Yep, another Mo Willems book.  This one is about Amanda and her Alligator.  It was another library favorite turned permanent collection.DSC_9699-1

Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator! is a book of 6.5 short stories, though the stories make sense to be read all in a row.  Or in our case 3 times in a row.


I’m a big fan of #3 A Surprising Tickle.  Cupcake is a fan of #2.5 An Extra Surprise. I forgot to ask hubby which story is his favorite.


There are fun little quirks in the book, some the kids won’t understand, particularly the titles of Amanda’s library books, but help make it a fun read for adults, too.  Cupcake likes to find some of her other favorite characters hiding in the book, like in the above picture you can see Pigeon hiding in the box.  Knuffle Bunny also makes an appearance.

We’re huge fans of Mo Willems’ books around here and I’d really love to see another Amanda book.  (And we’ve recently added a few more Elephant & Piggie books and Pigeon books to our library)  Until then I suppose we’ll keep reading this one a million times a day.

So, what are you reading to your kids a million times a day?  Link up below and share!!


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3 comments on “Kids’ Reads: Hooray for Amanda and her Alligator”

  1. This is a little embarrassing but I’ve never read a Mo Willems book and I used to be a kindergarten teacher! We will definitely check this one out on our next library trip. Thanks for sharing your reads. We love finding new fabulous books!

    • We haven’t met a Mo Willems book we didn’t like! We own about 10 of them and just ordered a new one the other day! Thanks for stopping by! And I’d love to hear what you are reading!

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