I know, I know, I said I was going to post Kids’ Reads on the second Thursday of the month, but I have this habit of posting on Wednesdays.  So, since it’s not a link party any more I’m going back to the second Wednesday of the month.  So here I am.  Happy second Wednesday of the month to you and let’s read.  You, me, our kids, and Rocket.

How Rocket Learned to Read - #kidsreads

You might recognize the author.  Duck & Goose anyone?  Another one of our favorites.  But this one is about Rocket the dog.  How Rocket Learned to Read is a cute story about a dog who loves to play, chew stick and chase leaves.  Like most dogs he has a favorite spot.  One day his favorite spot suddenly became a classroom.

How Rocket Learned to Read


Not really interested in having a little yellow bird be his teacher Rocket found a new place to nap.  But he couldn’t nap because that bird began to read a story.  At first he wasn’t too happy that the bird was disturbing his nap, but he soon found himself listening and waiting to find out more!  And the bird ended up with a dog for a student.

They read, they practice letters.  The bird flies south for the winter and Rocket keeps practicing.

How Rocket Learned to Read

And Rocket can’t wait until spring when the bird comes back so they can read, read, and read some more.

Hubby and I both love to read and we hope to pass that down to our girls (so far so good with Cupcake, Pumpkin’s a little young, yet).  What better way to help show how fun reading is than with a cute little dog!  And this story is a great way to practice spelling and sounding out short words.  Perfect for a preschooler who is just learning letters and sounds themselves.  They can identify with Rocket and see that with practice they will learn to read, too.

Have you read any Tad Hills books?  A fan of Duck & Goose or Rocket? 


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