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Cupcake’s love of books started when she was a baby.  We hope that Pumpkin will love to read just as much as big sister does as she gets older.  So we start the book love early.  We have some favorites that we read to Cupcake and now we are reading them to Pumpkin.  Babies need books, too!!!

Squishy TurtleSquishy Turtle and Friends is a squishy book that was gifted to her by Aunt Jo and Uncle Mike (before Sweetey Petey made 3).  This fun, little cloth book makes crinkle noises, has different textures and it a cute little store about ocean friends.

Squishy TurtleCupcake learned at a very early age how many arms an octopus has.  This book is great for tossing in the diaper bag and provides lots of interaction and stimulation for little hands.

Baby's First Colors

Another favorite is Baby’s First Colors.  We actually have two copies of this book.  A large one and a small one.  I prefer the large book because the red car is a VW Beetle.  In the small book it’s a Mini Cooper.  However, the small book is good for on the go.  We used the big one in the house and the small one in the car.

Baby's First ColorsThis book isn’t the wordy type, but we love the bright colors, the simple pictures.  It’s a great book for asking questions and really interacting with the book instead of just reading.  The pictures make the book.  “What is that?”  “What color is it?”  “What sound does a duck make?”  This book played an important role in Cupcake learning her colors.

B is for BearAnd all babies need a touch and feel book.  B is for Bear is our go to touch and feel book.  This was the first (of many) book(s) Cupcake ever memorized. I love that it ties in the alphabet with fun pictures as well as textures.

B is for BearWe like this book so much we tend to give it as a baby shower gift.  It was so cute hearing Cupcake say “X is for xylophone”  in her early speaking days.

Pumpkin will sit on my lap and let me read. She mostly hits the book, but at least she’s looking at it right?  Cupcake does not like it when she hits the book.  Because of course I can’t just read to Pumpkin…….

So, what are you and your kids reading?

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6 comments on “Kids’ Reads: Baby Books”

  1. On the move through the Bloghop! Thanks for the post, The Easter Bunny brings books to our house every year and this is a great selection! Our house is piled with books all over the place and my eldest is just learning to read on his own! It’s so interesting to see which books he chooses, it’s just another glimpse into his growing personality! I look forward to reading more in the future! PS- pumpkin and cupcake—adorable way to keep your kids annonymous, I’ve just been saying “my eldest, my youngest” lol
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    • Glad you like the suggestions! I’m always on the lookout for new books and we love books around here, too! We let Cupcake decide which books to read, too, even if that means we read the same book 10 times in a row before moving on!

  2. I also remember those hardbound little books for the tykes on our house, wherein I used to incorporate stories on each pages of the book before the three tykes goes off to sleep.
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