I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a nice weekend with family and spent our first Christmas morning together as a family of four and had a wonderful afternoon with friends.

Did your kids receive any gifts that have a lot of pieces and nothing to contain them?  If so you definitely need to whip up one of these quick and easy cinch top bags.  I made this one to contain Cupcake’s blocks after they busted out of the bag they came in.Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.com

Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comYeah, they’re not supposed to be removed out of the back seam.  It made it difficult to keep the mess contained when she wasn’t playing with her blocks.

So I came up with a plan!  I picked up some fun fabric in the remnants section at Joann’s and set to work.  I measured the old bag just to get an idea of how big I should make my bag in order to fit all the blocks in it.  It measured approximately 12×12.

I wanted a circle bottom for my bag, so I found my largest mixing bowl to use as a template.  It measures 10″ in diameter.  Since it was going to be a bit narrower, I decided to make my bag a bit taller than the original.  I decided 16″ or so would be good.

Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comI used my bowl to trace my 10″ circle and then cut it out.




Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comThen I had to do a little math.  I needed a piece of fabric to fit around the circumference of my circle.  So I multiplied my diameter (10″) by 3.14 (pi) and ended up with 31.4″ and then I added 1/2″ for my seam allowance.  So my final length was 31.9″.  And since I wanted it to be at least 16″ tall I cut my fabric to 18″ in height to allow for my seam and for the opening for my drawstring.


Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comNow would be a good time to serge or zig zag your edges so they don’t fray.  You’ll want to finish of the top of your long piece and the short sides.  I did it in a later step and it was a tad bit tricky to do the short sides.

Mark 2″ down from the top on our short sides.  This is where you’ll start sewing.  With right sides together sew from the 2″ mark all the way down the short side with a 1/4″ seam allowance.




Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comWhen your 2.5 year old wakes up early from her nap set her up with some beans, spoons, muffin tins and an old pot to play with so you can keep sewing.  🙂







Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comPin the tube you just made to the circle.  Use a lot of pins and don’t forget to allow a little slack in your tube piece to fit the circle shape.

Stitch all the way around with a 1/4″ seam allowance.



Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comZig zag or serge the edges together, again to keep them from fraying.





Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comDiscover the mess your 2.5 year old made and regret giving her so many beans to play with.  Fewer beans next time. Fewer beans.





Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comBack to your tube piece.  Zig zag stitch back and forth across the seam where you started stitching to reinforce it.





Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comFold your seams and stitch from the top of the tube down to your reinforcing stitches.





Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comFold the top over 1″ and pin.  This will create the casing for your drawstring.





Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comStitch along your zig zag seam all the way around.








Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comThread your ribbon/string/twill tape/whatever you plan on using for your drawstring into the casing and pull all the way through.

To determine the length of drawstring material you need take your circumference and add at least 4″.  That’ll give you at least 2″ overhang on either end.  (If you want your string longer, add a few more inches).

Because I used twill tape which holds pretty well on it’s own I just tied knots on the ends of my strings and called it done.  If you want a closure on the bag you can pick up some cord locks.  Slide one on before you tie your knots.

Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comAnd now you can fill up your bag!








Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comAnd now you can dump out your bag of blocks!



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