Happy Monday, folks!  What did you do with your extra hour this weekend?  I spent some time in my sewing room!  I had this adorable fabric that I picked up at IKEA a while back that was just begging to be used.  I purchased it with no idea what I was going to do with it, but I decided it would be perfect to make a DIY Play Tent for Cupcake and Pumpkin to hide out under!

IKEA Fabric

Seriously, isn’t this fabric adorable?!?!?!

IKEA Fabric

Downside of cutting your own fabric?  The person in front of you might not have done a very good job.  But don’t worry.  After squaring up and adding a scalloped border and some ties I ended up with this!

Simple DIY Play Tent #sewing

The perfect way to make a blanket tent without a blanket!  Cupcake loves to make blanket tents, but she’s always knocking them down, so now she has a way to play without losing her cover!  Want to make one too?  Here’s how!

Gather your supplies.  You’ll need 1 yard of your main fabric and probably 1/2 yard of your accent fabric.  1 pack of thin single fold bias tape and thread.

First you’ll need to cut some circles for the scalloped bunting.  I used a mini slow cooker lid to trace and cut out 10 circles.

Tracing circles

If you’re smarter than me you’ll do it with right sides facing each other so once you cut out the double layer you can just stitch them together.  I stitch all the way around and then cut them in half to get my scallops, just like I did in the bunting project I made for Pumpkin.  The number of circles you’ll need depends on how big your circles are.

Square up your main fabric and hem the selvedge edges.

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewing

Find the center of your fabric and center and pin your first scallop there.  Then pin the rest of your scallops along the long end of your fabric.

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewing

Open up one side of your bias tape and line it up with the edge of your fabric sandwiching the scallops between it and the main fabric.  Make sure to leave a little bit of  bias tape on either end.

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewingStitch close to the fold the entire length of your fabric.

Fold the bias tape to the back.  Tuck under the ends and stitch the entire length again close to the edge of the bias tape.

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewing

Make sure your scallops are not under your fabric.  You want them sticking out to the right.  This will hide your raw edges.

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewingRepeat on the opposite side of the fabric.

Now you just need to make the ties.  Cut 4 pieces of fabric 2″ x 40″.  Sew down the long side with right sides together, leaving the ends open to create a tube.

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewing


Turn the fabric right side out.  Tuck ends under and stitch closed.  Find the middle of each tie and stitch one to each of the four corners.

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewing

Now find some chairs!

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewing

Grab a snack!

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewing

Maybe a few toys.

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewing

Or a book or two.

Sew a DIY Play Tent with scalloped bunting #sewing

Have fun hiding under your new play tent!

The ties will keep the fabric up even if you get a little rowdy under there!  Or if you only have two chairs and you want to use table legs to tie off on.

Cupcake is loving her little hiding place!  Pumpkin doesn’t quite understand what’s going on and she keeps knocking chairs over!  When play time is over just untie, fold up and put it away until next time. It doesn’t take up much room at all!  And if the scalloped border is a bit too girly for you try a pennant border.

Thanks for stopping by!


So, do tell!  What did you do with your extra hour?


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  1. Your play tent is seriously the cutest thing and best idea I’ve seen in a long time. When my boys were small they used to use blankets, too, but this is so much easier and like you said, it stays in place. I’m pinning it so I remember to make one from my grandbaby girl when she is a little older. Thanks so much for the idea and great tutorial. Would you be willing to share this post and any of your other great ones at our Making Monday link party? We would love it and think our readers will, too. Thanks. Have a fantastic day. http://www.abrightandbeautifullife.com/making-monday-12/

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