So, I forgot to post a Kids’ Reads post last month.  I remembered about a week late.  The holiday threw me off.  Oops!  Oh, well.  I’m here now!  And this month I’m getting spirited!  This is the first book I bought for Cupcake.  I bought it as soon as I found out I was pregnant.

Hello, Purdue Pete!

Hello, Purdue Pete  That’s right.  We’re Boilermakers in this house!  We may live in the Buckeye State, but we bleed old gold and black.

Hello, Purdue Pete follows Pete through campus on his way to a football game.  It’s a fun way to introduce the landmarks on campus.  Cupcake really likes this book.  She yells “Boiler Up!” after each page.  Pumpkin likes it, too.

Hello, Purdue Pete!

There’s no deep meaning in the pages or an intriguing plot (spoiler alert: Purdue wins the football game!) but the illustrations are nicely done and it’s all about Purdue!

Hello, Purdue Pete!

Oh, wait, you’re not a Purdue fan?  What’s wrong with you?  There still may be a book for you!  There are more universities to choose from as well as MLB and NFL teams.

Hello, Purdue Pete!Heck, I hear you can even make one for your high school!  So if you’re loyal to your team you may want to check this one out!  We’ve read it before bed twice this week!

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