We had a great weekend!  After a great fossil hunting trip and hike on Cupcake’s birthday we welcomed friends and family to our house to celebrate with a dinosaur birthday party.

Cupcake's birthday partyI kept the decorations pretty simple.  Some colored streamers here and there.  Big green theropod feet cut out of poster board taped to the floor.  A few balloons tossed around.

We had food for carnivores and herbivores.

Carnivore food for a dinosaur birthday partyDino bones and stegosaurus plates for snacking on.

Dino bones (cheese sticks) and stegosaurus plates (chips) for dinosaur birthday partyAnd of course goodies for the sweetivores.

Dessert for the sweetivores at a dinosaur birthday partyI used dinosaur cookie cutters to make sugar cookies with royal icing as well as “C” cookies which I drew dinosaur feet on.  I also made chocolate pops with a mold, which I will never do again.  Too time consuming…….  A bowl of Cadbury Mini Eggs, I mean dinosaur eggs that I bought on clearance after Easter and somehow managed not to eat!

Dinosaur birthday cakeFor the cake I made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream per the birthday girl’s request.  And kept it very simple by decorating with white chocolate dinosaur bones.  T. Rex to decorate the top.  And triceratops around the sides. 

Once the kids had arrived we got them started on a craft.

Dinosaur fossil craftWe had to head out to the garage to make our dinosaur fossils because it was raining.  We moved the patio furniture in and the kids piled up around it and squished and stirred.

Making dinosaur fossilsThey stirred and stirred some more.  Then they poured and tapped and then waited.  And while waiting they ate and played.

Dinosaur birthday partyThe birthday girl blew out her dinosaur candles.  And then there was cake!

Dinosaur birthday cakeAnd a big paper mess.

dinosaur birthday partyAnd fossils were hunted.

Making fossils at a dinosaur birthday partyEach of the kids got to reveal their fossils they made.

Making fossils at a dinosaur birthday partyAll of the fossil reveals were very exciting!

Fossil making at a dinosaur birthday partyAnd all the kids got to take their fossil and a goodie bag home. 

Though it rained the entire time and we were stuck inside the party was a stomping good time!  Cupcake said it was the best birthday party ever!  And that makes me so happy! 


I’ll be back on Wednesday to show you just how we made those dinosaur fossils.


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