Pumpkin is really starting to get into books now.  And not just turning pages. Actually holding still and paying attention.  And then turning pages.  I love little readers.  Some of our favorite books are Sandra Boynton books.  Your kid(s) love them, too, right?  Which ones are your favorite?  Ours?  Belly Button Book and Perfect Piggies.

Belly Button Book and Perfect Piggies

As you can see they are both well loved.  Cupcake loved them as a toddler (and still loves them, or maybe it’s just she wants what her sister has) and Pumpkin loves them.  Who can resist hippo belly buttons?

Belly Button

And hippo belly buttons usually lead to toddler belly buttons and really, who doesn’t LOVE toddler belly buttons?  It’s not just me, right?  Right?

What about piggy bottoms?  Curly tails?


The illustrations are adorable.  The rhymes are sweet.  The stories are fun.  I know them by heart.  And I still don’t mind reading them over and over and over again.


Do you or your kid(s) have a favorite Sandra Boynton book? 

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