It’s time to talk books again!  I’ve got a fun one for you this month!  This was a book I picked up on a whim at the library book sale back in April.  Cupcake loves to speak Spanish so this book is right up her alley!  She loves Tortuga in Trouble.

Tortuga in Trouble

This cute little story is a variation on Little Red Riding Hood, but features Tortuga and his friends Conejo, Iguana and Culebra. It also features his enemy Coyote.  Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish.  There’s a handy dandy glossary just for you!

Tortuga in Trouble


And hopefully you have a husband who took Spanish in high school who can help you pronounce the Spanish words correctly.  😉

Tortuga in Trouble

Tortuga is taking some ensalada, tamales and flan to his abuela and he meets his hungry friends along the way.  Tortuga’s no fool.  He knows that their offers of help are just a ploy to eat his food!  But strangely he trusts Coyote.

Tortuga in Trouble

I think he’s regretting that decision!

The illustrations are cute and colorful, the story is a fun twist on a classic, and you get an extra punch of education with the Spanish integration.  What’s not to love?


What are your kids reading these days? Any Spanish (or other language) speaking going on?


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