Welcome back to Kids’ Reads!  If you’re just joining us, on the second Wednesday of the month I share a book or books that are mom and kid approved and provide a link up for you to share what you are reading in your house.  Let’s call this month the Christmas gift idea edition!

This month I’ve got more than just a book to share.  I have a reading system to tell you about: Tag Junior by LeapFrog.  Cupcake received Tag Jr. for Christmas last year (she was 19 months old) and it has been a hit ever since!

This fun little gadget reads books! You simply touch the reader to the book and Tag Jr. interacts by reading the words, playing a song or asking a question.  The reader comes with 1 book (If I Were..) and other books are sold separately.  Once you purchase another book you simply connect Tag Jr. to your computer and tell it what books you have.  Once Tag Jr. is programmed you can read those books.  Tag Jr. holds up to 5 books at a time.

Now you may be thinking this is a lazy mom’s toy, but you’d be wrong.  It’s a busy mom’s toy.  Tag Jr. has mostly been our traveling buddy.  Tag Jr. is the perfect car companion.  When we go on long trips Tag Jr. is a great way to keep Cupcake busy in her car seat.  She loves being able to read even when mommy and daddy aren’t able to sit in the back with her.  Tag Jr. has also come in handy when I had to drag Cupcake to my OB appointments during my pregnancy.  Once we were out of the waiting room and there were no fish to watch swimming around in their tank I needed a way to keep Cupcake happy and Tag Jr. was the answer.  Need a distraction at a restaurant?  Bring Tag Jr. along!  When your toddler is finished eating his/her meal, but you’re not Tag Jr. can help entertain your tot until you are ready to go.

I also love that the books are educational.  Our favorite book is ABC Animal Orchestra.  Tag Jr. will tell you letters, animals and instruments.  Cupcake loves the last page as you can play a few different versions of the ABCs.  The hip hop version is the best!

1-2-3 Dora is a great counting book and of course you can learn a little Spanish, too.  This one might make you hungry, though, as Dora is collecting fruit for a picnic.

Curious George Color Fun is just what it says it is.  It’s colors and it’s fun.  It’s all about colors and objects. It’s not a wordy book, but it has a fun song at the end!

And of course there’s Panda Bear, Panda Bear What Do You See?  Who isn’t a fan of Eric Carle books, right?

Now you know Tag Jr. isn’t that big since it can fit in your toddler’s hand, but then you have the books to go with it and I’m sure you want to keep it all together, right?  Yeah, I thought so.  I found a great solution for that!  A Zipper Pouch from Thirty-One is the perfect size for holding Tag Jr. and some books.  I can easily fit all 5 books, Tag Jr., and a charger for rechargeable batteries in the Zipper Pouch.  Normally I don’t carry the charger around, but when we went on vacation this summer it was great to be able to add it to the pouch so we had it in case we needed it on the trip (it was a 12 hour car ride afterall!).

Yes, I would recommend rechargeable batteries for this guy!  It does shut off after a period of inactivity, but if your little one loves it as much as Cupcake does you are going to be sucking up some battery juice with this guy!

So if you have a toddler on your Christmas gift giving list this year, I would recommend a Tag Junior reading system.


Now tell me. What are your kids reading?

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