Hey, guys!  It has been forever since I’ve done a Friday Fitness post!!  I had intended to give you a race recap back in September after Market to Market Relay, but on Thursday of that week I was in a car accident which totaled my car, broke my hand and left me feeling a bit funky.  

Luckily I only walked away with a broken hand, but you don’t know how often you need two hands until you only have 1.  Also, I loved my car and they don’t make it any more so I couldn’t get a new one, which left me terribly frustrated with the situation.  #firstworldproblems  

Anyway, back to fitness.  Back in July I took a group fitness training class and started teaching MOSSA Group Power at the local YMCA twice a week.  You’ve heard me talk about going to Group Power class on Mondays, so after the 3rd time the previous instructor asked me if I would be interested in taking over her position I finally said yes.  It’s been fun!  I’m getting paid to go to the class I was already going to!  Luckily I completed my assessment the day before my car accident and I passed!  Though I then spent the next 8 weeks leading the class without actually lifting weights because of my broken hand.  But now I’m back at it and trying to regain my strength.  So I’ve been doing that and of course running!

Right now I’m training for a February half marathon.  And it’s not just any half marathon…..it’s the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!!   I am SO EXCITED to runDisney!!!!  We’re making it a girls’ weekend, too!!!!  It’s going to be so fun!!  

OK, so on the past week’s recap…..

Friday I headed over the Y to take a class.  A friend of mine teaches an early class on Fridays called Body Burn.  This week it should’ve been called Booty Burn!  We did so many squats and lunges and jumping lunges and plyo squats……  It was brutal!  After class I spent some time on the elliptical so I could chat with a friend who had just arrived and so Pumpkin could play with her friends in child watch.  I had planned to go for a hike afterward while Pumpkin was at a park program, but it was pouring down rain and the trail was flooded.  And I forgot my trail shoes.

Saturday we woke up to a fresh layer of snow.  Like 3 inches of it.  And drifts that were up to midshin because it was super windy.  I delayed my usual morning run for a lunch time run and knocked out 8 slow miles (11 min/mile) on the snow covered sidewalks and bike path.  And then I took the kids sledding in the afternoon.

Sunday was a rest day.

Monday I taught Group Power.  It was the first day of a new release, so it was a fun class.  There are a lot of push ups in the new release and boy was my chest sore afterward!!  

Tuesday did not go according to plan.  School was cancelled which means I had the kids.  And since it was crazy cold (feels like negative temps) and the sidewalks were covered in snow so I couldn’t load up the stroller and bike rider, so it was to the Y for me!  I have run on the treadmill more in this training cycle than I have in the last 2 years. I don’t like it. But I cranked out 3 miles (9:32 min/mile).  

Wednesday was Group Power again and since it was the second go ’round of the new release it went better than Monday and I was happy with the weights I used.  And the number of tricep push ups I cranked out.  

On Thursday I really wanted to shopping at the outlet mall while Pumpkin was at school, so I took my run to the outlet mall!  Most of the sidewalks and all the bike paths are still covered in snow, but the sidewalk around the mall was clear!  So I convinced a friend to come run mall laps with me and then we went shopping!!  Momma needed a new pair of boots (and found an awesome deal on a clearance pair at Columbia!). I was 2 miles in before she showed up and got another 3 in with her (10:10 min/mile).  

So, this is me, trying to survive winter training…..I usually like winter running, but this winter has been extra harsh!  But it’ll be worth it to run through Cinderella’s castle!!!



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