So when you come down off your sugar high after frosted cupcakes and iced sugar cookies why not bust out the sewing machine for a quick and easy project!  I wanted to bring in a bit more color in the guest bedroom.  I know, I know, you haven’t seen the guest room, yet, but it’s not done!!!  You’ve seen the window treatments.  You’ve seen the painting process.  I’ve done some furniture painting that I suppose I should show you…………  But today, today it’s pillows.  I’ve got a quick and easy envelope back pillowcase tutorial for you!

With all the blue and white in the room I wanted to bring a bold color in.  Orange was the winner!  I’ve already brought a few orange pieces in and now I have orange pillows!

I started with these 20″x20″ pillows I got super cheap at IKEA.

I cut my fabric to 42″ x 21″

To determine how big to cut your fabric take the width of pillow and add an inch for seam allowance.  That’s your first measurement.  Then take that number and double it to determine your length.  This will give you enough fabric to overlap.  If you want a little snugger pillowcase add another inch or two.

I serged my (short) edges.  (If you don’t have a serger just zig zag stitch down the ends to prevent fraying)

I then created a hem on one side (this will be the outside).

Mark the middle of your fabric and fold your hemmed end to it.

Then fold the other end over so that your pillowcase measures the width of your pillow and pin in place (it’s a good idea to pin down the opening as well, so when you move to your machine you don’t get slack in the fabric).

See how your fabric overlaps?

Stitch down each size with a half inch seam allowance.

Flip your pillowcase right-side out and insert your pillow.

Ta da!

A view from the back.


And look how pretty they look on the bed!  (see more orange over there?!?!?!)

Close up!


If you don’t have much (or any) sewing experience, but are looking for a simple project to start this is a great one.  They don’t take much time at all and there are just a few stitches!


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