Sew a Baby Lovie BlanketFlip your lovie blanket right side out, then topstitch all the way around the edge to hold the fabric in place and close up the spot you left for turning.  And you’re done!

Sew a Baby Lovie BlanketI love how this purple one turned out, but these lovies aren’t just for girls!

Sew a Baby Lovie BlanketBaby boys like them, too!  Just swap out your satin ruffle for some satin blanket binding! 

Momma will love the personalized gift and baby will love the soft textures and comfort that comes with it.