I’m so glad I had planned this dinosaur fossil craft for Cupcake’s dinosaur birthday party!  The kids really had fun getting messy and even more fun digging their fossils out of clay.  And it was something to entertain them while it poured rain outside, keeping them from running around like crazy people in the yard.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Making a dinosaur fossil isn’t too difficult, but it is a bit messy, so I would recommend you cover your table and/or do this outside!  First you’ll need to gather up some supplies; plaster, clay, dinosaur skulls, paper snack cups, popsicle sticks, and something to cover your work surface.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Grab a blob (that’s a technical term) of clay and toss it into your snack cup.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Smooth the clay so it’s completely covering the bottom of the cup and try to get the top surface as smooth and level as possible.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Press the dinosaur skull into the clay.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs You want to make sure you go deep enough to get the detail of the skull, but not so far that you go all the way through the clay.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Gently remove the skull from the clay, trying not to distort the imprint.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs In a disposable cup add about 1/3 cup plaster (or more depending on how big your snack cup is) and starting with 1/8 cup water add it to your plaster stirring with your popsicle stick. Add more water as needed to get a peanut butter-like consistency.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaursPour your plaster mix into your cup, spreading it over the entire surface.  Tap the cup on the table a few times to help the plaster settle into the imprint in the clay and to release any air bubbles.  Then wait.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Once the plaster has hardened (about 30 minutes, depending on the plaster you use) you can peel away the paper cup.

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs And remove the fossil from the clay! 

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs Excuse the inconsistency in skulls! I forgot I took these pictures using the triceratops! But you get the idea!  You get this awesome fossil! 

Kid Craft: Dinosaur Fossils #crafting #dinosaurs My girls and all the kids at Cupcake’s birthday party had a great time making their fossils.  Cupcake has made 3 of them now and wants to make more!  This is a great rainy day activity and when you’re done with it you can reuse the clay for other projects and the kids can play with the dinosaur skulls.



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