I’m always the last one to hear about things.  I never see movie previews and when people ask if I’ve seen that funny commercial I never have (we don’t have TV service), I hardly listen to the radio (though I do listen to Pandora), and I don’t really read the news either.  And I’m not hip and cool enough to know the cool new thing on the internet either (I had NO idea what the space jump was all about until my Twitter feed blew up with how awesome it was).  So I was really not surprised that all these people were talking about Macklemore’s Thrift Shop and I was in the dark.

But when John and Sherry of Young House Love decided to host a Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge I wanted to play along.  Like I need a reason to go to the thrift store?

I removed the behemoth of a stroller from the CR-V just in case…..


…….not the potty seat, though.  The potty seat stays in case of toddler potty emergencies.

The rules:

1. Head to the thrift shop with $20 in your pocket and take a picture.


Babywearing and toddler wrangling optional (but not in my case).

2. Spend that $20 any way you’d like and photograph your spoils.

DSC_0258-Edit-1Here’s what I got.  I’m not even that happy with it.  I kinda want a do over.  Remember how I moved the stroller out of the car?  Wishful thinking.  Pickings were slim.  The frame is going to see some spray paint and the picture will be replaced.  And look for the bowls and plates in future food posts.  And I will rock out to the CD in the car.

My total:


So I had some money left over.  I took that money straight to Trader Joe’s to buy some Monkey Business Trek Mix to cheer me up after a disappointing thrifting experience.

Other interesting finds (not purchased – at least by me).

Big Plastic Rat

A big plastic rat.  This thing was creepy.  But apparently Joanna loved it. So much so that she bought it and declared it her new favorite pet.


This thing.  This very skinny chair on wheels?  I don’t know what this thing is.


A big picture of the Pope.  It was tempting.  But the only spot I could think of to hang him would be in the breakfast area and I really didn’t want him glaring at me while I ate my oatmeal in the morning.


The Northwest Indiana Youth Orchestra CD.  I was born and raised in NW Indiana (EGI up in the hizouse!!!) and never knew there was a youth orchestra.

3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and snap a pic.

This proved to be a little more challenging than I thought it would be.  There was this.


Not moccasins, gator shoes, house slippers, or sneakers with the velcro.  A wooden clog.  Joanna insisted it go into our shared cart and one of us was going to buy it. She bought it.

SkisI found some skis, but no kneeboard.  Oh, and crutches for when you hurt yourself on those skis or kneeboard.

pajamas with the socks

Ding, ding, ding!!!!  PJs with the built in socks!!!!  I totes wanted to buy these for the (rocket scientist) hubby, but they looked a little short for him.  Bummer.  But at least I completed the challenge!!!

So, there you go.  I really would’ve liked to spend my $20 on something funner, something I could rehab, but we can’t all have kick a$$ thrift shops.  Seriously, though, I really feel like the thrift shops around here are lacking!  Except that one time that I scored that awesome dresser for Cupcake’s room.

Have you found any good buys (or creepy ratty ones) at the thrift store lately?

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11 comments on “Only Got $20 In My Pocket”

  1. Okay, we missed some gems at the thrift store somehow. Look at your second to last picture of the skis!!! Funny little totem pole guy and an adorable little jewelry chest you could rehab for Cupcake. We need to go back. And hope the pope picture is still there too. I think you could totally decorate around that. At the very least it could be decoration for Pumpkin’s Baptism? Who needs paper lanterns when you have the Pope.

    Seriously though, that little chest would be adorable painted a fun color.
    Joanna @ Midwestern Bite recently posted…Thrifted Rat and My Favourite Foodie Pen Pals Ice Cream ChallengeMy Profile

  2. That chest is cute! How did we miss that? Maybe it’s because I was chasing an unruly toddler at that point? I’m pretty sure the Pope is still there, too……..

  3. You’re not the last to know about everything…I still don’t know what a space jump is. I’m Googling it after I write this. What a fun challenge! I like thrift shops, but right now my pregnancy nose HATES them. All I smell is mothballs and dust. It really makes me want to gag…guess I have to wait until after this baby gets here (or where a clothespin on my nose). ha.

    • Oh, they are perfect for costumes and ugly sweaters! That’s where I got my Halloween costumes back in my college days!

    • Yeah, that rat is creepy, which is why it didn’t come home with me! The bowls will get some use, so there is that, but yeah, I was really hoping to get an awesome score.

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