No, not cats and dogs. Cats and pigs. Well, there’s one about a dog, too, but we don’t have that one.  This month for Kids’ Reads I’m talking about If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

If you give a

Cupcake received these books as a gift form her Noni and Grandpa and they were an instant hit!  If You Give a Pig a Pancake is her favorite.  She loves pancakes.  Maybe we should have nicknamed her Pancake instead…………

The stories start off by giving a pig a pancake or a cat a cupcake and the cascade of events that follow.  They’re very reminiscent of what happens around this house.

PigIf you give a Cupcake a pancake she will definitely get all sticky!

PigHow did giving a pig a pancake result in a treehouse?

The illustrations in these books are great.  They’re simple and clean.  The pages aren’t cluttered so you can really see what is going on in the story.

CatHi ya!!!

CatI can totally relate to the above.  Cupcake the hoarder needing a million toys and then deciding she no longer wants to carry them.

We were at the big red store the other day (Target) and Cupcake spotted If You Give a Dog A Donut and some begging ensued. I guess I know what to add to her birthday wish list.  And I guess it’s safe to say that she likes this series of books.  I’m sure you and your kids will love them, too!

What are you reading?

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