So I showed you how I made bias tape out of a fat quarter and that I also made a project with it.  And then I left you hanging.  Have you been dying to find out what I made?  I hope so!  Well, here it is!  Cupcake’s chalkboard table cloth!!!

So Cupcake has this cute little table from IKEA that she likes to sit at and read, color, snack, etc.  You’ve seen it when she’s mess free finger painting, messy painting, or using the chairs to sneak cookies off the kitchen counter.  I thought it would be fun to give her another option for using the table.  Last week I discovered that they make chalkboard fabric and it’s sold at my local Joann Fabrics store!!!!  I was planning on making a trip there anyway to pick up the rest of the fabric for her Halloween costume since I had some coupons that were about to expire, so I snuck over to the utility fabric section and found it!  It’s only $4.99 a yard!!!  What a deal!!

So I measured her table.  And cut my fabric to size.

(Look I have leftover fabric to play with!!!!!!!!!!)

And stitched my double fold bias tape around the outside using a denim needle.  The fabric is thick, so it’s best to use a sturdier needle.  Also, once you start sewing there’s no going back.  The holes will forever be there, so don’t mess up!  I opted for a zig zag stitch because I thought it would be fun and because I was using the cheater method of sewing bias tape (meaning I just sandwiched it over the edge of my chalkboard fabric and started to sew instead of opening it up and sewing the back first).  And I ran out of thread on my bobbin with less than an inch to go!!!

I also took the easy way out and just folded my raw edge under and finished stitching instead of cutting off the excess, stitching the two ends together and stitching the rest of it down.  I’m lazy practical like that.

A perfect fit!!!

Don’t mind the wrinkles.  You can’t iron this stuff (it’ll melt) and it worked itself out after sitting on the table for a day or two.

Make sure you prep it before you write.

Have fun, Cupcake!

And just like you do when we color with coloring books and crayons get in on my side.

This was such an easy project.  Once my bias tape was made I whipped this up in no time!

When not in use you can roll it up.  Don’t fold it or it will crease.  And buy better chalk than what I have.


Have you ever made anything with chalkboard fabric? If so, what? 

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