If you follow me on Twitter you probably see my grumbling almost every Sunday about making the grocery list.  It’s the meal planning that I don’t like.  I want variety in my life.  I don’t just want a piece of grilled chicken and some veggies and call it dinner every night.  I love food!  I want to eat all the food!  But I also want to make delicious and healthy dinner for my family.

So I’ve done this before and I’m hoping to do it more often so I can look back on these posts when I’m struggling to finish the weekly meal plan.  Here is last week’s meal plan.  With pictures!

SW 2 Bean Chicken over RiceMonday was Southwest 2 Bean Chicken over Rice.  I love when the slow cooker does the work for me.  Luckily I remembered to cook the rice 45 minutes before dinner time.  Sometimes I wait to long.  And this recipe makes a ton so I pretty much ate it for leftovers all week.  And then froze some.

Taco saladTaco (salad) Tuesday!  Enough said.  OK, maybe I do want to say that I love that everyone can make this how they want it.  The only thing hubby and I agree on is meat, lettuce and cheese.  I love me some avocado, salsa verde and black olives.  He likes mild salsa and sour cream.

IKEA Swedish Meatballs

Wednesday I cheated.  I made IKEA meatballs and homemade mashed potatoes.  I even made some cream sauce and scooped out some jarred lingonberry sauce.  I had to a Thirty-One party that night so I needed a quick and easy dinner.

Spicy Chicken SandwichesThursday was spicy chicken sandwiches with cilantro mayo and cauliflower tots.  I love this sandwich! It reminds me of living in Miami.  That was were I first became addicted to this sandwich.  Hold the tomato on mine.  And forgive me for the white bun, but it was leftover from a cookout and I was trying not to throw food away.  Oh, and while I was making the cauliflower tots, Pumpkin kept stealing and eating my chopped onion!  Strange bird.

shrimp and gritsFriday night we had shrimp and grits.  This was the first time I’ve ever had this combo.  It left something to be desired.  It wasn’t bad, but it could’ve used a little more flavor.  Not sure I’ll be making this again.


So, there you go.  That’s what we ate last week.


Meal planning: love it or hate it? 

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  1. Wow, I want to live at your house. Your meals look delicious. My meal planning is more like grab all the meat and veggies we like then make up a recipe as I’m cooking. I need to get on the meal planning train. Any tips?
    Haley recently posted…Wisconsin : FamilyMy Profile

    • Keep your favorite recipes in a convenient location, try to find recipes that share ingredients (like two recipes that use half an onion), and write out the days and what you’ll make on each day. That way you can spread out similar dishes or meals that will have a lot of leftovers. And you’ll know which meat to thaw and when!

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