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Welcome back to another installment of Kids’ Reads. Do you guys like this series? The linking up has been non-existent lately, so I thought I’d ask. Should I continue this as a regular series without a link up? Does anybody even read my blog any more?


Anywho.  This month I want to talk about a cute little book called Oh No, George!  I Santa picked this book up on a whim from Amazon because it was on sale and it was on their list of popular kids books.  It was a good choice!

Oh No, George!We have a naughty puppy in this house and though his name is not George I thought Cupcake would enjoy a book about a naughty puppy.  When I first cracked the book open I was worried that she wouldn’t enjoy the abstract illustration, but I was wrong!  She loves the bright colors and can still see what is going on in the pictures.

The story isn’t too wordy, which is good for those kids that don’t like to sit still for too long to read.  There’s a bit of repetitiveness within the story, which is great to get the kids interacting.  I don’t know about your kids, but mine loves to memorize words to all her books, so a book like this is right up her alley. She can memorize it really quick!

Oh No, George!

There’s a bit of a lesson to learn, too.  Good vs. bad choices.  Temptation.

Spoiler alert!  George’s favorite toy is a rubber ducky.  It really is a cute story.

The author, Chris Haughton, has another book, Little Lost Owl, that I will definitely be looking into since we love this one so much.

So, what are you and your kids reading these days?

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