Seriously, how am I supposed to get any crafting done with a room like this?

This is my work space.  I’ve got just enough room to sew a small project on that machine, but I’m constantly pushing things around to make room.  Do you see the serger on the other side?  Yeah, it’s kind of in my way, too.  I do like having both machines ready to go, but there’s just not enough room.

And that big pile of stuff on the table against the wall?  That’s my notions bin.  The one where every time I stick my hand to find something in there I end up with an injury to my fingers.

The scrapbooking/stamping section of my craft room is working fine, but the sewing part is really a mess!


And then there’s this random little shelf holding some leftover fabric.  It is not attractive.  The fabric is always falling out.  It’s just a poor use of space.

The closet looked like a post office and stationary store exploded. Shipping boxes everywhere, wrapping paper and gift bags and curling ribbon overflowing.  You couldn’t even get in the closet!  I sure hope you don’t want to play a board game. You’d have to go through the obstacle course first!

I will admit this closet looked a lot worse before I installed those shelves, though, so there is that…………


I hope you don’t want to cut anything!  There’s no room on the cutting table.  The downside to a large cutting table is that it ends up being the catch all for everything else.  Extra groceries that need to be stored downstairs? Plop them on the cutting table. Went shopping for Christmas presents? Plop them on the cutting table. Have a sweater that needs a button sewn back on? Plop it on the cutting table.  It adds up quickly!

And then there’s the whole bring a toddler downstairs with you and see how quickly she can take out all the toys.  And that bag of too small toddler clothes?  It’s been sitting there for at least a month, maybe longer.

This is progress.  See that black cabinet in the middle?  It’s new. I had been slowly buying pieces for storage from IKEA.  One day the doors were being discontinued, so I bought a set of tall doors for a unit I would later purchase.  A year passed and I still hadn’t purchased the tall unit. I just so happened to be at IKEA one day and discovered the whole line was being discontinued.  The associate informed me there were no more white units left. The only had a few black ones left.  I guess I would make do.  I really needed that cabinet!  So I moved the white cabinets that were there to the left and put the black in the middle, even though it’s a tall unit.  (I had invisioned a tall unit on either side with the 3 short units in the middle)  And then I threw a bunch of stuff on top.

My original sewing storage purchase was getting too full.  And I didn’t like it tucked into that corner any more.  It made the entry to the basement feel too crowded.  And the first thing you saw was this mess of a storage unit!

I had so much fabric just shoved into those bins, not the least bit sorted that I didn’t know what I had (aside from the fabric not in bins).  And those small plastic storage containers weren’t doing much good if they were overflowing.

And did I really need to store my sewing case or serger box on the floor in the room?  Probably not.

So I did what any rational person would do.  I made it worse so I could make it better.  It started like this.

Can you believe all that junk that was in the closet?

Can I organize the space using only items I already have on hand?

Did I find the top of my cutting table?

Did I suffer any more finger injuries from my notions box?

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2 comments on “I can’t work like this!!!”

  1. This post is WAY better with pictures. I only say this because my phone wouldn’t show them to me when I first read it. I need to get a cabinet for sewing stuff. For when I learn to sew. I did just get my art supplies and SU supplies all unboxed and put away so that was a relief. I am fortunate to have a closet for those.

    • It’s nice to be organized. Except when it’s a new kind of organized and you later discover you don’t know where you put anything!

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