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Kid Craft: Cardboard Kazoos

Hello, Monday!  How was your weekend?  We had some cooler weather this weekend so I spent a lot of time in the yard making it pretty and getting quite dirty!  We’ve really had a hard time keeping up with yard maintenance since Cupcake was born and now that the girls are a little older I can get out there and get some work done!  Hubby and I also had a much needed date night and had a great time chatting with some friends!  It was a busy weekend!

We’re having a busy summer so far, too, but not just because we’re running around town.  We like to get crafty, too!  Some days we color, some days we watercolor, some days we get messy.  This time we got messy while making cardboard kazoos!

Kid Craft: Cardboard KazoosThis is such a simple and fun craft. And you just need a few things you probably already have around the house to get started!  So save your toilet paper and paper towel rolls and get crafting!

Kid Craft: Cardboard Kazoos We started by painting our tubes.  You can definitely skip this step, but everything is more fun when it’s decorated.  And well, it was our chance to get messy! We got funky and used some neon paint

Kid Craft: Cardboard KazoosOnce the paint was dry we punched a hole in one end of our tubes.  Use a hole punch if you have it, or just stick a pen in it.  Use what you’ve got! 

Kid Craft: Cardboard KazoosCut a square of wax paper and attach it to the end of the tube (the end with the hole) with a rubberband.  And your kazoo is done. Just hum in the open end and make beautiful music! 


How are you and your kids filling your summer days?  Trips to the pool, the park, playing at home?


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Crawling: Day 4

I can’t believe how quickly the crawling went from 4 little movements to clear across the room.  By day 2 she was getting into the wrapping paper in the basement and following me around the room.  And day 4 she found something new on the other side of the living room.

Needless to say it has been moved to the other side of the kitchen.  Hopefully that will keep her out of it for a while.