The big girl room is almost done!  Cupcake is already living in it since the furniture is all in.  It’s just a matter of finishing touches (AKA wall decor) that is keeping me from revealing it to you.  There are two walls that need a little attention.  Well, after yesterday’s Nap Time Craft Time make that one wall!

So this is what I started with.

The narrow space next to her closet.  I was originally thinking I wanted a long narrow print or painting, but then I spotted this chevron frame at Hobby Lobby.

And I thought, how cute would that be next to the closet?  Except it is the wrong color.  And I didn’t really have anything in mind for inside the picture frame.  And it was a little bigger than I would’ve liked.  So, naturally I decided I would make my own!

I started with these.

Malma mirrors from IKEA.  I think they cost $2.99 each (pregnancy brain!).  These great little mirrors have unfinished wood frames perfect for crafting!  Perfect for making chevron mirrors!

So I picked up some paints.  Only to come home and discover that I had colors I liked better.

The frames got a base coat of white.

And after they dried I scoured the craft room for my ruler, but couldn’t locate it.  The downside of a clear ruler.  Good thing I have a quilting grid.  So, I measured out lines every 2 inches and marked them very lightly with pencil.

Make a grid.

Next, tape out the chevron pattern by laying the tape corner to corner in your squares.

Work your way up your frame to create all your stripes.

I went ahead and erased my pencil marks before I started painting just to make sure they wouldn’t show through (and I wouldn’t need 5 coats of paint to hide them).  Paint!

After the paint has dried remove the tape.

Wait for it………..

Ta da!!!!  How cute is that?!?!?!  OK, well, it didn’t look that cute right away.  I still had to erase the pencil lines from the white stripes (one of those old school pink erasers come in handy for this project!).

And it was so easy to make!  So easy, that I made 3 of them!

You can vary the look based on how large you make your grid and how thick you lay your painter’s tape.

They are the perfect size (they measure 10″x10″) for this space!

I think they make a fun and funky addition to her room.  They’re not quite what I originally had in mind for the space, but I like ’em!!!

Have you finished any Malma mirrors from IKEA?


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