Today I have a quick and easy sewing tutorial for you, a zippered wetbag.  You could probably whip up 3 or 4 of these during a nap time (I guess it depends on how long your little one naps!).

Wait, why do I need a zippered wetbag you ask?  Well, kids are messy!  We use small wetbags like this in the diaper bag for dirty cloth diapers, but I also have one in the diaper bag with a change of clothes for Cupcake.  She is potty trained, but sometimes accidents happen.  And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want pee covered clothes touching everything else in the diaper bag!  Wetbags are the perfect solution!  Or maybe you need one to store snacks in.  No need to worry about crumbs and leaky sippy cups getting on everything else in your bag.  It’ll all be contained in the wetbag.

You don’t have kids? Make one for yourself to put your stinky gym clothes in!  You also need one for bathing suits!  So when you leave the pool (I know it’s not summer, but there’s such a thing as indoor pools, too!) you can toss your damp bathing suits in it and throw it in your bag. Or put your cell phone, keys, wallet, etc. in it when you take it in your swim bag to keep them separate from your damp suit and towels.

Trust me. You need a wetbag!

This is all you need!  Some PUL fabric and a zipper.  Oh, and thread!  And I suppose a sewing machine and some scissors.  🙂  Make sure your thread is polyester, not cotton, to prevent wicking.

I started with some PUL that I picked up from Joann’s.  They sell it by the yard or you can buy a 3-pack of precut PUL.  I went with the precut PUL.  Each piece measures 21″ x 24″.

I picked up a 12″ zipper so I cut my fabric at 13″ on the short side.

So my fabric now measures 24″ x 13″ leaving me a half inch seam allowance to work with.

I pinned my zipper and fabric right sides together on one of the short sides.

And stitched.

I then lined up the other side of my zipper and the other short side of the fabric and stitched.

So now you have a tube of fabric.  Now you need to decide where you want your zipper to sit. I wanted my zipper on the front of my wetbag, not the top, so I rotated my tube lining up my zipper where I wanted it (about and inch down from the top) and pinned.

I stitched down one side (the side without the pull) with my half inch seam allowance. 

Then I sewed down the other side, but I opened my zipper before starting so it wouldn’t be in the way of my presser foot. And also so I could turn the bag right side out when I finished.

And that is it!  4 lines of stitching!  Flip your wetbag right side out.

Ta da!

Now make two more because you also bought the three pack.  And you can never have too many wetbags.


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