Happy Monday, folks!  How are you holding up after the holiday and the weekend?  You know we have another “holiday” coming up right?  Like tomorrow.  Do you have big New Years Eve plans?  Do you need to take a side dish to your shindig?  Oh, good.  Because I have one for you.  This Fruit and Nut Spread will be a nice refreshing munch amongst all the heavy stuff.

Fruit & Nut Spread #appetizer #partyfood #recipe #sidedish

I know, it’s not much to look at, but I promise what it lacks in appearance it makes up for in taste.  I’ve taken it to two parties this holiday season and everyone was surprised at how good it was.  I have to thank my friend Sandy for bringing this to our bowling league potlucks and then sharing the recipe with me.

Here’s what you need to make it.

Fruit & Nut Spread #appetizer #partyfood #recipe #sidedish

Set the cream cheese out to soften while you get working on the fruit.  You want to start with the oranges.  Drain them, then chop them up and drain them some more.  I typically cut the segments into threes.  You also want to drain the pineapple.  And just when you think you’ve drained them enough drain them a bit more.

Once your cream cheese is soft mix it with some powdered sugar.

Fruit & Nut Spread #appetizer #partyfood #recipe #sidedishOnce it’s well combined you’re going to add in the fruit and nuts.

Fruit & Nut Spread #appetizer #partyfood #recipe #sidedish

And mix a bit more.  And that is it.

Fruit & Nut Spread #appetizer #partyfood #recipe #sidedish

Serve it up on a butter cracker and enjoy.  The combo of the sweet dip and the salty cracker is divine!

This makes a lot of spread so be sure to have a lot of crackers on hand!

Fruit & Nut Spread #appetizer #partyfood #recipe #sidedish


Fruit and Nut Spread


  • 2 packages of cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 14 oz can of pineapple, drained
  • 11 oz can of mandarin oranges, cut and drained
  • 5 oz bag of Craisins
  • 2 oz bag of pecan chips
  • Butter crackers


  1. Drain mandarin oranges and cut into smaller segments. Drain again.
  2. Drain pineapple.
  3. In a medium bowl mix softened cream cheese and powdered sugar.
  4. Mix in drained fruit, Craisins and pecan chips until thoroughly combined.
  5. Serve on butter crackers.

So what are your big plans for tomorrow?  You going to stay up for the countdown?

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