One of the things we loved the most about this house when we first looked at it were the windows.  There are lots of them!!  And some fun ones.  Skylights in both upstairs bathrooms, a cute little round window in the master bedroom and a window seat in the front room. The previous owners had cushions for the window seat, but they were custom made and matched the fabric on the dining room chairs, and even though I doubt they bought a house with the exact same size window seat they took the cushions with them.

We lived without cushions for 3 or so years, but it wasn’t a big deal because we didn’t use the room much.  Though, maybe if I had a comfy place to sit I would have used the room a bit more.  One day, though I was still quite the beginner when it came to sewing, I finally got up the courage to make some cushions!

Playroom BeforeYou can see them looking all sad in the old before room.  I was pretty impressed with myself at the time.  So much so I took on the job of making some for a friend’s house, too!

With the redo of the front room into a playroom it was time to update the cushions, too.  They served us well for the last 6 years, but they don’t work in the new room.

I had a plan!

New fabric for cushionsI found these gorgeous table clothes on clearance at Target after Easter and picked them up for half price.  $12.99 total for a lot of fabric!  I couldn’t have gotten a better deal at the fabric store.  The color is perfect.  I love the print.  I originally thought about using them for Cupcake’s birthday party this weekend, but decided I didn’t want to chance getting a stain on them, so I started sewing!

Basting piping in placeI decided I wanted some contrast piping on them this time so they would look more polished.  The key to piping is to use a 1/4″ seam allowance and baste your piping on the right side of the fabric lining up the edges.  Sew along the stitch lines on the piping.  Use contrasting thread on your bobbin so when you go to sew your fabrics together you can just go over your basting line.

My cushions measure 41″ x 22″ x 3″, so for each cushion I cut 2 each of 41.5″ x 22.5″ for the top and bottom, 41.5″ x 3.5″ for the long sides, and 22.5″ x 3.5″ for the short sides.  I only applied piping to the top and bottom pieces.  I needed 1.5 packs of piping for each piece, so I had to piece some piping together.  Here’s how you do that.

Piecing together pipingUse your seam ripper to open up the piping to expose the string inside.

Piecing piping togetherSnip the string back without cutting the outer fabric.

Piecing piping togetherFold the fabric under, slide your new piece of piping under the fabric and butt it up against the snipped piece of string.

Pieceing piping together Lay the fabric down over the new piece of piping and sew.  Do the same when you reach the end of your piping (So when you start basting the piping don’t start at the very end.  You need to be able to put the fabric under the beginning).  Also, if you notice in the picture above the corner of my fabric.  You’re going to curve the piping around the corner of your fabric, so make two little slits in the fabric (don’t cut too far!) so you can “bend” the piping around the corner.  Make sense?

Once you’ve sewn the piping around the outside of your top and bottom pieces you can sew all your pieces together, leaving one short end open to slide your batting-covered piece of foam into the cover.  I prefer to attach all my side pieces together on the short ends first and then sew the whole thing on, but you could also so each individual piece to your top, then attach them all at the corners.  Whatever you’re most comfortable with!

And then you get this!!

Old and New cushions side by sideDoesn’t it look so much better with the piping!?!?

ClosuresYou can see on the old cushion I whipstitched around the end to close it off after I inserted my cushion, but this time around I used an invisible closure.  It’s a cleaner look!  Though with the old cushions that was always the underside so you really didn’t see it any way.

New cushionsThere’s my new seat!

Window CushionsI love the lighter color in there!  The old cushions were quite dark (and so was the old wall color!).

Window CushionsThe lighter color, the geometric pattern, the sunlight coming through the big windows all make me happy.  What would make me even more happy would be something to cushion my back when I lean up against the wall.

Window cushion and pillowWait, what’s that?  A pillow!!!  I still had a good bit of fabric left (I only cut one piece from the second table cloth), so I picked up two pillows and some more piping to add a little more comfort to my seat.

Window seatDon’t you just want to grab a book, put your feet up and enjoy the sunshine?  I look forward to curling up with my girls and reading our favorite books or snuggling with my pup and people watching, or watching my girls play together on the floor while sipping on my ice water.

Window seatAnd did you notice the pink something or another up above?  I also hung a new lantern in there!  We didn’t have any overhead lighting (the switch controls a plug to the left of the window) so I bought a Vate lantern at IKEA and a Hemma cord and hung it in the center of the room.  It give the room a fun, pink glow.  Cupcake loves it!

I would like to replace the blinds in here, but it’s not in the budget right now.  There is also a cafe rod already installed, so I’m thinking of adding some simple curtains to soften up the window a bit more (and because it’s silly to have an empty rod up there!).

There are a few more things I want to do in there (hello naked walls!) but for now I’m enjoying my new comfy seat!

Window Seat with Pillows


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