Cupcake got a new Minnie Mouse Birthday Bowtique with a lot of pieces.  After she carried it around in a basket for a day (to church, out to dinner, to the museum) and we thought we lost a piece I figured she needed a better way to carry it around.  I decided to stitch up a clear cinch top bag to tote Minnie and all her accessories around in.

Clear Cinch Top Bag - www.whatdoesshedoallday.comJust like the other cinch top bag I made this one is totally customizable to whatever size you want.  I used Minnie as my guide for height and a bucket that I liked the size of for my circle.

My circle measured 6″ in diameter.  I cut two.  I also cut one strip measuring 1.5″ x 19.3″.  Two strips 4″ x 9.9″ and a piece of vinyl 5″ x 19.3″

Clear Cinch Top Bag -

I zig zagged the raw edges of my cotton pieces to prevent raveling.  I then took my 1.5″ x 19.3″ piece and stitched the short ends together with a 1/4″ inseam.


I stacked my two circles wrong sides together and attached the long strip around the edge of the circle.


Stitch with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

DSC_0694-Edit-4Before you start to sew the vinyl (which is coming next) a little tip to help it glide smoother is to put some tape on either side of the feed dogs and on your presser foot.

tape to help guide vinyl through

Pin your vinyl and the bottom piece with right sides together.  It’s best to pin parallel to your edges and within your seam allowance since once you put a hole in the vinyl it will stay there!


Stitch around the vinyl, again with a 1/4″ inseam.  Go slow. This is the trickiest part of the process.


Place your two 4″ x 9.9″ pieces with right sides together.  Stitch up both sides stopping and inch from the top.


Press open your seams.  Fold down the edge 1/2″ and pin to create a casing.



Stitch all the way around just above your zig zag stitch.  You should have an opening like this on either side.



Turn the bottom part of your bag right side out.  Slide the top piece over it, lining up the edges, right sides together and stitch all the way around.


Cut a piece of ribbon twice the length of the bag plus 4″.  Actually cut 2.


Thread in one end and come back through the other side and tie a knot.


Repeat going in through the other side and back out and tie in a knot.


You are done!

Clear Cinch Top Bag

It’s now ready to hold Minnie and all her accessories!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Or if you don’t have a Minnie with accessories you can customize it to whatever size you need.


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2 comments on “Clear Cinch Top Bag”

  1. This is such a neat idea. I think I even may have some clear plastic in my stash somewhere…. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial.

    Do you think you might have time to share it over at our link party today? I’d love to see it there!

    Melissa recently posted…Simply Create Link Party {02}My Profile

  2. Ohhh!! So cute!! My daughter got the Minnie for her last birthday, I put it in a bag she got the same day, but your idea is brilliant!!
    I’m pinning it!! I could use this clear cinch bag for so many things!!
    Thanks for sharing it!!
    I’m stopping by from the “Craftastic monday Mixer”, by the way!!
    Hugs from Spain!!

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