I’m almost done with the guest room redo (and I promise I’ll show you pictures when I’m done).  I only have 2 things left on the to do list now that the room has window treatments.  My first thought was to make some fun curtains, but I was afraid of overwhelming the room since it’s kind of small.  So I decided on fresh, white curtains and a fun cornice!  We don’t have any cornices in the house, so this is a first for me.  OK, I lied, we had those plastic, cheep “cornices” on the windows.  This window included.  I wanted a  real, fabric covered one, though!  Time for some DIY!

So here’s what I started with.

I decided to use foam insulation to build my cornice.  It’s much lighter than wood and I wouldn’t need to get out the power tools (not that I have anything against power tools!).

Step 1: (We can have lots of fun – whoa 80’s flashback) Build the cornice

I measured my window and added 6 inches to that, so I would have a 3 inch over hang on either side of the window when finished.  My (double) window measured 75″ so I needed 81″ of foam board.

I marked my foam board at 10″ and cut.

This made a fun mess!!

I had to do this twice and then trim because my window is much wider than the foam board. Because I had to piece the boards together to be long enough I put down a strip of Duck Tape and hot glued the two ends together.

I wrapped the Duck Tape around the rest of the way.  I then found two paint stirring sticks in the back of the basement and used them to add stability to the pieces.

So I now have a piece that measures 81″ x 10″ which will become the front of my cornice.

I had also cut two pieces that measure 3″ wide and pieced them together to have a top strip.  Again I glued two pieces together, wrapped them in Duck Tape and glued a paint stirrer for stability.  I then glued it along the top of the cornice front.

I had also cut two pieces measuring 3″ x 9″ to use as the side pieces.  Those were also glued into place.

And because it doesn’t matter how ugly the foam looks I went ahead and added a bit more Duck Tape on the corners to help hold it all in place.

Step 2: (There’s so much we can do!) Cover the cornice

You’ll want to cut your fabric large enough to cover the whole cornice leaving enough fabric to wrap all the way around it and to the back. You’ll also want to cut your batting large enough to wrap around, but not quite as big as the fabric.

We can start wrapping it!

Pull your fabric up and over and pin it into place.  Fold neatly around the corners and continue all the way around the bottom, top and sides.

The best part about pinning the fabric on is if you want to change it out later you quickly and easily can!

And your done!  Ignore the messy floor.  There was no point in cleaning up before this project because I made a huge foamy mess!  Oh, and I had originally planned on doing this in the garage, but I’m so glad I did it in the basement instead as my cornice is so long I worked on the floor.  Much more comfortable on the basement floor than the garage floor would have been.

Step 3: (It’s just you and me) Prepare your window

I started with a blank slate. Ignore the ugly blinds.  I really would’ve like to replace this old ratty things, but it’s just not in the budget at the moment.  At least I get to hide that ugly top piece (whatever it’s called).

I added a simple cafe curtain rod to hang my curtains since it won’t be seen.

It’s a big improvement, but I’m not done, yet!

I had hubby help me hold the cornice up so I could figure out where I wanted it.  You can place it high or low, just depends on the look you are going for.  I wanted it a little high.  I then added 4 corner brackets across the top of my window at my desired height.

Then there’s just the simple matter of resting your cornice on top of the brackets!

And there you have it!  An inexpensive, simple, great looking cornice for you window!

I wish I could find my receipt but I think I paid about $10 for the foam (I bought the 6 pack precut pieces because I didn’t have a means to get one big sheet of insulation foam home from the hardware store).  The brackets only cost me a couple dollars.  The batting I already had and the fabric (Crazy for Dots & Stripes) I got for $8.98 a yard at fabric.com.  I still have enough fabric left to make some throw pillows for the bed!!  I also still have enough foam insulation to make another cornice (which I might do for Cupcake’s big girl room – haven’t decided, yet).

The cornice has been hanging for a few days now and looks great!  I’m super happy with how it turned out (and I can’t imagine how heavy it would’ve been had I used wood!!).

Are you a cornice type of person or a pretty curtain rod type of person?


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